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A Good Witch

by jeancgirl


A long, long time ago there was a good little Acara. Her owner wanted her to be an evil witch and use spells and magic for evil deeds, so the little Acara was sent to study witchcraft and potion-making. The Acara studied under the witch Edna, learning the most evil of brews and spells. Locked up in a tower, she practiced magic constantly and grew more powerful with every passing day. She gave up on her owner after several years, assuming she had been abandoned and was unloved.

     When Edna didn't watch her, she studied the good side of magic, buying spellbooks about healing instead of the cursing ones she was told to buy. After a failed brew Edna would go on rants, and the Acara could slip away into the woods to practice good deeds. Her heart would never be into the evil arts, and she longed for a way to escape.

     Then one sunny morning, her owner stormed into the tower and told the Acara to place a curse upon a shopkeeper who refused to sell her a Meowclops at a reasonable price. The Acara was hurt; her owner had not even said hello, just rushed in demanding answers to petty problems. Seeing this as a sad use for her many talents, the Acara refused, and the owner was furious and threw the poor Acara out into the street.

     The Acara cried for a time, feeling completely alone. But slowly, she came to the realization that she was free. So, she dusted off her robes and set out to travel. She didn't have much in those early days, so she had to pick berries for food on her way and constantly wipe back tears.

     The Acara had lived in the Haunted Woods her whole life, so she traveled to somewhere more happy, ending up in Neopia Central. She immediately loved the colorful Neopians as they bargained and haggled with each other quite loudly. With her stomach growling for sustenance, she moved down the line of shops, looking for a place. Her eyes soon landed on a shop near the edge, with a large hat on top.

     Taking a calming breath, she stepped inside and went up to the counter.

     "Umm... excuse me, I h-have some potions I would like to-"

     Kauvara turned around, her blue eyes sparkling warmly.

     "Selling? What have you got, dear?"

     The little Acara pulled two vials of a dark red potion from the folds of her robes, she had almost trampled all over the little red berries before she saw them. The potion was a well-known one for her and she had mashed and muttered spells as she corked it, giving the potion power.

     "Bloodberry Elixir? Did you make these yourself?"

     Kauvara unstoppered one and dabbed a bit on her finger to taste.

     "Yes, I made it. "

     Kauvara smiled at the young Acara trembling in her shop.

     "It looks quite well done to me."

     Kauvara named a lower price and was surprised when the Acara accepted, feeling almost a little guilty now. She stashed the vials under the shelf, and then proceeded to count out neopoints into a small bag.

     "Umm.... err... do you think I could have some, er, extra vials too?" the Acara asked hesitantly, looking down at the floor.

     Kauvara chuckled. "Of course, dear." She reached below and pulled out a sack of vials. "I'm Kauvara, by the way. And any more potions you get, I would be willing to take off your hands."

     The Acara looked up, beaming at the words. She took the neopoints and vials, still smiling and went back out onto the street. Her next stop was a food shop, where she tried out the haggling a bit and managed to buy a large sandwich, juice, and a melon. She bought a couple of other things from the other shops. A pack, a sleeping bag, and more food to carry with her. Then, the Acara ended up staying the night at the inn, enjoying the sudden luxury. Soaking in a warm tub filled with bubbles, she couldn't believe how different her life was from her old one.

     Amazingly happy and more confident, the little witch left behind a world of confinement, and began to travel the lands of Neopia. She encountered strange creatures and worlds, learned new magic, and realized she would be okay out of the tower, and on her own. The young Acara shared her magic with others, helping them with small problems, defeating a couple of dangerous monsters, and teaching others to be kind to one another.

     A few months later, while making her way through the far north, she came upon a large mountain covered in a thick green forest. It was a huge mountain going up into the clouds for miles. But it was odd, because no smaller mountains surrounded it, and it was pointy. She decided to climb the mountain, wanting to study it from the top. Climbing all day while whistling under her breath was very tiring so when she got near to the top, she made her camp and lay down, figuring she could reach the summit quickly in the daylight tomorrow. Exhausted after a long day of climbing, she wearily ate some leftover omelette from Tyrannia and dozed off to visions of bright stars and dark, tranquil skies.

     Noises awoke her abruptly the next morning; somebody was crashing through the trees in a hurry.

     "How dare they run us out of the village, it was only a few curses."

     The little Acara got up quickly as a yellow Chia came into view. She was wearing dark robes and used a broom as a walking stick. The Chia was muttering to herself about getting even with the people below in the village.

     "Hello!" the Acara said sharply, trying to understand what was going on.

     The Chia looked up, confused.

     "Why are you here? Get off the mountain before it is too late."

     The Chia started moving forward again, but the little Acara quickly jumped in front, blocking the path up the mountain.

     "What are you talking about?"

     "I'm going to turn this mountain into a volcano and get revenge on those pesky villagers for running me and my owner from our home."

     The Chia sidestepped around the good witch and hurried up to the mountain top, muttering spells under her breath.

     Beneath her feet the Acara felt the mountain rumbling and the forest getting warmer. She dashed around gathering her things and wondered what to do. Maybe she should just run, but quickly pushed away that idea. She had to do something, or all the people of the village would have no homes. Or lives.

     The Chia soon reappeared, cackling madly about what evil it had done, and running as quickly as possible down the mountain.

     The earth shook again, and gathering her courage, the little witch moved up to the top of the summit. Staring at the huge hole that hot ash was spewing out of, magic began to overtake her. Words spilled from her lips in a rush.

     "Ground that quakes and rolls,
     Be still and whole.
     Heat, freeze and retreat,
     Snow come in sheets."

     The mountain soon stilled beneath her. The ash that was falling changed abruptly into cascades of pure white snowflakes. The large gap in the ground had filled and snow packed down upon it. The mountain top had become a white winter in a matter of seconds.

     The good little witch looked around and smiled at her cleverness, then curled up beneath a tree to sleep. Spellwork was exhausting.

     It never stopped snowing on Terror Mountain. The people of the village adjusted, and forgot about the sunny days and deep forest. Sometimes up on the tip top of the mountain, you can hear the ring of ancient spells on the wind, remembering a good little witch.

The End

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