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Caring for Vandagyres

by themaybird


Ever since the Vandagyre came out of hiding, many Neopians have been excited to learn more about them. Many have been eager to adopt one for themselves, but may be unsure of how to care for it. While I was unable to adopt one, considering I already have four pets that I love very much, I spoke with some Vandagyres and their owners to find out more about this mysterious pet. Specifically, I focused on how to care for Vandagyres. I put all the information I found into this article, in the hopes it will help Vandagyre owners take care of their new pet!

If you already have a Vandagyre, you've no doubt already discovered how cute and fun they are. If you've been considering, don't forget to check the pound before you go and create one. Some owners who didn't think the decision through have already created and abandoned their Vandagyre! Hopefully after reading this guide you won't make the same mistake, and will be happy to make a Vandagyre a permanent member of your family. By following this guide, your Vandagyre is soon to feel right at home.

Taking care of a Vandagyre is really quite simple. Just like with any type of neopet, you'll want to feed it daily, play with it, heal it when it's sick, and groom it regularly. Of course, also just like with any other species of pet, there are a few special circumstances to take into consideration.

Each Vandagyre is an individual, and so each Vandagyre will have its own favorite foods (and least favorites!). That being said, most Vandagyres I've met have a fondness for anything with nuts in it. I've witnessed them performing elaborate tea rituals as well, so its probably safe to say your Vandagyre will enjoy a nice cup of tea, perhaps with some pecan divinity candy for a treat. In addition to that, why not try introducing your pet to foods from around the world? Most of them have spent their lives only in the mountains near Shenkuu, and may have never tried such exotic foods as juppies from Mystery Island or delicious sand fruits from the Lost Desert! It may be that your Vandagyre has yet to find their favorite food.

The same goes for toys, although I recommend starting off with a nice Vandagyre plushie. While you're at it, why not get some Vandagyre plushies for your other pets? It may well give them a greater appreciation for their new sibling. Plus, they sure are cute! Other than that, your Vandagyre can likely share toys with your other pets.

As far as grooming goes, Vandagyres have been used to preening themselves for centuries, but if you want their coat to be extra soft, you should invest in some feather conditioner. For styling purposes, I've heard Eyrie Feather Spray actually works quite well on Vandagyres (and other feathered pets), but you'll have to try it out for yourself to be sure.

Of course, many Neopians have noticed that there aren't a lot of clothes a Vandagyre can wear yet, but the Vandagyres themselves don't seem to mind. They've already proven themselves to be a very patient species, and I for one think they look pretty stylish on their own. So far they only come in basic colors, but if you want to paint them later, it's not a bad idea to start saving up now, especially if you want one of your pets to be one of the first painted Vandagyres.

Next, don't forget to make room for your Vandagyre in your neohome. If you really want to make them feel at home, include a little garden outside they can help tend--chances are they won't want to spend a lot of time indoors. In fact, they love flying around, so make sure you have plenty of outdoor space for them.

Also, Vandagyres are said to be pretty wise. This means you'll want to buy lots of books for them to keep them happy, and to make them even smarter! They may also enjoy games of logic, for instance a nice game of kou-jong. I've heard they're quite good at Mysterious Negg Cave.

Last comes the hard part, helping your Vandagyre adjust to Neopian society and making sure they fit in. After all, it isn't always easy being the newest pet introduced in many years, especially when we're still learning about them and their history.

If you have the time, why not take them on a tour of the various lands of Neopia? They'll love exploring and soaring over places like Tyrannia or the Lost Desert, and what better way is there to introduce them to the wide world of Neopia? You'll be surprised how much your Vandagyre already knows about the various lands. They may have been keeping hidden, but that hasn't stopped them from observing for all these years. Perhaps that's how they got to be so wise!

Another thing to consider is taking them to Training School. Not only do Vandagyres make great fighters in the Battledome, what with their impressive speed-flying skills, but it's also a great opportunity to meet other Neopets and make new friends. Really, Vandagyres tend to be very kind pets, so they have no trouble with this. They may seem a little shy, but they are very loyal friends once you get to know them! This means that even if you can't adopt a Vandagyre, you may want to try making friends with one.

Overall, Vandagyres are not very high-maintenance pets, and want to be treated just like any other pet. As you may have gathered by now, adopting or creating a Vandagyre is not much different from getting a new pet of any species. You will have to get to know your new pet: learn its likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, favorite hobbies, and skills. There are many different "right" ways to raise your pet, but the most important thing is simply to love and care for it. In that aspect, your Vandagyre is no different.

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