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Paint Brush Parade

by aleu1986


Neopets can be painted a great variety of colours, and over the past few years a whole bunch of new paint brushes have appeared in Neopia. In this article we'll be taking a look at a selection.

On three different boards on Neopets I ran a poll on the following colours: Woodland, Eventide, Pastel and Stealthy, asking users which pets they preferred in the respective colours. In addition, I've chosen two other paint brushes to spotlight: Maractite and Relic. These were not part of the poll, however.

Based on the opinions of the general Neopian population, I present a list of the most popular, beautiful and special Neopets of the colours Woodland, Eventide, Pastel and Stealthy, plus what I consider to be the most interesting Maractite and Relic Neopets. The results may surprise you!


The Woodland Paint Brush was released early in the summer of Y12. On the 26th Day of the Month of Relaxing, to be exact. The Acara was the first Neopet to have the honour of being available in this new colour.

Naturally, the first Neopet to be available in a new paint brush colour sets a standard for the colour, and the Acara is your typical generic Woodland pet. He's got some detail, but not much compared to certain other pets released later in this colour. At the time of writing, 27 of 55 Neopets can be painted Woodland, and 7 of them are similar to the Acara.

Woodland is quite an interesting colour because you never know in which direction it'll go when a new species becomes available to be painted in it. Will the new pet be rather plain like the Acara, or extremely detailed like the Kougra, perhaps with pretty flowers like the Cybunny? Many Woodland Neopets are based off actual tree types, and a couple even resemble hedge plants!

I don't own a Woodland Neopet myself, but I definitely enjoy this colour and look forward to seeing what the artists have in store for us!

The most popular Woodland Neopet according to my poll was the Uni. She won by a landslide, getting in total an impressive 35 votes! Grundo followed at 19 votes, and Eyrie and Cybunny tied at 12 votes each. Kougra and Mynci both got 7 votes. Honourable mentions to Ruki and Wocky who tied at 6 votes and finally Elephante got 5 votes.

Woodland Uni

That this gorgeous Neopet won the Woodland category in my poll should come as a surprise to no one. It's easy to see why the Woodland Uni is so popular and well thought of, and you can bet Neopia's most vain creatures are loving the attention and admiration!

The Woodland Paint Brush transforms your common Uni into a beautiful cherry tree. Her mane, tail and even her wings become branches with delicate flowers. Note also how her horn is now a branch with flowers growing on it.

Woodland Grundo

The Woodland Neopet that took second place to the Uni with a total of nineteen votes was the Woodland Grundo. Having not had a proper look at them, I was at first surprised at seeing their name popping up all the time, but after going to the Rainbow Pool and checking them out, I could easily see why they were so popular amongst the voters.

The Woodland Grundo is fairly simple looking compared to the stunning likeness of the Woodland Uni, but also more interesting and appealing than the generic Woodland Neopet. Users complimented the beautiful shading of this Grundo, how the wooden brown and leafy green blended together, and I personally think it's super cute how leaves sprout from his ears! In terms of customisation, Woodland is the go-to colour for someone who likes an Earth Faerie/forest theme, and the Woodland Grundo especially fits this bill perfectly.

Woodland Eyrie

One user commented that they had not wanted an Eyrie until they saw the Woodland one. This Neopet is a fairly recent addition to the Woodland group, and a beautiful one at that. Similarly to the Uni, Cybunny, Ixi, Mynci and Tuskaninny, the Woodland Eyrie sports some lovely flowers, and he is the second Woodland Neopet with white flowers, the Uni being the first. I think it looks quite nice when a Neopets mane/ruff or wings gets replaced with flowery branches or foliage. The shading on the wood and the knotholes provide some interesting detail as well.

Woodland Cybunny

The Cybunny tied with the Eyrie in this poll at twelve votes each. She is one of the most popular Woodland Neopets from what I've seen – second to the Uni, of course.

