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A Guide to Player Created Battledome Leagues

by swordarts


Since the new battledome was introduced, one of things that has seen a huge success is leagues for pets to fight in. These aren't leagues created by The Neopets Team, but created by other players with the single aim of uniting the battlers and keeping the battledome an active part of the site. And the best bit – anyone can join in.

This guide is here to help players decide which, if any league(s) are right for them. It's not intended to be an in depth guide to the rules for each league – each league has its own rule page that will at all times be the definitive answer on what is allowed. But for people new to the leagues, those rule pages can be hard to understand.

At the end of the article, I have included a list of all the relevant rule pages for further reading. Please be sure to read these carefully before joining any organised league event.

So how do they work, then?

Each league has a set of requirements that all pets in that league must meet. The reason behind this is to make the battles fair and exciting between all players. It's impossible to win just because your pet is stronger because all the pets in the league have the same stats. Winning comes from using the best tactics and controlling the situation to the best. My experience of these leagues has resulted in some incredibly close fights that went down to the last few hp.

All of the current leagues have been created by very experienced battledomers. They have selected the requirements for the league based on years of experience and are well respected on the Battledome Chat.

Before I go into detail about the different leagues, I will explain some common terminology:

HP = hit points. This is the amount of damage a pet can take before it is no longer able to battle

HSD = hp, strength, defence. This is the combined total of these three stats added together.

League = an easy to use reference based on pets stats to see where a pet is compared to others. There are 25 leagues in total.

A pet's league is calculated using the formula (hit points/2.7) + (strength boost/1.8) + (defence boost/54)

Confused? Yeah that formula is a bit of mouthful. Thankfully there are several league calculators around. The formula gives a rating which in turn places the pet into a league.

Strength or defence boost = this is the base strength or defence and gives the multiplier used to calculate how much actual damage is done or how much damage is defended. For example a pet with 380 strength is using the 350 strength boost and would deal the same amount of damage as the pet with 350 strength.

Icon limit = is the maximum number of icons any weapon can have.

L54 (or League 54)

L54 is (at the time of writing) the newest league. It is the closest any of the leagues get to low level battling. But before anyone rushes off to go beat some L54 pets, low level does NOT mean low skill. For a pet to be eligible, it must have 54 hit points (hp), 13 strength and 35 defence. This is referred to 54/13/35. There is a small degree of flexibility in this. So in reality pets can have between 13 and 19 strength (the 1x boost) and between 35 and 54 defence (the 1.5x boost).

L54 is the most affordable league as the icon limit on weapons bans the majority of the most expensive items but it's not totally cheap either. Whilst the stats are easily achievable, players would still be looking at spending around a million NP for a decent set. The biggest difference here compared to the other leagues is that would get you a complete, (potentially) league winning set.

L97 (or League 97)

L97 was the first player created league with the new battledome. The idea behind it was to create battles that lasted 10 or more turns whilst giving an even playing field for everyone. For a pet to be eligible, it needs a 97/20/35 build. So that's 97hp, between 20 and 34 strength (the 1.25x boost) and between 35 and 54 defence, same as L54. However unlike L54, this is not a league for a tight budget. The higher icon limit allows for more weapon choices and therefore more tactics when choosing how to equip your pet. L97 is also the most common league and has a great deal of support amongst the Battledome Chat. It is generally pretty easy to find a L97 fight and many events are organised and held throughout the year.

Fyora League

Fyora League is now getting into the realms of the bigger, stronger pets. It was designed to simulate what it feels like to battle with a pet with 3500hp, 750 strength and 750 defence except without the years of training to reach such stats. So for Fyora League, a pet needs 300hp, between 20 and 34 strength and between 35 and 54 defence. These stats sound pretty achievable but don't underestimate this league. The low strength compared to hp means that all the big hitting weapons are used in this league. The league has a number of sub categories each with slightly different weapon restrictions so careful reading is required. This league is popular amongst people who battled in the old dome and part of the setup is designed to take battlers back to what it was like to battle then.

KCS (or King Coltzan Society)

Now we're truly in with the big boys (and girls). KCS isn't quite like the other leagues mentioned above. It doesn't have fixed stats like the other leagues, instead it has minimum stats and then separates everyone into groups based on the actual stats. The minimum requirements are 1000hp, 750 strength and 750 defence. There are very few weapon restrictions in KCS. Battlers here have trained their pets for a long time and are experienced but this doesn't mean less experienced battlers aren't welcome. So long as they are keen to learn then they are welcome in KCS. This is the league for high level battling.

Choosing the right league?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. It all comes to down budget, pet and preference. Many battlers will have different pets for each league so they can experience all aspects of the battledome. Each league has its own good and bad points and brings a different experience of the battledome.

  • Choose L54 if you want accessible 2 player battling and have a tight budget
  • Choose L97 if you want lots of events held frequently throughout the year
  • Choose Fyora League if you want high level battles without waiting years to get the stats
  • Choose KCS if you want the biggest, most impressive pet around or already have a highly trained pet

Of course, a pet doesn't need to be in a specific league to be able to experience 2 player battling but the advantage of the leagues is it is guaranteed 2 player battles that are fair.



L97: (Jellyneo is a recommended fan site)

Fyora League: or (new site once completed)


All rules page links used with permission.

Please note, I do not in any way control the content of these links. At the time of writing, all of them contained acceptable content and were considered to be the source of information for their respective league.

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