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11 "Wigless" Wigs: Ladies Edition

by 09004888


With the ever expanding number of wearable wigs, the hunt for the perfect flowing locks can be daunting! With so much variety, it's easy to overlook the perfect gem that would complete your customization, or be the ideal match to your pet's sparkling personality and character design.

While different databases have helped to aid in the search for the perfect tresses, there are times when these beauties get omitted: Simply because they aren't referred to as 'wigs', as they've been searched for.

Indeed, some of them are more than just about hair - from daring looks for the brave adventurer types to delightfully girlish forms for the feminine at heart, this list is counting down from oldest to newest to come to the NC Mall, with hope to highlight some options you may have missed, and as a salute to the increasingly wonderful manes to grace the heads of Neopets everywhere.

Let's get started:

11. Ocean Warrior Helmet - Release Date: June 27, 2009 (Retired)

The bold golden helmet is attention grabbing, and while the two flaxen braids may be understated on some pets, the stunning golden wings and delicate engraving detail make this a great option for your strong willed, possibly operatic, deity inspired warriors. This item was once sold in the mall but has since been retired; however, it should be relatively easy to trade for.

10. Valentine Delivery Hat - Release Date: February 5, 2011 (Retired On: February 23, 2011)

A deep blue newsboy cap with a girlish pink band and matching sparkling heart sit on a head of pretty pigtails, complimented with a subtle braid and tiny pink ribbon fastening. This fun choice was a limited edition NC mall item, and would look perfect for your peppy post woman on her way to deliver candy grams. I must add, this wig looks particularly darling on Pteris!

Considering this wig was a part of the Valentine Delivery Mini-Pack, it may be a little harder to trade for one-off, which is worth noting.

9. Little Red Riding Hood Cape - Release Date: July 27, 2011 (Retired On: August 21, 2011)

This wig and cape need little introduction: A stunning take on a classic fairytale, this was a prize from the Blumaroll NC Mall Game and features a bright cherry red hood and capelet with scalloped edging, delicate white embroidery and the cutest little red pom pom tipped lace fastening over glossy russet brown hair held in a delicate twist side braid. It suits bright, colourful customizations and feminine, girlish characters. It's worth noting that Krawks, Wockies and Cybunnies also have NP species-specific outfits to the same Red Riding Hood theme, that can easily mix and match with this wig.

8. Happy Holidays Sleeping Cap - Release Date: December 18, 2012 (Retired)

While holiday themed, this Stocking Stufftacular prize features a bed time look that could work all year round: with long messy golden curls and a pinkish-red pyjama cap with a peppermint striped band and swirled pom, this wig would suit little Neopians with child-like personalities (who aren't outright babies!). While it may not be as cute as the wig of the NP equivalent, Kacheek Pyjama Cap, this wig features delicate animated sparkles and remains very easy to trade for.

7. Award Winning Hair - Release Date: August 20, 2013 (Retired On: January 28, 2014)

One of seven limited edition bonus items, this wig was obtained through the Merry Fair NC Fortune Cookie. Like the name suggests, the look this wig brings is award winning: glossy, warm chestnut brown hair, with a pronounced side parting and swish fringe with a few very loose curls. It's held back by a blue headband with a blue ribbon, a recognizable symbol of being the best in show. This wig works well with your high-achievers and pageant goers, and to top it off, the blue ribbon works well with lots of other wearables. While this wig is relatively popular, it's another one that's easy to trade for.

6. Blonde Fishtail Side Braid - Release Date: June 12, 2014 (Active)

At last, an attainable beauty! This is my favourite release on this entire list: This delicate blonde wig features bluish-silver streaks and a delicately drawn braid, complete with wispy little flyaway hairs. It is a prize from the Wonderclaw's Beach Machine, and remains active at this time. With exception to Tonus, who already sport their own formidable manes, this wig works beautifully on every other species (Yes! Even Quiggles and Peophins!). It is easily one of the most versatile, sought after wigs and can suit most personalities and character designs, and just about most girl-centric customizations you can dream up, particularly those that feature newer items from the NC mall with less cartoonish shading. It can be difficult to trade for as most people have it in their closet, guarded by Meepits; however, there's still time to win one for yourself. Good luck!

5. Braided Red Helm - Release Date: June 14, 2014 (Retired On: June 29, 2014)

This item was available from the Hidden Altador Dicing Tower and though it's Altadorian, the solid grey helmet with golden spiky star-like detail and neat, bright red braid look like they could belong to a Shenkuu, Imperialist inspired customization, if you can ignore the little Yooyuball details of course! With the many other options for helmet-wigs, this one falls to the less popular range, which is partially due to the slightly overwhelming amount of helmet - that said, it makes it easier to tempt someone to trade you for it!

4. Braided Champions Helm - Release Date: June 14, 2014 (Active)

Another attainable beauty, I'm fond of this wig for strong warrior girls more than all the other helmet wigs on this list. This is one of three limited edition bonus items from the Valiant Champion Mystery Capsule which is still being sold in the NC Mall. It features two thick long blonde braids and a solid double-horned helmet, and would be ideal for a Warrior Princess or even an adventurous, tough Draik-trainer. Even after the capsule retires, this looks like it will be relatively easy to trade for.

3. Dream Pirate Tricorne Hat - Release Date: August 29, 2014 (Retired On: September 7, 2014)

One of four limited edition bonus items from the Dream Lands Mystery Capsule that was available for a very short time, this is another wig whose popularity precedes it and needs little introduction. Perfect for your sweet, friendly pirate lasses, this ornate wig features a large white pirate hat with ribbon, pearl and feather accents, and pale blue, tight spiral curled hair peeking from beneath. Much like the Blonde Fishtail Side Braide, this wig has delicate shading and works gloriously well on pale body types and pastel customizations. It remains rather difficult to trade for.

2. Floral Halloween Updo - Release Date: October 28, 2014 (Retired)

This elegant, if not heavy set wig was only available through Haunted Hijinks. It is a deep purple updo with a gothic air, featuring pale lavender-white streaks and a hairpiece comprised of lace, purple flowers with leaves and a pair of tiny, smiling sugar skulls. It would look perfect with any dark customizations with ladies of refined nature. While it may be an acquired taste for some people, I find this wig fills a much needed gap in the realm of being just a little bit campy in all the right ways. Perhaps it just takes a special kind of Neopet to wear it with panache!

1. Gnome Hat and Hair - Release Date: December 1, 2014 (Retired)

Awarded for participating in Lulus NC Challenge in the recent GMC, this is the newest 'wigless wig' to become available, and is perhaps a sign of more good things to come. The wig features a silky lavender gnome hat with a dusty pink and white polka dotted brim, accented with two little roses atop a head of adorable warm brown hair, worn in a mischievous pixie cut. As gnome hats go, this is by far cuter than it's NP counterparts and though simple in design, this wig would suit playful customizations, perhaps even those geared towards the Negg Festival when it rolls around!

With that, we draw to a close. I do hope this list has helped to cast some light on wigs you may have missed out on trying out before, or even give you a new appreciation for some of the options that have been gathering dust at the back of your closets.

Now, go forth and customize!

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