And it's no wonder why! She's a beautiful example of the Woodland colour with her nice dark wood, hazel eyes and of course her normal fluffy white cotton tail and ruff have been turned into a flower lei. A nod to Mystery Island perhaps? Aloha!

Woodland Kougra

The Woodland Kougra is one of the most detailed and well done Woodland Neopets in my opinion. The fine details of this pet is easy to miss when looking at the pet thumbnail, but take a good, long look at the Rainbow Pool! Isn't he simply stunning?

You'll notice that his stripes are actually wooden carvings, and there is such nice texture to the wood and a great richness of the detail. Considering how Kougras hail from Mystery Island, where they have wooden totems, I think this Woodland Neopet is a fine tribute to the Island.

I was very pleased to see the Woodland Kougra receive some votes on the poll, though most Woodland pets are quite overshadowed by the fantastic Uni.

Woodland Mynci

Finally, we have the Woodland Mynci, which ended up tying with the Kougra at seven votes each.

So far, the Mynci is the only Woodland Neopet to have this green base. Some users complimented this shade and also how the flowers, with their vines wrapping delicately around the Mynci, suited their jungle origins. If you're fond of customisations featuring Mystery Island, Geraptiku or just trees in general, the Mynci (or any Woodland Neopet for that matter) is a great choice!

The Eventide Paint Brush was released on the 4th Day of the Month of Sleeping, Y14. The Aisha was the first Neopet to be available in this new colour, followed later by the Draik. Interestingly, these two Neopets claimed the third and second places in my poll respectively.

When I was running the poll, Eventide and Pastel were both colours that people seemed to either like or not care for. Some users felt Eventide was a boring colour where all Neopets looked the same, whereas others thought this colour was quite beautiful and owned an Eventide Neopet of their own. Personally I fall into the latter category. When Eyries became available in Eventide, I used a Fountain Faerie Quest I had sitting to add a new beautiful Eventide Eyrie to my Neo family. I think this colour is quite special and really beautiful.

First, let's take a look at the first Neopet to be available in this colour.

Eventide Aisha (third place in the poll)

The Eventide Aisha is a perfect example of the generic Eventide Neopet. Many pets followed sporting the similar pattern, some it suited more than others, however. I personally think the Aisha's body type is quite well fitted for this colour, and I feel there is a good balance between the starry skies and the sunset. The fluffy cloud on the Aisha's chest is a great detail to this colour as well.

The results of this poll were pretty clear. Similarly to the Uni in the Woodland category, there was a certain Neopet that dominated all the way through: Eventide Usul. She won by a landslide, claiming 28 votes! Draik took second place at 17, while 13 users voted for Eventide Aisha. Lutari got 9 votes and Peophin and Grundo tied at 6 votes. Eyrie, Yurble, Korbat and Kougra all got 4 votes, I've chosen to spotlight the Eyrie and Yurble as they're a couple of my favourite Eventide Neopets.

Eventide Usul

Although I'm a fan of the Eventide colour in general, I do prefer the pets where the starry/night part of the colour is dominant. Like some users pointed out, many Eventide Neopets look very similar and only a few so far break the familiar pattern. The Usul is certainly a breath of fresh air, she stands out completely from all other Eventide pets which is probably why she's so popular!

Her tail and mane show the starry night sky and I like how the clouds are placed. The blush of the setting sun gives some rosy colour to the Usuls cheeks and paws, quite delicate! Her ribbons and the bow on her tail sport the same shade, completing the look of this original and quite stunning Eventide Neopet. She is more than deserving of the top spot in my poll!

Eventide Draik

The Eventide Draik has quite the similar pattern to the Aisha, being the second Eventide Neopet released there was yet to be much experimenting with this colour. I personally think this Draik is beautiful, just look at those stars sparkle and shine!

Eventide Lutari

In the middle of the poll placed the Eventide Lutari. It was really nice to see this species get some appreciation! This Eventide pet is a good example of the colour gradients being mixed up a little, note also the faithful, fluffy cloud ever present on the Lutaris chest, like a trademark of the paintbrush!

