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Giving Back to Neopia

by cheeseyqueen12321


Hello there, fellow Neopians! It's hard to believe that the holiday season is well underway. The advent calendar has been giving out gifts every day; have you? Before you respond with, well, no, I'm saving my NP for other things - stop right there. There are many ways you can give back to Neopia without using many neopoints at all! I'm going to give you six ways to give back to Neopets this holiday season - but don't let this list stop you! There are many ways for you to prove how much you love Neopets, even if it's just for this time of year.

Adopt a pet

Have you been to the pound lately? There are so many sad, hungry pets just looking for somewhere warm this season. You can be that home! Whether it's on your main account or your side account, the Neopian Pound would be grateful to have more Neopets out of the cold and into your warm Neohomes. I know what you're thinking - those pets are unpainted, badly named, etc. - do not let that stop you! There are plenty of Neopians out there looking to home their painted pets. Ask around on the Pound Chat or at the recommended fan site PetTP. Remember to open your hearts and your home to a pet who does not have one, and make their holiday season even more special!

Help out on the Neoboards

If you're an experienced player with enough general knowledge about the site, the Help Chat could use your help! Everyday Neopians from all over come together on the Help Chat to find answers to anything, from searching for a Faerie Quest item or deciphering a puzzle, the Help Chat is there to help Neopians of all kinds find answers to their questions. While you may not know it all, you definitely know enough to help someone else.

If you don't believe you're cut out for helping, try using the boards to chat! The Neoboards are a wonderful place to meet new people you never would have expected to find on the site. With many different topics to choose from (except Jelly World, of course), there is a topic everyone is interested in to discuss. Between waiting for the next plot or showing off your cool new siggy, the boards are definitely one of the best places to meet new people!

Join a Guild

Reading this topic, you might be wondering - How is joining a guild giving someone else a gift? In response, I will tell you that friendship is the greatest gift of all. In guilds, people with common interests gather together to discuss and bond over their hobbies and amusements. Not all guilds are Neopets related, and as long as you keep it classy, those guilds are wonderful ways to find new friends as well. By joining a guild, you will be contributing to the Neopian community by being a part of a social circle of friends, enhancing their lives as well as yours! Who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with your guild mates and make your stay not so seasonal. Hop on over to the Guild board and check out the many guilds our site has to offer.

Pay attention to your pets!

Now, I know what you must be thinking here - I already do this; my pets are fed through the lodge and always happy. Here's where it gets tricky - I'm telling you to pamper your pets this month! Take them out of the lodge, and treat them to some homemade food - whether it's Marmalade or Gourmet they're sure to enjoy it more than the bland buffet of the 1 star room they're squished into all year! It doesn't stop there - maybe brush your princess' fur with a Fyora Hairbrush or buy your little baby a Baby Bruce Squeaky Toy. These gestures don't have to be expensive or grand, they just have to be done. Your pets will be reassured of your love for them and will have a greater smile on their face than you've ever seen from just a few rides on the Merry-Go-Round.

Donate, donate, discard!

Do you hoard thousands upon thousands of items in your seemingly endless SDB? Maybe you can help out this holiday season by getting rid of some of that rubbish! Page by page, take out the items you really never planned on taking out again, and discard that junk! It saves space on the servers, which could end up decreasing lag on the site, little by little. If you're pulling out items that aren't equivalent to Rotten Left Sandal's then send them to the money tree! One person's trash is another's treasure, and your junk could end up making somebody's day! However, do us Money Tree lurkers a favor - click discard when it comes to your rotten old shoes!

Keep Neopia Safe

Have you been to the battledome lately? It is bustling with the evil characters in Neopia, and we need you to help save us! You can get involved with the biweekly skirmish battles this month, and keep order in the Oracle. If timed war is not your cup of tea, the Defenders of Neopia series can keep you entertained, while you keep Neopia justice in order. The last thing we need this time of year is a Meepit invasion, so get your weapons out and bring your strongest pet to the 'dome!

Making Yourself Known

This holiday season, make it a mission to get yourself out there! Whether it be making friends in a guild, or to throw random trinkets at nice Neopians as random acts of kindness, do something for somebody (or some pet) this holiday season. If none of the options on this list work for you, I hope you are inspired to give back in other ways this holiday season.

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