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11 Recommended Backgrounds this Winter Season

by ccr153lucky2


Whether you live in the Lost Desert or in Terror Mountain, the winter season still rolls around, and with it every Neopian is scrambling for last minute holiday presents and decorations. But just because you're busy this holiday season doesn't mean that you can't look your best! Here is a list of some of the best winter backgrounds that would look great on any pet (if used right), and would even make perfect gifts for that special friend who needs to get into the winter spirit!

Do you prefer backgrounds without the animation, or do not have access to Neocash? No problem, Neopoint backgrounds are the ones meant for you! Do you prefer animated and detailed backgrounds and don't mind spending a little bit of money? Then Neocash backgrounds are the way to go. Both Neopoint and the Neocash background most similar to it will be listed, and some suggested customization items may even be mentioned for fashion-challenged Neopians (like myself! -wait what?).

Let's get to it!

Visiting the Advent Calendar Background (NP)

We all know December marks the Advent Calendar activity – Neopians everywhere visit Happy Valley and line up to receive their daily gifts to celebrate the holidays. What a better way to celebrate than with this gorgeous background? Its snow covered trees and lighted sky make for a beautiful backdrop, and the background can stand by itself or be paired with a couple of foregrounds. Pair it with the Snow Laden Foreground or Snowball Fortress Foreground to maximize your snowy content.


Sparkling Winter Town Background (NC)

One of my personal favourite NC backgrounds is the Sparkling Winter Town Background. If you like the previously listed NP background but would prefer a little less snow, this background is the one for you! Again, this background could stand on its own, but you could also pair it with a foreground. Perhaps add another light such as the Classic Street Lamp, or if you prefer a little more holiday spirit, try the Frosted Holiday Lamp Post.


Holiday Home Background (NP)

One of the best things about winter is not being outside in the freezing cold, but sitting by the fire and eating the cookies and milk that you shouldn't be eating (ahem). If you like the feeling of toasty toes and the comfort of your own home, why not try this Holiday Home Background? Wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater and place a Festive Flower Arrangement on the side to add more colour to the room (but make sure not to trip over it!).


Holiday Party Background (NC)

Did you like the Festive Flower Arrangement item from above and wanted to add even more, while keeping the general theme of a toasty fireplace in your home? This background is for you! With poinsettias left and right, you'll have no problem being reminded that it is the holidays and that you should really start on that list you've been promising to do. If you have room, you can add even more decorations such as the Cheery Holiday Garland, and blend into your room by wearing a Cheery Holiday Dress!


Christmas Music Parlour Background (NC)

Too much red and green? Settle for the best of both worlds with Christmas Music Parlour background. The light decorations and striped walls make for a perfect place to spend this holiday season. Pair it with the Sparkling Red Holiday Dress to feel extra classy.

Holidays on the Space Station Background (NP)

What was that? You prefer to be outside than inside? How about we take it one step further – why even be on Neopia when you can just be ON THE SPACE STATION, YEAH?!!? Purchase this background for an out of this world holiday experience! Pair it with a Cobrall Holiday Tree (because if we're going to be weird, we might as well go all the way) and if you want to mix and match Neopian worlds, why not wear a Holiday Mystery Island Shirt as well? Now you're the life of the party!


Christmas Porch Background (NC)

Wait, when you said outside, you meant outside your door, like on your porch, and not outside Neopia? Well, then Christmas Porch Background might be to your liking! Why have only ONE tree when you can have THREE? You're also within reach of the safety of your home (should angry Meepits decide to attack but we heard they usually take the holidays off) and everyone will know who owns that fabulous house, because you'll be standing right in front of it eating those cookies that you really shouldn't be eating. Pair this background with the Elegant Holiday Tree Dress because you can't get over your obsession for trees, and the Lighted Tree Wig because you really want to be noticed this year and again, we're sticking with the theme of trees. Don't fight it, embrace it.


Winter Landscape Background (NP)

Alright, so you want to keep the theme of trees, but add tons more snow to the picture? No problem! The Winter Landscape Background is literally just trees and snow! No flowery poinsettias to clog up your nose, or crushed ornaments under your feet! Just snow, snow, and more snow! Make sure to put on your Simple Snowflake Cape to stay warm, or even add a Snowy Brook Foreground if you can't get enough snow and your toes haven't frozen yet.


White Winter Wonderland (NC)

Have you had enough of coniferous trees yet? The White Winter Wonderland is a great background for those who just want a cute winter theme, with all the snow of the previous background plus some lamps because ice is slippery and it's important to see where you are going. Look your best strolling down this icy path with the Winter White Hood and add a magical effect with the classic Snow Shower.


Scenic Mountain Top Background (NP)

Speaking of ice, skating is a big part of the winter experience (or if you're like me, just straight up slipping and sliding around in the driveway, which may as well be the same thing). With this background, combine the effects of a frozen lake with a sky lighted by the Northern lights. Make sure to wear a Warm Winter Scarf and frame this moment to send to friends with the beautiful Snowflake Frame.


New Years in Terror Mountain (NC)

The holidays don't just mean the last month of the year! Love the Scenic Mountain Top Background but prefer a bit more pizzazz? Spend New Years there instead with the New years in Terror Mountain Background! You get the frozen lake, the Northern lights, and some extra fireworks to light up your night. Go skating on the lake with Figure Skating Skates and Tights or attempt to fish in the lake with the Ice Fishing Pole!


So there you go! Eleven backgrounds for you to use this wintery season (was originally suppose to be ten but I couldn't help but sneak Christmas Parlour Background in there too). Whether you live in a place with no snow, or in a block encased in ice, no Neopian has to go without a nice background. Not even you!

**DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any consequences that occur for those who decide to take my "fashion" advice. Combine these items at your own risk.**

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