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Bilge Dice- A Piratey Problem

by blue_eyed_tiger_j


Also by hummerthug

Trying to get the elusive Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak avatar? Well, it's simple! Actually, in theory it is very simple but it seems every time you think you might just have that lucky streak *BAM* your streak is back to 0. What can go wrong, WILL go wrong. Somehow it seems Monty, Grimtooth, and Deadeye have better odds of rolling dice they need and getting high scores, or at least a score higher than yours. Here are 10 problems I (and probably every other Neopian trying for the avatar) consistently have:

#1 Last dice and it's a 1

Well, it can't get much worse that a 1, can it? Here's where Bilge Dice will prove that wrong. You WILL roll another 1. At least that's how it seems to go 90% of the time! Usually when you roll a low dice you either get the same one or an even lower one even though the odds say you should have a greater chance of rolling a higher dice than another low one. Although, I suppose if you look at things from a positive prospective... at least you can't roll a 0!

#2 Took your qualifiers early

Well, if you did this, you'll probably only get qualifiers for the rest of the game. You might get a few 2's and 3's as well, the most useless dice numbers in the game. It's crazy, the odds of that happening shouldn't be that bad but it seems to happen all the time! Between this and #3 it just seems like you can't win.

#3 Didn't take all your qualifiers even though they were in the first roll

Similar to taking qualifiers early, but with the opposite effect. When you do this you are almost always punished by never seeing the qualifiers you need again. Most often you'll roll 6's and 5's, the dice you would have wanted to see if you had the qualifiers.

#4 Got a score of 24

Time for a tie! Monty, Grimtooth, and Deadeye always seem to have better luck than you and get a score of 24 more often than you do and often when you finally get 24. Tie is just a euphemism for you are still a loser. There goes your win streak if you even had one. I'd probably have Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak by now if ties didn't break your streak.

#5 Got a good (but not quite perfect) score

Every time you get an ok score of about 21 or 22, Monty or one of his other pirate friends will either get the same score, or more often get 1 point more to beat you. What are the odds that they'll do that so often? Apparently pretty good!

#6 Decided to roll that 4 you had

Sorry, should have kept it. Pretty much every time you do this you WILL roll a lower dice, and had you kept that 4 you would have won! This will be the only time they rolled lower dice, it's just too bad they didn't have a low enough score for you to beat. You'd think having a 4 would mean pretty even odds on rolling either higher or lower dice, but it seems the lower ones come up more often. Ironically the opposite happens just as often. If you kept that 4 you'll either tie or lose, ending your win streak.

#7 You have 24 points and still need a qualifier

Here, have another 6! *sigh* Just what you wanted right? Now why can't I get more of those when I actually needed a 6 to win? Some how Grimtooth and his mateys are really good at getting those 6's when they need them. Why can't I be that good too?

#8 Dice can't be cursed right

While we have yet to prove that dice can't or can't be cursed some days it may feel as if they are. Have you ever had one of those days were every time you roll your final dice it comes back up as the SAME one you just had? Some times you'll even get more than one dice come up with the same numbers. What are the odds of rolling 4 dice and having the same numbers come up again? Statistics would say the odds are low which may lead some Neopians to believe they have cursed dice. If this happens feel free to investigate, maybe we will discover that dice can indeed be cursed.

#9 Why can't Monty, Grimtooth, and Deadeye be in the battledome

Oh, this would be wonderful! Please, please TNT! You can go take your frustration out on Boochi, the Pant Devil and many others in the Battledome when they attack you in a Random Event. Unfortunately you can't do that with Monty, Grimtooth, and Deadeye. If we could that would be a great way to take a break when Bilge Dice becomes too frustrating. *pokes TNT* How about some cookies in return for putting these pirates in the battledome for us?

#10 How DO they do that

It's strange but pretty often these crazy pirates some how manage to pull a win out of thin air. I can't even count the times I've seen them with scores that I was convinced I could beat. But, some how, almost every time they manage to get just the score they need to win. Even if that means getting the one qualifier they need, which when it's me often doesn't happen.

Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak may be a very elusive (and often times frustrating) avatar to get, but along the way you may find yourself lucky enough to achieve the other avatar or the two trophies this game has. While there are times when you may get lucky and win with low scores it is far more common to have these problems and many more. The best thing to do when playing Bilge Dice is to stop before you find yourself screaming at it because I'm pretty sure the dice won't hear you. Take a break and come back to it later. I wish the best of luck to everyone trying to go up against "Monty the Mad", the intimidating Grimtooth and sneaky Deadeye.

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