Eventide Peophin

Even though I adore Peophins and enjoy the Eventide colour, there's something about this pet that doesn't connect with me, it's hard to explain why.

My own opinion aside, the Eventide Peophin harvested 6 votes from various users. Similarly to the Lutari, this Eventide pet doesn't have a straight pattern like many others in the same colour, which I think contributes to people putting it in front of other Eventide pets. This Peophin also has a very pretty night sky pattern with plenty of clouds!

Eventide Grundo

This Eventide Neopets must be the Space Faerie's favourite, or so one of the users voting on my poll suggested. I personally think it must be the Faerie Grundo, but I suppose Mira doesn't play favourites. All Neopets are created (or adopted, in the Grundos case) equally!

The Eventide Grundo is quite similar to the Aisha and Draik; they share a very similar pattern. A couple of neat details with this pet are the red toenails and extra clouds, plus doesn't the starry sky on the Grundos head look extra sparkly to you?

Honorable mentions:

Eventide Eyrie

Because I'll grab any opportunity to brag about my wonderful, gorgeous Eventide Eyrie Lunielle.

Eventide Yurble

When this Eventide pet was released, I seriously considered getting one... then came the Eventide Eyrie.

The Eventide Yurbles shading is quite unique and totally breathtaking. I'm very surprised this amazing pet didn't receive more love in the poll. There is a slight mixing of the gradient with his blushing muzzle, otherwise he's mostly deep, dark starry skies – which is just how we like our Eventide Neopets!

I also think Eventide Kougras are very pretty, and Eventide Korbat is another example of a Neopet in this colour that breaks the pattern slightly. If you, like me, prefer the Eventide pets with plenty of pretty blue sky, Bori and Wocky are both worth your attention!


Near the end of Y15, on the 21st Day of the Month of Celebrating, yet another new paint brush appeared in Neopia, and a total of four Neopets became available in the new colour on its release day. Xweetok, Gnorbu, Yurble and Hissi could all be painted Pastel!

Pastel is by many thought to be a pretty colour, whereas many others feel it's a boring colour, or that the pets look washed out or that the colours simply are too bright.

Whether you like it or not, Pastel is here to stay, and in Y16 it was one of the colours most frequently released. We've seen a nice variety of colours and combinations so far and I personally look forward to seeing what is in store for us in this colour, seeing as out of 55 species, 18 are available in Pastel at the time of writing.

Most popular according to this poll: Draik quickly took the lead amongst these pretty pets, it got 17 votes total with Cybunny taking second place at 15 votes. Zafara got 12, and Xweetok and Blumaroo were tied at 11 votes. Gnorbu, Uni and Moehog all got 8 votes each.

Pastel Draik

Draiks were generally popular in the colours run in this poll and won the Pastel category as well as Stealthy.

In Pastel, Kougra and Hissi also have a minty green base with purple stripes/spots, but they both have unique shades of colour, making the Pastel Draik the first with this particular shade of fresh minty green. Along with the perfectly pink ears/belly/tail, the small purple spots on the inside of the wings and the pretty blue eyes, this Pastel Neopet is colourful enough, but with the right balance of colour and nuances.

Pastel Cybunny

The Cybunny was the first Pastel Neopet to have this yellow base, with the Peophin joining in later the same year with the identical shades.

The Pastel Cybunny was rather well received upon release, many users thought it was really pretty and suited the Festival of Neggs perfectly! Others, myself included, find this Pastel pet's colours too bright. Nevertheless, it claimed the number two spot in my poll, just behind the Draik, so the Pastel Cybunny obviously has her faithful fans!

Pastel Zafara

My personal favourite Pastel Neopet, next to the Xweetok. She's got a really lovely pink base colour, with a creamy yellow crossing into white on her belly/muzzle. Her little nose is pink as well, and her eyes are just beautiful! I also like the purple spots on her ears, this is a very nicely done Pastel Neopet in my opinion, and according to the poll quite a few users agree!

