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Famous Neopian Couples Valentine's Day Plans

by pikachu315111


Valentine's Day is a mere few days away and couples all over are making plans to celebrate with that special someone. Be it buying each other gifts or going out to dinner, many couples are planning for a romantic time. However, players aren't the only one celebrating Valentine's Day; throughout Neopets history we've seen many famous Neopian couples get together and they too are making plans! However, no two couple celebrate Valentine's Day the same way, so I went around Neopia to ask these famous couples what their plans are (they were asked separately, of course, as not to spoil their plans for their significant other):

Jazan & Nabile

Jazan: "I have the most marvelous day planned for my queen! I have made secret plans for an entire day trip in Sakhmet, Nabile doesn't get to see her home city often due to her Queenly duties so it would be a nice surprise. I have the entire day planned out from where we'll visit, trying out Sakhmet's cuisine, and assortments of gifts. Of course she'll want to visit her friends and cousin which she'll be able to do all at once as I made arrangements to have a grand dinner at Sakhmet Palace with them all invited. However afterwards I've planned for a private meal on a moonlit balcony, just for the two of us."

Nabile: "Jazan always has something huge planned on Valentine's Day, not that I'm complaining *giggles*. However it does make it hard for me to plan anything, but I always come up with something he likes. I've learned its best to plan small and so I've commissioned a special dress for myself so I can perform a personal veil dance for him. It's nothing big, but I'm sure he'll like it."

Hannah & Kanrik

Hannah: "Ever since that Oracle recruited the Thieves Guild in her mission to prepare for some kind of cataclysm it's been very difficult to get in contact with Kanrik. However no Oracle or five other factions is going to stop our plans for Valentine's Day. This won't be my first time at the Battleground, though hopefully it'll be the first time there I'd be able to get Kanrik away from the fighting and have some personal time between us. A researcher friend of mine on Kreludor has helped me pack an entire romantic picnic with "E-Z brand storage capsules" and though Tyrannia isn't the most romantic of places we'll have a beautiful view of a starry night sky."

Kanrik: "Now it's not that I don't want to celebrate Valentine's Day with Hannah, it's just not the right time. I wasn't planning of getting pulled into this weekly Battleground fighting to train for the Oracle's dark visions of the future, but now that me and my guild have we have to work harder than we've ever before. There's little time to rest, and even if we could get away you can bet the other Factions would take any advantage they can get from it. Worst we'll probably have plenty of spying eyes on us no matter where we go, not exactly my idea of a romantic evening. But once Hannah has set her mind of things there's no convincing her otherwise, I just hope things turn out well. We've talked about a nighttime picnic, I just hope she remembered not to bring any cake or else we'll have a batch of moaning guests joining us."

Isca & Garin

Isca: "Garin can be hardheaded sometimes, but in recent years he had agreed to take me out on a date for Valentine's Day. Well, I more take him someplace, the first time he took me somewhere we went on a raid of a couples cruise ship. *sigh* On the bright side I did get a lovely silver and sapphire necklace. But after that we decided I should pick the places. For the past few years I've picked the loveliest places like coral reefs and quiet beaches but Garin was more interested in exploring them for treasure than enjoying the beauty around us. This year I found a lovely little cove with colorful glowing moss which I was told was safe; hopefully this year we can finally just enjoy a nice meal and each others company."

Garin: "Isca had good intentions but she needs to let loose and have some fun. Every year Isca finds amazing places yet she only wants to have a meal and talk. It would be a waste not to explore and take in the sights... and see if there's any treasure. But that's not the point; the point is Isca finds these great places we can both explore together. She may act annoyed when I decide to go off exploring, but she follows and once we begin she starts getting into it and has fun. We're still spending time together but we're also both having fun. If we just sat down and had a meal Isca would start asking me to give up my pirate life, I'd say no, and both of us wouldn't be enjoying each others time. Isn't it better to do something we both will have fun doing together than something that'll get awkward?"

Hanso & Brynn

Hanso: "I'll bet you anything that Brynn probably thinks I'd forgotten Valentine's Day is coming up, but do I have surprise for her! Last time we were back in Faerieland I asked our boss, you know, Queen Fyora, if I and Brynn could take a day off on Valentine's Day. Fyora of course agreed and offered some recommendations but I already know where I'm taking Brynn. We've been away from Brightvale for some time and there's this fancy pants café Brynn liked to go on her days off. Well thanks to yours truly guess whose names suddenly appeared on the reservation list for their special Valentine's Day service? Brynn will love it... as long as she doesn't ask how I got a reservation."

Brynn: "You'd think getting something for a thief would be easy, but when the thief is Hanso it's much harder than you think. Hanso doesn't really put much into "sentimental" gifts, he's gotten used to selling something as soon as he gets it. The only thing that I would say he truly considers his is the clothes on his back and his dagger. I'd work hard to find a gift he'd like such as a set of daggers or armor to wear under his jacket but when I ask about them a week later he would have sold them! So this year I plan on doing something different. Hanso has a bit of a sweet tooth so I've been learning how to bake. Sure I could buy him a cake, but I want what I give him to be something special."


"Valentine's Day, one of the best and worst days of the year. It's almost like a second Day of Giving, except each gift comes with minutes long speeches. Suitors come all year around asking for my hand in marriage, but on Valentine's Day they come in droves with gifts of chocolate and jewelry. I spend almost the entire day on my throne being introduced to a suitor, given a gift, and he'll then spout some poem or song. I really don't pay much attention to them after being given the gift. And after rejecting all of them I'd go and enjoy a nice bubble bath and bowl of fresh fruit. However this year Jazan had requested if he could use my palace for his Valentine's Day gift to my cousin. What nerve he has! What if I have made plans? He doesn't think of anyone but himself. However luckily I didn't and it would be nice to chat with my cousin being last time we did it was during Desert Diplomacy. Now if only I could keep Jazan from also coming with her..."

Roxton A. Colchester III

"Why of course I have plans for Valentine's Day... I'm just missing a dancing partner, that's all. I'm afraid I'm a bit too suave for my own good, woman just find me too unobtainable. I originally asked the lovely Ms. Lilian Fairweather but she had made a study date with a fellow scholar though I have a suspicion this scholar may be thinking he's on a different kind of date. Knowing Lilian, the poor boy is going to be very disappointed. Next I asked the equally as lovely Ms. Clara Chatham, but she said that it just so happens on Valentine's Day there's a cosmic event she wants to observe. But I see what's truly going on, these two ladies just think I'm unobtainable so think there's no point in trying. *sighs and shrugs* I guess this is just the curse I'm destined to bear. *suave smile*"

Well, those last two weren't couples but I suppose they showed us that everyone celebrates Valentine's Day in their own way! Each couple all showed they have their own way of celebrating their appreciation for one another, even if some aren't directly (but still in good intention). So, how are you celebrating Valentine's Day? Wait, don't tell me, if you have any plans you should probably get to doing them. *wink*

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