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How to Dress for any Time Period

by greenj12356


Do you know how to dress properly for any time you may be stuck in? Sure, you may be able to dress and blend in with a crowd when going out shopping to the NC Mall, but what if this was a different time? Would you really be able to disguise yourself in prehistoric times? What would you do if your time machine breaks down and you need to live there for a while until you can fix it?

This guide will give you some helpful tips for how to blend in for any "when" you might be.


The best way to fit into this time period, is to be meaner and tougher looking than the next pet. This way you can work on fixing your time machine and hopefully no one will bother you. These were also rough times, full of danger and survival. Just having that spear would help you out in many situations. If anyone comes close just bear your tusks, and hope they do not fall out! You do need to be especially careful to make sure your disguise is in good working order. One slip up with a horn or tooth falling out and you could be attacked!


A good way to survive in this time period is to try and have a huge interest in the Altador Cup. Since this was played even back then, getting into the spirit of it may help you to survive unnoticed from other pets. Keep working on fixing your time machine of course, but in your spare time try to show up to a game or two and hopefully no pets will come barging into your house to wonder why you are not at the latest game. Be careful that you do not get too interested in Yooyuball, or else you might start being questioned when you do not show up to the games. You need a bit of balance to maintain a low profile.


In this time period you really cannot just try to intimidate everyone away from you as there are always knights looking for a challenge. The best thing you can do here is to act really crazy and hope that no one will bother you. Try to dress yourself up as some type of spell caster and hope that no one will bother you with how strange that is. Better yet, try to be the old hermit in the woods type of person, to help guarantee that you will not be found. Who would travel deep into the woods to seek you out?


It this day and age pets will already be expecting all sort of weird and interesting gadgets to be popping up. Finally you can just try and try to blend in, instead of trying to avoid contact all together. Even if you passed someone on the street they probably would not care if you told them you had a time machine. Granted, they may just laugh at you for your ridiculous idea, but no one would bother you when you were working on it. Of course, you may have to try and keep other inventors out of your lab so that they do not stop by to try and tinker with stuff.

Present Day:

Maybe you are a time traveler from the future, or even the past. This guide can show you a good outfit to wear during the current time period. You want to look like you do not have a care in the world, and like you just rolled out of bed. The bedraggled look is in and that is what you should be trying to achieve. Be sure that you always have a pair of glasses on, and that you are holding a cup of coffee. It is perfectly acceptable for you to talk about your time machine, but be sure to throw in something along the lines of, "But you cannot see it, it is too indie for you." Pets will respect you for saying such crazy things!


Who knows what the future holds? Only time travelers! But you may be a better judge of the clothing styles from your own time period, but in case you need some help, here is a good place to start. The future is predicted to be all flashing lights and technology everywhere. So making yourself look like a scientist would be a good disguise. It may even help you sneak into laboratories so that you can get parts to fix your time machine. Maybe the Virtupet Space Station would be a good place to stop before you go to the future so that you can get an idea of the kind of technology that might exist in the future.

Dystopian Future:

Maybe the future is not as peaceful as we think. There could be some evil overlord who has finally enslaved Neopia *cough* Dr. Sloth *cough*. The best bet would be to align yourself with the resistance and to hope that you could survive with them long enough to scavenge the needed parts for your time machine. Make sure you have all the necessary weapons and protection that you need to be fighting in a battle. It would not be a good idea to go in empty handed. Be sure to always carry a few swords, or laser weapons in your time machine with you.

Apocalyptic Future:

Or maybe the future has taken an even more drastic turn. Maybe technology and other such relics of civilization have crumbled. At this point you might be stuff here as getting parts for your time machine will be nearly impossible. Your best bet is to just grab as much clothing lying around as you can find and try to construct a new image for yourself. Survival will be key here and you want to make sure your time machine is stocked with food, water, and other supplies necessary to keeping your alive. Be cautious around other pets as you will not know who could be a friend or foe. Be very careful traveling to the future, in case this is the way that the future ends up.

Hopefully this guide has helped you figure out what sort of clothing styles will help you to survive depending on any time period you might end up in. Please keep in mind that this is not a perfect, of fully extensive list and the writer does not take responsibility for potential attacks that may be directed at you for a failed disguise!

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