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Tips to Train Your Pet Quickly and Inexpensively

by asparagushead


Many Neopians have probably come across a highly trained pet while lurking around Neopia. In discovery of these amazingly skilled pets I'm sure pet owners have had their own revelation on having a pet with legendary skills too. Sure you think—why couldn't I? You say, and you begin your journey training, but the journey isn't easy and can be time consuming and costly.

Across Neopia there are three different training schools to choose from: Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy, Mystery Island Training School, and the Secret Ninja Training School. These schools offer training courses to get your pets stats high. While classes start off cheap and take almost no time to complete, the price and time quickly rises the more your pet trains. Fortunate enough there are a few tricks to help you with cost and time.


If you're not in the habit of doing dallies you would want to consider it. They can give your pet stat increases, or you could win codestones or dubloons, which are used as payment at the training schools. Doing these can basically get you free training that you don't need to fork over wads of NP and hours for.

Coltzan's Shrine: Every 12 hours you can take your pet to visit Coltzan. That's twice a day. While visiting Coltzan your active pet has the opportunity to win something from him. One of the many items Coltzan hands out could be dubloons ranging from a 1 dubloon coin to a 20 dubloon coin. That's could add up to a lot of free training. Coltzan also could grant your pet with a random stat increase. That's free instant training.

Anchor Management: If you've collected all the Forgotten Shore Map Pieces you have the opportunity to Fire a cannon once a day to try and receive a prize. Collecting pieces is easy and inexpensive. The whole set shouldn't cost you more than 5K, and its worth it. This will also give you the opportunity to win dubloons. You can win up to a 50 dubloon coin. With courses at the Academy from 1 dubloon to 5 Dubloons that's a lot of free training.

Tombola: Tombola can be played once a day. You get to draw a ticket in hopes of winning a prize. Here is where you can win Codestones which are currency for training at the Mystery Island Training School. Codestones can be expensive anywhere from 2,000 to 13,000 NP for basic ones. Winning one of these will help with training costs.

Luck and Chance

While these could be considered dailies, I thought they'd be more appropriate under luck and chance as they are potentially risky and costly. They could offer stat increases for your pets but could come at a price.

Kitchen Quests: You can do 10 kitchen quests a day. The Flotsam Chef will ask you to get him items and in return reward you with either an item, NP, or stats increased on a random Neopet. This is a bit of a gamble because you'll be spending any amount of NP to possibly be rewarded with a stat increase on your battle pet, or you could end up with a cheap food. Bummer. If you choose to do this, I would advise don't attempt any quests that may cost you more than 5K total for the items, otherwise it might not be worth it. It's your choice. Good luck!

Aboard The Coincidence: The Coincidence is the newest daily to the site. Dr. Landelbrot will ask for items and in return as a reward you'll have the chance to take a shot at the Random Events Machine. There are many things that can happen from receiving items, to NP, but the most significant random event is the possibility of getting up to a +10 random stat increase on your pet. The downside to this is that you also may get the random event that can give anywhere from a 1-3 random stat decrease. Most of the items Dr. Landelbrot will ask for cost almost nothing. If you do happen to get a quest that costs over 5K I personally would not accept it as you may be losing more than you gain. I decided to test the odds myself. With over 100 different outcomes, the chance of getting a stat decrease didn't seem likely. Unfortunately I paid a total of 15 NP for 6 items that got me "Oh, no... It looks like their defense has gone down by 1!" It was a bit of a thorn to my side knowing that losing that 1 defense point meant 4 hours and at least 12,000 NP in codestones down the drain. The next day I received a +2 in health. Not bad. Overall I feel this is a risk well worth it.

Faerie Quests

There are two ways to get faerie quests. You can obtain one by random event, which for me is extremely rare, or by buying a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie from the NC Mall. The cookies are 100NC each and they're completely worth it, in my opinion. For the last three weeks I've decided to purchase a cookie. The cookies last 9 days. Each day I was given a random quest assigned by a random faerie. There are 11 faeries that can give you a quest. Each one does different things.

  • Crafting Faerie: Does not give any stats. These quests require additional NC items.
  • Air Faerie: Gives 2 agility points.
  • Battle Faerie: Can give multiple stat increases between 1-6.
  • Dark Faerie: Gives 2 endurance
  • Earth Faerie: Can give Agility, Defense, or Strength increase between 1-2.
  • Fire Faerie: Gives 2 Strength points.
  • Light Faerie: Gives 1 level.
  • Water Faerie: Gives 2 Defense points.
  • Space Faerie: Gives 4 levels
  • Faerie Queen: Gives 1 level, 4 strength, 4 endurance.
  • Fountain Faerie: No stat increase, but gives you access to the rainbow fountain.

So far every time the benefits have been better than the price paid for the items asked for. Not having to wait hours for stats or pay thousands of NP for training makes paying a measly 100 NC without a doubt worth it, but again its up to you to decided to do the quest or not. Some items asked for could be expensive so you'll have to weigh out the cost vs the stats you'll receive. For example: One quest I received was from the Faerie Queen. She asked for an item that cost 13,000NP. Not too expensive, but if it were any other faerie that only handed out +1 on a stat I would have rejected it. With a 1 level, 4 strength, 4 endurance gain it was completely worth the cost.

Training Cookies

The higher level your pet becomes through training, the more time it will take to train them. Training Cookies, which can be purchased at the NC Mall, can reduce your pets training time considerably. The cookie cost 125NC and lasts 5 days. Once you open the cookie you may receive anywhere between 30-75% reduced training session time. Each time you enroll your pet in a course you'll get a pop up that will tell you the percent off you receive for that session. I decided to purchase one and test it out. The first time I paid for a training session, my training time reduced by 45%. The second time I got a 50% reduced time. The two courses took no more than 4 hours instead of 8. This is great for any level your pet is training at. Zoom past the low levels to quickly fight higher level opponents, or take significant time off the high levels that take half a day to complete. Either way you'll spend half the time getting your pet's level up.

The Battledome

Last but certainly not least I'd like to mention the Battledome. Now that your pet is trained enough to fight in it, you'll be happy to know it pays to play. Literally. While each Battledome has specific prizes you can win from defeating its opponents, there is always a chance to win codestones on every challenge. You can win up to 15 prizes a day. That could add up to a lot of codestones. It may seem like a lot to take on 15 challengers a day but it's actually pretty easy and doesn't take much time. There are many low level opponents to choose from, and if you choose to participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk there are a few level 8 opponents you can choose. If your pet is strong enough you could easily take down the lower levels in 1 hit which should take no more than 15 minutes to complete 15 rounds. In a sense the Battledome gives back for the training you spent to get here, so don't forget to add the Battledome to your list of dailies.

That completes my guide to training quickly and inexpensively. Hopefully you take some knowledge with you. Train your hardest and I'll see you in the Battledome!

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