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Welcome to Sweet Eats

by sushicat1__20


"It's never snowed this much. I've missed two weeks of birthdays so far," I say to Bloppyditto's family, which consists of his Patamoose and Larnikin, owner, and sister. Due to Bloppyditto's big mouth, they are now regular 'customers'. Well, nothing can't be helped - and I'd feel bad turning them down, anyway.

     "Can't you just use your wand to clear up the snow?" Cilou, Bloppy's older sister, asks. She's standing near a window, gazing out at the dark sky.

     "Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. I'm not sure if it's even strong enough to clean up that mess," I reply, looking out at the window as well. The snow is clean and untouched.

     "Well, I guess we're snowed in. Sorry we've been here for so long, Sweete," Cyn, Bloppy's and Cilou's owner, says. "Are you sure you have enough supplies for the lot of us?"

     "Oh, don't worry about that! I always have spares of everything. Lucky this bakery is so big, right?" Cyn and I laugh it off, but Cilou huffs.

     "How are we going to celebrate the Day of Giving? All of my art supplies are at home, and I was going to make something for all of you," Bloppy asks, distraught. "Sweete, do you happen to have extra craft-y supplies?"

     I shake my head. "Well, I guess I don't have spares of everything. I don't make crafts, or draw anything, for the matter."

     "Is there anything we can do here? It's quite boring." Cilou is chiming in again.

     "I suggested lots of things earlier. I have board games we could've played and sleepover activities we could've done, but you didn't like any of the choices," I snap back at Cilou, who is skilled at getting on my nerves.

     "Guys, this isn't the time to argue. I know we can get cranky with all four of us trapped in here, but let's try to stay positive." I nod at Cyn as she says this, but of course, Cilou just turns away and throws her hair over her shoulders. I don't know how someone as snotty as her can belong with Cyn and Bloppy, two of the nicest people I know!

     "Ooh! Ooh! I have an idea!" Bloppy exclaims, running around. He nearly trips on his Faellie hoodie, but that doesn't faze him. "While we have nothing else to do, let's turn this place into a full-fledged bakery!"

     I freeze. "You mean, an actual bakery? Where I have customers and sell stuff?"

     "Of course. I think it'd be really fun. What do you say, Cyn?" Bloppy asks.

     "Wait a second!" Cyn stops, mouth open, about to begin a sentence. I go on anyway. "I never gave you permission to do that. Besides, this place is supposed to remain secret. Not even you guys are supposed to know where I live. If everyone else did, imagine how many people would line up at the door every day! It'd be chaos, and I wouldn't be able to get anything done. Anyway, everyone has their own birthday, so at least they get treats and presents from me once a year."

     "Come on, Sweete. Can we just try once? We'll never do it again, promise." Bloppy looks at me with pleading eyes.

     Oh no. Not that trick again. But I sigh as it takes its effect on me. "Fine. But you're going to be in deep trouble if anything bad happens!"

     I don't think Bloppy cares, because he's jumping for joy. Cilou remains as indifferent as ever, and Cyn has a thoughtful expression on her face. Suddenly, she asks a question. "Why don't we give this bakery a name for the day?"

     "Cool! Good idea, Cyn!" Bloppy has stopped in the middle of the room. "What should we name it? Soft Crumbs? Brilliant Bakery? Or maybe Tasty Corners?"

     "What about Sweet Eats?" Cilou asks, gazing at me with cool eyes.

     "That takes the cake!" I exclaim, and Cyn agrees. "Actually, I think I may have some paint in my closet. Cyn, you can help Bloppyditto cut some wood for the sign. The wood is located in the back room. And Cilou, do you know any Borovan recipes?"

     Cyn and Bloppy immediately run off, and to my surprise, Cilou nods. "I can make regular and peppermint-flavored Borovan. And hot cocoa, too."

     "Great! Do you think you can make as many cups as the ingredients allow? If it isn't too much trouble, that is."

     "Yup." Cilou turns to get some mugs out of the cabinets, and I'm awed by her sudden change in attitude. Maybe it's the thought of the holidays cheering her up. Then, I see Cyn and Bloppy carrying a board of freshly-cut wood.

     "Ah! There's the sign. And you found some paint, too," I say, when I see colorful cans and a paintbrush in Bloppy's mouth. "Let's get started."

     Cyn does the border decorations, while I paint 'Sweet Eats' in the center. Bloppy works on random doodles of various desserts, such as cupcakes and cookies. They are small and surprisingly neat - perhaps he should become an artist when he grows up.

     "Done!" And as I hear Cilou adding the last marshmallows into a cup of hot cocoa, I know she is, too. She gasps.

     "What is it?" I ask, worried. I run over to her and look over at the calendar pinned on the fridge. "I don't see anything that's wrong."

     "We got snowed in here on the 11th. And you said we were here for two weeks, so that means... today is the Day of Giving!"

     "What?!" I ask, astounded. I thought for sure we had a good few days to decorate more and prepare for the holidays. "Are you sure?"


     "But the snow. There's too much snow!"

     "Then we'll clear it out," Cyn says, bundling up in a scarf and coat. She grabs a shovel from the back room, and runs out the front door, letting in a gust of cold wind. I shiver, and don't believe it when Bloppy runs out too. Cilou follows.

     "You guys are crazy!" I yell, but I run after them anyway, grabbing a shovel myself.

     Maybe it's just me, but I think the snow has been melting over the past few hours. After all, it did stop snowing for a day, and the piles stopped growing. That makes our workload easier.

     As Cyn and I shovel the snow away, I see Bloppy and Cilou attaching lights to the roof. They turn on and illuminate the night. Then, Cilou places decorations between the flowers, while Bloppy runs over to me.

     "That's enough shoveling! Now, Sweete, use your wand. It's the beacon we need." He points to my hand.

     I nod, turning on the wand, which glows a soft blue. I toss it to Cilou, who has climbed back up the ladder. She puts it on the roof and turns away as a blinding light hits us all.

     "I-It's working..." Bloppy says, as we shield our eyes and run back into the bakery. As the light dims, we see that he's right - a line of people are wandering towards us.

     "Quick! Everybody, grab a few cups of Borovan and hot cocoa, and hand them out at the door." Cilou says, frantic. I stay inside, telling her I'll handle the other treats.

     After the chaos is over, I decide to just hand out sweets for free. Cookies in the shape of Polarchucks, cupcakes with iced ornaments on the top, and snow-like pies are a few of the goodies.

     "Mmm, best day ever," Bloppy mumbles, his mouth full of cake. He swallows. "Too bad Sweet Eats is closing after today."

     "It's not closing," I say, smiling. "It's going to be open forever."

     Everybody in the room cheers, and I can't help but join them. The holidays may be over after today, but it sure won't feel like it.

     And I hope it stays that way.

The End

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