Pastel Uni

When I was running the poll, I was honestly surprised to notice the Uni didn't take any of the top spots. Considering how well it was received upon release, I had thought they were more popular. That's not to say I haven't seen a few around, they're quite lovely!

The Pastel Uni has a sweet orange base with cotton candy coloured mane and tail. Note also the striking blue eyes! The Pastel Uni was the first Pastel pet to have this base colour. The Pastel Lupe came out later the same year with a very similar colouring.

Pastel Blumaroo

The Blumaroo was the first Pastel pet to sport this nice blue base, with the Grarrl following later on. Neither of these Neopets have things like fur/manes, stripes or spots, so they don't get to sport more than one colour, but that's OK when said colour is such a gorgeous sky blue! Bonus points for lovely shading.

Pastel Xweetok

So much pink! Xweetok was one of the first Neopets to be available in Pastel, and so far they're my favourite Pastel pet of all. Some think the pink has gone a little overboard, but I personally feel it's a very nice base colour and a great alternative to the common Pink colour which only makes your Xweetoks mane/tail pink, leaving the rest of the pet in the basic brown shade. As I'm not big on the combination of pink and mint green, I really like how subtly the green colour has been applied to this Neopet, it looks just right!

Pastel Gnorbu

When voting on the poll, some users chose to not cast a vote for any Pastel pet, due to not generally liking the colour. Others voted only for the Gnorbu, finding it the most "tolerable," of the lot. This earned the good-natured Gnorbu a spot midway on the list!

Gnorbu was one of the four pets released in Pastel on the first day, and I personally quite like it. When it comes to a green base colour like this, I prefer purple rather than pink to go with it.

Pastel Moehog

Seeing unpopular pets like the Gnorbu and Moehog get some love in the Pastel category made be really happy! The Moehog was tied with the Gnorbu in this colour at eight votes each.

So far no other Pastel pets share the Moehog's base colour. Blumaroo and Grarrl are also blue, but in a darker shade. As I'm not a fan of yellow, I would have preferred it if the Pastel Moehog's mane was either pink like his ears and nose, or the same colour as his hooves, but hey! That's just me.

In any case I was pleased to see this little guy obviously had some followers amongst the Pastel fans. He's nice and colourful without having too much going on and I really like the bright blue base.


On the 8th Day of the Month of Hiding, Y14, another new Paint Brush snuck up on the Neopian population: The Stealth Paint Brush. Yes, the colour is called Stealthy, but the brush is called Stealth, so keep that in mind when you head over to the Auction House to buy one!

The Blumaroo were the lucky Neopet to become available in this colour on the day of release, and in the poll I ran on the boards they got fourteen votes in all, tying with the Eyrie and placing them both behind the Draik and the Shoyru.

Stealthy Neopets are unique in that they all share the same base colour but each species has a different clothing set. Their eyes are a mysterious, glowing blue, another totally unique feature no other paint brush grants.

The Stealthy Blumaroo's clothing set consists of: Mask, scarf, shirt, trousers, shoes and belt. Wearing all pieces of the outfit is recommended to get the proper stealthy look.

Most popular Stealthy pets according to this poll: Draik took first place at 21 votes, with Shoyru following close behind at 20 votes. Eyrie got 14, Blumaroo 14, Ixi and Korbat tied at 9 votes and Cybunny got 8 votes in total.

Stealthy Draik

The Draik claimed first place in the Stealthy poll, and it's well deserved. There is a great variety in clothing in the Stealthy category, and the Draik is truly regal looking, with the golden decorations on the jacket and mask. The mask is a quite defining piece to the outfit, giving this Draik a stern expression. Remove the mask though, and you'll just find your own cute pet.

Clothing set: Mask, jacket, shirt, trousers and shoes.

For Stealthy Neopets with large eyes, such as the Draik, the Solid White Contacts make for a very creepy look! Try it next Halloween!

Stealthy Shoyru

Votes for the Stealthy Shoyru kept coming in steadily, landing it the second place in the end, right behind the Draik. Stealthy pets are both mysterious and heroic looking, like a less colourful member of the Defenders of Neopia. I for one can certainly imagine this Shoyru running across rooftops late at night, answering the call of someone in need.

