There are ants in my Lucky Green Boots Circulation: 193,049,732 Issue: 676 | 16th day of Sleeping, Y17
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No Clue

by topaz644

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Garjan's Borrowed Time
Garjan could not believe how ungrateful Pystry was being. Apparently this benighted Mutant Hissi didn't realize that the opportunity to assist someone of Garjan's eminence was a privilege he didn't lightly bestow.

by peirigill


The Necromancer: Part Twelve
The glass shattered on the stone floor. "What?" she said. 

"You are the prime suspect," he repeated obligingly.

by jokerhahaazzz


Dicey Friends
No one trusts roo anymore...

by classicmess


A Queen's Ascension: Part Six
It was hot. Of course it was hot. When was it never? The sun was like some unstoppable force here...

by dudeiloled

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