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The PPL Needs You!

by summerofjoy


Do you know what the Petpet Protection League (PPL) is? It is an international organization headed by Weltrude that has dedicated itself to helping with the welfare of all of Neopia's Petpets. There are many, many unfortunate Petpets that have yet to find a loving and caring home. The lives of these Petpets are not easy and fraught with danger.

You might ask, why am I telling you all of this? Well, this year marks the 10th year anniversary for the Petpet Protection League. The PPL has been protecting Petpets since Y5. Now, with this being winter, what if you (yes you!) donated some of your and/or your Neopets' time to the PPL?

What are the ways for you to help the lives of Petpets all over Neopia? Well, the PPL has a list of what they consider villains that needs stopping. Cruelty to Petpets needs to end. For the ones that do not have the courage to fight villains there are several other ways to help the PPL out as well. Here are some of the ways for you to help the PPL and to better the lives of Petpets everywhere.


Samrin the Kacheek is a shepherd and he has a huge problem with Balthazar, the Lupe. Whenever Balthazar is returning from hunting Faeries (another activity the PPL does not support) he cuts through Samrin's fields hoping for an easy snack. Poor Samrin has to collect all the Petpets roaming about and put them safely inside a paddock. The unfortunate Petpets does not understand the danger they are in, and are likely to wander much too close to Balthazar's clutches. Please help Samrin save them in either Extreme Herder or Extreme Herder II. Use extreme caution as Balthazar has been known to snack on smaller Neopets that interfere as well as the Petpets!

Recycling Centre

While most would agree that a recycling centre is not a bad thing, it is however a horrible nightmare when you are a Robot Petpet! Some poor Robot Petpets have mistakenly ended up in the Recycling Centre when they obviously should have been at the RoboPet Shop. With your help these Petpets can be saved; go now to Bumble Beams and guide those Petpets to safety.


Gargrall is an evil Grarrl forcing little Petpets to work in his underground mines, mining for rubies. While some might think this is enterprising of him, of course it is a dangerous place for little Petpets! With falling stalactites, rolling boulders and smouldering lava this place is an accident waiting to happen. Working conditions that the PPL will not, under any circumstances, support. Please help Samuel, the Scorchio, in setting these Petpets free from the mines and out of danger in Petpet Rescue.


If you find yourself wandering into the Neopian Plaza, you might see a big Kadoatie on top of a building (next to the Wishing Well). This place is called the Kadoatery. As many Neopets and their owners go away during the holidays the Kadoatery is teeming with Kadoaties. You see, this is the place to bring your Kadoatie when you cannot take her or him with you. Of course they do get lonely and sad. So the PPL asked them all, to please state the one thing that would help cheer them up. For convenience the item they really want is written on their cage. By bringing this gift to the Kadoatie you will make it happy until its owner can take it back home again. Your name will be written outside of the cage so that everyone will know that you are the one to have made this very generous donation. This will also grant you a nice trophy, and if you have fed 75 Kadoaties, then you will even be able to get an avatar!


The PPL has a blacklist of activities not supported by the organization. Please support the PPL by not doing these.

A) Turmaculus – waking Turmaculus might seem like a great idea; you might even want that spiffy avatar that you could get. Well... how do you obtain that avatar? By having Turmaculus eat your Petpet. No. The PPL will not allow that abuse to continue. The lives of Petpets are much too important.

B) Slorg-B-Gone

i) Slorgeriser X4 – usage of the Slorgeriser X4 needs to be discontinued. Farmers all over Meridell complain about the Slorgs feeding on their crops, but what are the poor Slorgs supposed to do? Abandoned to roam on their own, these Slorgs needs to find food somewhere. A certain Yurble farmer has taken it upon himself to eliminate them by shooting Slorg-Be-Gone with the Slorgeriser X4 in Attack of the Slorgs. This is not okay. A visit by the PPL is forthcoming.

ii) X-1000 Slorgeriser - the same goes for using Slorg-B-Gone in the X-1000 Slorgeriser in Attack of the Slorgs II – Slorgs in Space. Really, the Slorgs are in space. Where do you expect them to snack if not on Kreludor? Clearly the Virtupets Space Station is not an option (Please see C) Florg).

C) Florg – Florg has been on the PPL's naughty list for years. I believe we have established that it is not okay to eat Petpets, so this Chia will have to change its diet. Please avoid assisting Florg by letting the Petpets scatter and run off. Florg will try to enlist your help in keeping them on the table for him to eat. Do not let him scare you into complying.

D) Kiss the Mortog – please refrain from kissing Mortogs! Unfortunately if you kiss a non-magical Mortog it will explode. That is just cruel. Once again this is a practice in Meridell. King Skarl could really need to improve the living conditions of the Petpets in his kingdom. So stop kissing Mortogs – instead please send a memo to King Skarl.

E) Petpet Fighting – Meepit vs. Feepit is a popular game. In this game a Meepit and Feepit are fighting until one of them has lost 3 rounds. Petpets should not have to fight one another. Nor should they have to be beaten to entertain others. The PPL protects all Petpets, even the scheming Mee... Ehrm. The PPL protects all Petpets.

F) Snackrifices – we have agents working to stop the snackrifices going on in a remote village on Terror Mountain. Plagued by an ancient curse the villagers believe that the only way to lift it is by offering Petpets as snackrifices to a Snowbeast living in a cave nearby. Please help our agents by not supporting the villagers in their ritual of Snowbeast Snackrifice. Instead why not visit the Snowager? I believe it is hibernating this time of year.

In conclusion

Petpets are a Neopet's best friend and they need to be taken care of. There are many ways to do this, and the PPL appreciates any and all support to its cause.

Please consider donating cheer and joy to a Petpet this holiday season.

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