There's a great amount of detail to the Stealthy Neopets clothing and the Shoyru is no exception. For customisation purposes, he looks great with or without the scarf and trousers, though the latter might be better left on at all times, don't you agree?

Clothing set: Mask, shirt, scarf, trousers, shoes.

Stealthy Eyrie

If I didn't already own an Eventide Eyrie, I'd get a Stealthy one for the base colour alone, it's really beautiful! The Stealthy Eyries clothes almost make him look like a knight! Some users have argued that the armour doesn't make this Eyrie very stealthy – but it sure looks impressive!

Similarly to other pets in this colour, the Stealthy Eyrie looks best wearing every piece of his clothing set. The wing armour in particular really completes the look and is quite the unique wearable for this species! I personally feel that any wearable that removes the Eyries mane make the whole pet look a bit odd, but the Stealthy Eyrie on the other hand looks mighty and powerful wearing his shiny armour!

Clothing set: Helmet, shirt, shoes, trousers, wing armour.

Stealthy Ixi

Stealthy Neopets don't exactly wear very colourful clothing, but each pets outfit has some coloured details to it (like the Eyrie above), most of them sport blue, red or green while the Ixi is so far the only Stealthy pet with all purple clothes.

In the Stealthy poll, the Ixi got nine votes, jumping one vote ahead of the Cybunny! I'll personally argue that a playful, energetic Neopet like the Ixi doesn't make a very good ninja, but I've also heard it said that Ixi are fond of sneaking up on other Neopets and startling them, so with the right training any grasshopper (or Ixi) can become a master!

Clothing set: Mask, shirt and trousers.

Stealthy Korbat

Tying with the Ixi at nine votes in my poll, the Korbat is one Stealthy Neopet that, to put it mildly, breaks the pattern we've come to associate with this colour. His bright, shiny white clothes may make it difficult to slip away unseen into the night, but with his ability to fly I don't think stealth is a challenge for this Korbat. This pet is also the first of the Stealthy colour to have an accessory other than clothing. In terms of customising, he looks great with just the mask and tunic, but the whole outfit is recommended to get the proper wow factor from this great colour!

Clothing set: Mask, tunic, trousers, shoes, swords.

Stealthy Cybunny

The Cybunny is one of the Neopets that look cute regardless of which colour they are, and Stealthy is no exception. The base colour this paint brush gives is quite gorgeous, but not only does your Neopet take on a dark midnight shade, in the case of the Cybunny they also get quite the mischievous expression! You'd better watch out for this ninja bunny!

I've seen some lovely customisations for Stealthy Cybunny, with bamboo plants and mountain scenes. Any background featuring Shenkuu is naturally the go-to wearable for many with a Stealthy Neopet.

Clothing set: Mask, shirt and trousers. The ribbon around the Cybunnies ears is part of the mask and not a separate item.

I would like to thank everyone on the Charter board, Help Chat and Customisation board who voted on the polls I ran and expressed their opinions on the various colours. Thank you!

In addition to the four colours we have already explored there are two that were not included in the poll. I have however chosen to add them to this article because I feel there are certain Neopets in these two colours that deserve some time in the spotlight. These colours are Maractite and Relic.


On the 25th Day of the Month of Storing Y12, Usuls were the first species to become available in the brand new colour Maractite.

All pets in this colour have a unique pattern of runes and symbols, and I like how the Usuls pattern is swirly with a flower-like look to it. I feel it fits the sweet nature of this species. I also like the colour of the mane, but would have preferred it if the bow didn't have any symbols on it, as Maractite is such a busy colour, any empty space anywhere is a bonus. Which is exactly why it's nice that the symbol pattern doesn't cover the whole tail.

What is Maractite?

It's a powerful metal which can cut through water as if it was air. It has runes and other symbols carved into it (this is believed to be symbols representing the Maraquan language) but the Maractite decays slowly when exposed to air, so you may want to get an Underwater Background for your Maractite Neopet!

