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The Best Way To Do Dailies?

by indulgences


Many players wait until midnight NST time to do their dailies. They swarm the Neopets website by the thousands. However, does this mean that their dailies will be less successful, and give out fewer items, since thousands of players are doing the same daily at the same time? I mean, what if the Neopets website is designed to give out a certain number of items every hour? For instance, perhaps a wheel gives out a cool food item once every hour. Wouldn't it make more sense to spin the wheel later, rather than at midnight when you're battling thousands of other users at the same wheel?

This is also the reason why I battle in the Battledome in the late afternoon or early evening, rather than in the morning as soon as I wake up. I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like I get more red Codestones when I battle in the evening (usually 2-4), whereas in the morning, I get a lot of junk and no more than 3 tan Codestones. I think the fact that in the morning, I'm joining hundreds if not thousands of other players in the Battledome, which makes the pool of good prizes smaller and smaller.

I also have the superstition that by donating all of my "junk" items from dailies to the Money Tree, I'm inviting better luck. Every day I donate 10-15 items worth less than 100 Neopoints to the Money Tree, and I cross my fingers that this will trigger a Fountain Faerie Quest or some other similarly awesome Random Event!

Wondering if I was being too neurotic and superstitious about my dailies, I decided to ask the Help Neoboard (which has the biggest population of players) what beliefs THEY had about their Neopets dailies!

One player said that she always does her dailies in a different order every morning. She believes that she'll get the best prizes from them if her routine is unexpected and different from day to day. I have to admit, I nodded and totally agreed with her! I have a similar neurosis -- I do my dailies in the same *order* every day, but at a *different time* every day. So, if I do dailies at 1 pm one day, I do dailies at 6 pm the next day. For some reason, I'm convinced that this will garner the best prizes... weird, eh? I know it's baseless, but I refuse to change!

Another player adamantly insisted that it's not good to do dailies one after another, claiming that the website will know we're impatient and give us bad or no prizes. Seems reasonable, don't you think?

One interesting superstition was that by having very few Neopoints and items on hand, you're inviting better luck from the dailies. The player who suggested this claimed that she never has more than 5,000 Neopoints on hand, and zero items in her inventory. She believed that the poverty of her account invited better and more positive dailies results and Random Events. I thought this was totally plausible!

One aspect of the site that I used to consider a daily was pricing the items in my shop. Thanks to the Battledome, I always have a lot of Codestones to sell. However, instead of pricing my shop every day, I now consider it a "weekly"; namely, I only price my shop on Friday evenings, when everyone is home from school and work, and invade the Neopets website by the thousands. Codestones become inflated then, which spells good things for my bank account!

One player insisted that checking the Faerie Quests page was part of her dailies. Unlike with other Faeries, the Crafting Faerie still allows you to use the Shop Wizard, and so it's difficult to tell whether you have a Crafting Faerie quest that's blocking you from receiving other Faerie quests. I have the same neurosis! I even bookmarked the Faerie Quests page on my browser, and I click on it roughly every half hour that I'm on Neopets, ready to reject the Crafting Faerie quest if there is one. Checking this page counts as one of my dailies, and it's interesting to know that I'm not alone!

A cool new aspect of dailies, nowadays, is the amazing selection of Fortune Cookies at the NC Mall! People snap up cookies by the dozens, with the most popular ones being Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies and Lab Ray Fortune Cookies. These new additions to our dailies are fun and cheap, and I love to buy Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies several times a year in the hopes of getting a Fountain Faerie quest from one of them. I think this is a great way to add pizzazz to our dailies!

I celebrated all of the players on my thread who had unique, self-imposed dailies. Many people admitted that they had a lot of goals that they work hard on accomplishing every single day. For instance, one player said that she was trying to get the Kadoatie avatar, and got up at 2 am every day to feed Kadoaties at the Kadoatery. Another player wanted to collect 5000 omelettes (and is currently at 3744). A Battledomer wanted to increase the strength of her pet by 1-2 points per day. And still another player, who happens to be a close Neofriend, is trying to invest a total of 10 million Neopoints in the Stock Market, and invests some Neopoints each day.

One of my own self-imposed dailies is submitting questions to the Editorial! I've gotten 15 questions published so far, and my overall goal is 50!

Another self-imposed daily of mine is checking Neoboard 7. Neoboard 7 is the board that pops up during plots, events, and the Winter Starlight Celebration. Players swarm to this board every morning when plots and events are afoot, in order to read instructions about the latest steps, as well as learn about any glitches or errors that might result from not doing the steps properly. During plots and events, scanning Neoboard 7 becomes one of my dailies, and I happily bookmark it on my browser, as well as the Sunnyneo and Jellyneo guides!

Thanks for reading this article! It was fun to write about our neuroses and superstitions, especially because they all make a lot of sense. I was able to write so much about them, and couldn't discount any of them! I have to admit, I agreed with most of them, which was pretty interesting!

Enjoy your dailies, my fellow players! I know that they constitute the happiest half hour of your Neopets lives, and I feel the same way!

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