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15 Fun and Unique Gift Ideas

by fr0zenpeanut


The gift giving season has begun! Don't be caught up in all the last minute shopping because you weren't sure what to get. Let me give you a few different gift ideas to help you out. Cheap gifts, expensive gifts, whatever you need in your price range. :)

1. Scariest Neopian (~1 NP)

Now I don't recommend this gift for everyone, but it is pretty funny if you have a friend you can tease a little bit. Perhaps don't get them just this as a present, I mean, jokes are great but getting them something they'll enjoy is good too! Maybe something nice like a Marshmallow Grundo Plushie (~40,000 NP.) Then it'll be more like a mean-spirited joke between friends followed by a cute cuddly little plushie that tells them you really do care. :)

2. Bucket of Fake Snow (~90 NP)

For those living in some place like Mystery Island or Lost Desert, you're probaaaably not going to be seeing snow unless they want to make the trip to Terror Mountain. So bring the snow to them! Then throw it on them and watch them jump around in excitement. Or just stand and stare at you like you're crazy. But you know what, it'll be fun to do anyway.

3. Wind-up Mallard (~500 NP)

Everyone needs a nice fun toy :) This one looks absolutely stunning. Can you believe the artwork? I just can't understand how someone can be so amazing at drawing. Taking a simple Mallard and turning it into such an amazing toy! I could go on and on, but the fact is that your friend will be amazed at how stunning this Wind-up Mallard is.

4. Foal in Box (~650 NP)

Everybody loves baby pets, right? And a Baby Uni (a cute little foal)?! In a box?!?! Yes. Everything about this gift is great. No one could pass this cute gift up, so it's an easy one. Just look at its adorable little face! (Just don't get too attached before you give it to them.)

5. I Screwed Up Gift basket (~700 NP)

Sometimes, things happen and you have a falling out with a friend. But if you send them a nice present like this one and a note of apology, maybe they'll come around. It is the Month of Celebrating after all. :) I totally agree with the item description anyways: "Aw, who can stay mad at that little Screwtop?" Nobody could, it's way too cute!

6. How to Fold Paper to Make It Look Like Stuff (~1400 NP)

This is a great title. Why would you need a confusing title like "Origami". I mean, what's origami? I just want to fold paper to make it look like stuff. Anyway, this gift would be great for someone who loves to do crafts! Maybe pair it up with a Book of Origami Paper (~80 NP) so they have some paper to fold. Be sure to mention that origami is just a really fancy word for folding paper to make it look like stuff, so they don't get confused. Or to avoid the confusion altogether, perhaps a Construction Paper Variety Pack (~700 NP.) The plus side to this is maybe one day they'll be good enough to make you your very own Origami Kadoatie. (Or just end up making a bunch of Origami Rocks.)

7. Displeased Slorg Plushie (~2000 NP)

Some people are just grumps around the holidays. Give them a nice friend to be a grump with! Then they can walk around looking displeased with their Displeased Slorg Plushie and everything will be right in the world. Maybe people will even think they're just looking so unhappy to match the plushie.

8. 5/6 Smiley Pizza (~2800 NP)

Nothing says "I care about you" more than a pizza you give them with a slice taken out of it. Everybody loves pizza; they can't be displeased even if it is missing a piece! And don't feel bad if you eat a slice or two, I'm sure your friend would have shared with you anyhow. Pizza brings friends together.

9. Meerca Chase Pull Along (~5000 NP)

For that friend that is no good at game avatars, but tries so hard to get them. Now they can practice Meerca Chase at their leisure! Buy them a couple Neggs to go with and cheer them on as they race to victory.

10. Peak O Plenty Scratchcard (~12,000 NP)

For your friendly gambler! It's a great gift, because they could win a nice amount of NP, or absolutely nothing. But they can't blame you if they win nothing so it's all good!

11. Handmade Master Thief Kanrik Plushie (~20,000 NP)

Maybe if you give them this, and they don't ask, you can deceive them into thinking you are an amazing plushie maker. Maybe. Just hope they don't go looking through the stores and see how many of them there are. Even if they don't fall for it, maybe they'll fight for the Thieves Guild in the Obelisk and they'll finally win. Then you give a nice gift to a friend, and you get a nice bonus.

12. Gothic Christmas Tree (~42,000 NP)

For the goth in your life, help them decorate for Christmas in their own special way. Bright colors and lights are definitely not on their wishlist, so this should go perfectly well in their home! Maybe even give them a cute (?) little Gothic Skeith Plushie (~3200 NP) to celebrate the festivities with. Everyone needs a nice plushie in their life to cuddle up with. :)

13. Jelly World Stamp (~96,500 NP)

Can you believe they made a stamp about a fake place? I can't believe all the people claiming "Oh Jelly World is real! I saw it with my own eyes! There was a giant piece of jelly just laying there, and they gave me some of it!" Bunch of people just lookin' for attention, I tell ya. Oh well, it'd be a funny gift anyway! Plus it'll be good to add to their stamp collection. Then they can remember your funny jokes every time they look in their stamp album.

14. Snailien (260,000 NP)

I have no idea what's up with this petpetpet, but it is the greatest work of art I have ever seen. So clearly, you need to get all of your friends one (well, if you can afford to do that) so they can also see it in all of its glory. Especially if they love space, or Grundos. You can even throw in a Petpetpet Stocking (~140 NP) so that their new Snailien can enjoy the holidays as well. :)

15. How to Creatively Stop Kitchen Fires (750,000 NP)

Ever started so many fires in the kitchen that it's actually boring you? I mean come on, this fire wasn't nearly as cool as the one that happened last year on Valentine's Day. So since the fires are no longer at all exciting, we'll have to be creative in stopping them to make it entertaining again. I mean uh, your friend that you're buying this for will have to do that. ;)

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