Maraquan warriors use armour and weapons made from this metal, and Maractite artefacts are even sold in the Hidden Tower in Faerieland. The funds from the sales of these items benefit the world of Maraqua and its inhabitants.


Like I mentioned above, the Maractite Paint Brush grants your Neopet a very busy pattern, and so it often looks better on large pets such as Elephante, Chomby and Skeith as their bulk simply provides more room to spread the symbols and place the pattern, whereas on smaller pets it can easily look too crowded.

I feel the Elephante looks quite nice in Maractite, especially because of his large head/face and trunk which the symbols grace tastefully. Note also how the gem on his hat has been replaced by a swirly looking Maractite rune.


The Maractite Hissi has a pattern a bit similar to the Usul in terms of the thin lines, except with more angular shapes. I really like how the Hissis belly has been kept free of any lines or symbols as it gives the pet a cleaner look. Also his eyes are gorgeous.


The Lutari spends a majority of his time in water, so I figured it made sense to include him on this list, plus he looks cool painted Maractite!

I sort of wish his belly would have been simple and blue, similar to the Hissi, but at the same time the symbols are nice looking and not too distracting. I especially like the pattern on his big, fluffy tail.


The most beautiful Maractite pet in my opinion is the Peophin. Not very surprising, considering they're native to Maraqua! But their unique curved bodies suit the pattern very well, note the runes on the Peophins tail and legs and how the pattern curves delicately on his face. I also appreciate how his mane is free of symbols, there are certain Maractite pets that would benefit from a lack of runes in their hair! I feel the Maractite Peophin is very well designed and a fine example of how nice a Maractite pet can look when the symbols and patterns don't take over completely.


Similar to Maractite, Relic was not part of the poll I ran on the boards.

Only 15 Neopets are available in Relic at the time of writing, and of these there are 4 really worth a second look. The generic Relic Neopet is fairly uninteresting, as the Relic Paint Brush turns them into a stone statue.

But like I mentioned, there are currently four Relic Neopets that certainly deserve a second glance!

Relic Chia

When I look at the Relic Peophin, I think of jungle ruins, whereas when I see the Relic Chia, I get the feeling this statue belongs in the mountains rather than the lowlands, as a part of a temple in Shenkuu, for example.

The Relic Chia has a nice amount of detail and the plants really help to spruce him up.

Relic Jetsam

In contrast to his aquatic companion the Peophin, the Relic Jetsam would look out of place in a customisation that put him in a forest or part of a garden. That aside, this is a very interesting and well done Relic Neopet. There's plenty of moss and detail, he certainly looks like he's been down in the depths for quite some time! Perhaps you could get him an Underwater Jeran Statue for company?

Relic Korbat

Unlike the three other Relic Neopets I've spotlighted on this list, the Korbat has no plants or moss growing on it. Instead, he's been made to be part of a gravestone which I personally think was a genius touch. Korbats, Halloween and graveyards just go hand in hand, don't they? This Relic pet will definitely inspire some dark and spooky customisations, both in and outside of the Month of Collecting.

Relic Peophin

Easily the most beautiful Relic pet to date. Peophins were made available in Pastel and Relic on the same day, and surprisingly it was Relic that got the best response from users. Some even went straight to the nearest shop to pick up a Relic Paint Brush and give their beloved Peophin a new look!

I personally really love this Relic pet, and not just because I'm such a big fan of Peophins. What makes it so successful is that it, in my own opinion, can fit a jungle/forest customisation just as well as an underwater look. Obviously, with Peophins being aquatic creatures, you'd want to give them an underwater background of some sort – which looks great! But with a Relic Peophin you can also go for a jungle look and still make it look stunning.

Note also how detailed this Relic Neopet is, with all the chips and cracks in the stone.

This concludes my Paint Brush Parade article, I hope you have found it interesting and entertaining.

Feel free to Neomail me with any comments.

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