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Valentine's Customization - Minimizing the Pink

by ccr153lucky2


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and Neopians have already started slapping together every pink clothing item they have on their Neopet. As much as I love pink, it gets tiring seeing the same bright pink customization on pets, which may not always be aesthetically appealing. Perhaps this year, we can all try something different.

Here are Valentine customization suggestions to minimize the pink, without always being anti-Valentine. Luckily for us, this year's Valentine's season comes with many newly released items that I have included in this article.


Romantic Lake Background

A newly released item, this background features a peaceful lake with a boardwalk down the middle. Perfect for if your Neopet feels like taking a relaxing day down by the lake instead of being surrounded by pink ribbons. What's great about this background is that your Neopet can wear fancy attire to simply pose on the boardwalk, or they can choose to wear simpler garments and still look fantastic, as if their intentions were to go for a canoe ride afterwards.

Hearts in the Sky Background

This gorgeous outdoor background is a perfect customization piece for those who want to be more subtle with their Valentine's customization. Notice the hearts not only in the clouds, but the rocks, the grass, and the flowers at the front as well. The pink in this background is reserved for only the flowers, which can easily be covered up with another foreground item if desired.

Lost Valentines Garden Background

Not a fan of the previous cheerier background? Lost Valentine's Garden Background may be for you. Though this background is more anti-Valentine, it is a great background for those who want a greyer tone to their customization, and works very well with many foregrounds and clothing pieces, which we will discuss later on. This is an ideal background to work with if you plan on using roses to dress up your pets.


Heart of the Forest

This beautiful tree goes great with outdoor customizations (including the Hearts in the Sky Background that was previously mentioned). The majority of the tree is green and brown, with a tiny hint of pink hearts sprouting from the middle. An ideal item for those looking to make a customization that doesn't shove hearts straight into people's faces, but also a must have item for other year-round customizations, especially with the approach of spring.

Gothic Heart Valentine Garland

This is a garland that I frequently like to pair up with the Lost Valentine's Garden Background. It has an anti-Valentine look, is very versatile, very elegant, and not a pink shade in sight. Perfect for a darker Valentine customization look, or just a darker look in general.

Gold and Black Heart Garland

This garland is a newly released item this year's Glam Valentine Mystery Capsule. What I love about this garland is that it doesn't use the traditional red and pink colours that we normally see in Valentine items, and it also can be used in both Valentine and anti-Valentine customizations. The gold provides a bright splash of colour, and has a celebratory feel to it, without being overwhelming.

Tree of Hearts Foreground

Not to be confused with the other Tree of Hearts (which is pink and purple), this fantastic foreground frames a heart around the subject in a fiery-glow. A perfect item for a more passion-filled Valentine customization, this item goes great with sunset backgrounds, or orangey backgrounds in general.

Lovely Heart Bushes

Though there are specs of pink in this item, the majority of colours are blues and greens. This beautiful piece is perfect in garden or outdoor customizations, especially if you are planning to incorporate flowers into your look. This item is a great way to minimize the pink while still maintaining a Valentine feel. Unlike the rest of the items mentioned so far, this one is purchasable with Neopoints and is inexpensive.


Diamond Circlet Wig

This long-haired wig, recently released in time for Valentine's Day, is simple, yet elegant. Its shiny blonde locks would go well with almost any customization and is perfect for this occasion without hearts coming out of the roots. It is a great item to have in general that you can use for other occasions, so it wouldn't hurt to invest in this wig.

Valentines Daydream Wig

For those who do want a couple of hearts to show Valentine's Day spirit, or simply an up-do instead of having the hair let down, this is the wig for you. This item goes great with the Heart in the Sky Background, with the white clouds and blue hearts in the hair matching the sky and clouds of the background perfectly. It is light, cute, and like the previous wig also useable for occasions besides just Valentine's.

Rebellious Valentine Wig

Not a fan of blonde? This darker wig is ideal for darker or anti-Valentine customizations. The roses in the hair compliment the Lost Valentine's Garden background quite well, and what makes it so pretty is the transparent leaf-like decorations behind the roses. A great wig for those who prefer a shoulder-length wig, or dark hair in general.


Floating Hearts Dress

The folds on this gorgeous dress curl up to form little hearts at the end, which also gives the look of waves in water. A small, cute and simple heart is planted on the side hip, giving it a true Valentine's day feel. This dress is great for customizations that use light and bright colours.

Gothic Red and Black Dress

Darker customizations will want this dress for an anti-Valentine look. The cute red bows that are tied on the sides go great with any customization that includes red roses. Pair it with an elegant set of gloves and shoes and your Neopet will be ready to celebrate the day of love.

Valentine Ruffle Dress

If the previous dress was too dark for your tastes, the classic Valentine Ruffle Dress may suit you better. It is purely red, with black embroidered around the edges into little hearts. What is wonderful about this dress is that it is simpler than the Gothic Red and Black Dress, yet still contains enough decorations on the chest to be fancy in its own way.

Black and White Heart Shirt

We all know there aren't as many masculine items as there are feminine items, but I have tried to include at least one item for Neopets who prefer not to wear dresses. The Black and White Heart Shirt is a new item, again released from the Glam Valentine Mystery Capsule. The long-sleeved shirt is decorated with a white heart pattern that ensures you will be noticed at any Valentine's Day party you decide to attend. Pair it with a solid colour of black pants and shoes, and you'll be already halfway there to minimizing pink in your customization.

This list only skims the surface of possible items to use for a minimal-pink Valentine's Day customization. Instead of pink, opt for different colour schemes, such as black and white or blues and greens. Some themes you can consider that don't revolve around pink are romantic settings by the lake, a picnic in the park, watching a sunset or basking in the moonlight.

Good luck!

This Valentine's Day... let's face it, I'm probably still going to use a lot of pink. :P

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