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Top 10 Valentines Day Themed NC Items

by honeybee54321


Also by sugarycupcakes

Holidays are a great time to dress up your pets in elegant outfits and customization's. Many Neopians enjoy giving their Neopets a theme and choosing items to reflect their personalities. Honeybee54321 and SugaryCupcakes have decided to present our Top 10 Valentines Day Themed NC Items. We hope you find our suggestions useful in finding the perfect NC items to add to your Neopets Valentines Day attire. Please note these are personal suggestions and are not set in stone.

10th Place:

Valentine Rose Boots (approx: 150 NC - currently in the NC Mall) –

These stylish cream colored boots have roses dancing all over them. They've got that "old fashion" style and are subtle yet fashionable. Keep your pets feet warm with these cozy boots.

9th Place:

Valentine Heart Staff (approx: 150 NC - retired 2010) –

This staff is perfect for any Valentine celebration. It has a deep red color with flowers lining the heart shaped top. Two gems give off a slight shimmer which will catch the attention of any Neopian. A long ribbon flows down the shaft giving it more volume. The staff is not too large, a great addition to any Neopets Valentine customization.

8th Place:

Valentine Tuxedo Top (approx: 150 NC - retired 2012) –

Any gentleman Neopet would look extra dapper on Valentines Day with this sharp tuxedo top. It's complete with a matching red bowtie and becoming cufflinks. Neopets love to be dressed in nice clothing and this tuxedo is a must have for any Neopians closet.

7th Place:

Valentine Caplet (Candy & Hearts Sweetheart Gram - retired 2011) –

No Neopet would want to be cold on Valentines Day! So keep their shoulders warm and cozy with this fancy caplet. Two black hearts are found on this caplet and it is lined with lace like frills that give it that classic look. It's also perfect for those who do not like to dress up too much for festivities; this caplet can make any outfit look suitable for Valentines Day.

6th Place:

Valentines Day Mailbox (approx: 150 NC - retired 2008) –

Everyone knows Valentines Day is a time to send a special valentine card to your closest friends and family. This cute mailbox is an excellent addition to any Valentine customization. It's a quaint little mailbox is a cream colored with a blue top. It has a dark pink glad to let your pet know when mail has arrived. There is also a pale pink heart that opens up to allow your Neopet to receive their valentines that friends have delivered! The mailbox gives a little shake and then pops open to show the valentine inside.

5th Place:

Baby Valentine Blankie (approx: 150 NC – retired 2011) –

Your baby Neopet will not be able to leave home without its Valentine Blankie. This adorable baby blanket is perfect for baby pets who love to dress up for the holidays. With its double-sided pattern it is suitable for many outfits. One side has a red background with white hearts and the other side has a white background with red hearts. Colored sparkling hearts are attached to each end of the blanket and give off a brilliant shimmer. Please note that this item is only available to baby painted pets and cannot be worn by any other Neopets. Though this may limit customization abilities, those who adore baby pets tend to spoil them!

4th Place:

Valentine Window Foreground (approx: 150 NC - currently in the NC Mall) –

The Valentine Window Foreground allows Neopians to give their Pets a rustic approach to Valentines Day. The base of the foreground is a paint chipped window pane draped with an elegant pink curtain. Pink hearts are painted over parts of the window frame and some heart shaped flowers are painted on the actual frame itself. The window pane gives off a slight hue of purple that gives your pet a faint color distortion. It actually looks like your pet is inside a house! It is quite large but it still allows for more items to be worn, especially a nice Valentines outfit.

3rd Place:

Valentine Ruffle Dress (Heartsick Sweetheart Gram – retired 2014) –

Aristocratic & majestic are two adjectives that perfectly describe this dress. Any Neopet wearing this outfit to Valentines celebrations will be the talk of the town. It is long sleeved to keep your pet warm during the winter months and has beautiful hearts embroidered along the cuffs and bottom of the dress. The dark red shade of the dress and ruffles flowing down the front accented with hearts are a perfect representation of Valentines Day.

2nd Place:

Valentine Sunset Beach Background (approx: 200 NC - retired 2011) –

Want to keep your Neopet out of the cold this Valentines Day? Then the Valentine Sunset Beach Background is a magnificent choice! The scene is set on a calm beach with a pink sky. Mountains can be seen in the distance to give your Neopet the sense of seclusion. Tiki heart torches are burning bright in the foreground; with little heart shaped stones that lead the way to a dainty canopy tent that is set up by poles with hearts on top. Inside the canopy tent is an abundance of fruit for your pet to enjoy. Once they have had their fill there is a heart shaped bucket and shovel that they can use to build their own Valentine paradise.

1st Place:

Gold Trimmed Valentines Wings (approx: 150 NC - retired 2010) –

Every Neopet deserves the chance to fly, with these precious Gold Trimmed Valentines Wings any Neopet will feel like royalty. These wings are a darker pink on the inside and gradually become lighter towards the edges. The gold trim outlines the wings and gives them a stunning appearance. Gently opening and closing the wings produces a bubble like heart feature which is the epitome of a Valentines Day customization.

This concludes our Top 10 Valentines Day Themed NC article. We hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting. Please feel free to use our suggestions when creating your Valentines Day customization. Sharing is caring and we hope you have a lovely and happy Valentines Day!

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