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Mark Your Calendars

by bryght


Can you hear the bells chiming? It's the Month of Celebrating! This is the time of year when young and old gather in Happy Valley for the Winter Starlight Celebration. Families and friends join together to enjoy a cup of hot Borovan, a rollicking snowball fight and an exchange of gifts. There is so much to do and so much to celebrate! Though the holiday season can be overwhelming, fear not. This article will lead you through the important events of the season.

The Advent Calendar 1 – 31

During of the winter of Neopia's Year One, the Advent Calendar began filling pets' lives with gifts and adorable animation. It's hard to be certain which Neopians look forward to more. Prizes have included everything from rare and desirable paint brushes, to homemade (and homely) ornaments. Neopians open the calendar each day hoping for codestones, candies or new petpets to enter their lives. What will this year bring? And don't forget the animation! Debates rage over which clip is the favorites. Whether it's Christmas in Maraquan or Magax visiting Hubrid Nox's grave, the clips are a reminder of the events of years past and the famous villains and heroes of Neopian Lore. Also the calendar gives out several avatars and a chance at a site theme so be sure to visit every day!

The Snowager 1 – 31

Why would a snow worm hibernate during the coldest month of the year? Maybe it's when he finds the temperature most comfortable. Maybe he isn't really sleeping but instead lying very still to give everyone a chance at a holiday gift. Whatever the reason, the result is the same. Since Year Thirteen, the Snowager has made this his napping month. Although this means a month without hope at a long coveted avatar, it is a great opportunity to tip-toe through the Snowager's cave and walk away with some exclusive prizes. Will you find the rare Snowager Usuki or the tragically adorable Frozen Spardel Plushie? There is only one way to find out!

Stocking Stufftacular

For those wanting double the surprises, The NC Stocking Stufftacular has offered its own selection of daily Advent prizes ever since Year 11. Neopians hang their stockings by the fire and eagerly await the morning to see what wonders they may behold. From Candy Cane Wings to Sparkling Gumdrop Tree, these items will help every pet dress for the festivities of the season.

Bruce Day – 5th

Everyone's favorite little guy with a bowtie celebrates his special day on the fifth. Bruces are the perfect cold weather pet. Though they might have wings, they prefer to skate rather than fly. Yet Bruces aren't just snowbound. One of the most famous Bruces is Brucey B who discovered the Lost Desert. Another became the biggest mayor in Neovia. Bruce lovers across Neopia will be eager to see what this special day brings.

Wocky Day – 12th

If you're looking for an adventurous pet, look no further! These intrepid felines are always prepared to scale mountains, fight monsters and explore new lands. Wocky Day always brings a bountiful selection of wearables to turn an average Wocky into a pilot, warrior or big-game hunter. What occupations will they choose to consider this season?

Borovan Day – 20th

What is Borovan? Who knows but it tastes delicious! New flavors are available every year on the 20th, and celebrations often include Borovan themed clothing and toys. Also, this is the day to wish Neopets' creator, Adam, a very happy birthday.

The Faeries Ruin Concluded – 24th

In Year 12, Neopia was left reeling when the faeries were turned to stone. Heroes from across the land, and one intrepid thief, joined see what could be done to restore the faeries. It was a dark season for everyone as Faerieland burned and Hubrid Nox was laid to rest. It came to a head on the 24th as the valiant thief, Hanso, gambled his life against the wicked Xandra and won the day.

Dream Pet Giveaway – 25th

Do chocolate Ixi frolic in your dreams? Is a pea Chia your unattainable goal? TNT has kindly offered Neopians a chance to receive their desires with just a wish. Since Year 12, the Dream Pet Giveaway has given ten lucky Neopians the choice of transforming one of their pets into the color and species of their dreams. Make a wish for that plushie Poogle or wraith Krawk to join your family and maybe you'll awaken one morning to find your hopes have come true!

End of the Meridell/Darigan War – 26th

The strife between Meridell and Darigan simmered for months before finally erupting into full scale war in Year Four. Battle lines were drawn as Meridell was gradually overwhelmed by the Darigan hordes. The 26th marks the fall of Meridell though it would be some time after before both lands could be declared at peace.

Arrival of the Ogrins – 28th

The Ogrins were not given the warmest welcome when they shyly sauntered out of the cold to seek loving families. Many a Neopian found them woefully homely. Since then, a small but mighty coalition of Neopians has become their friends and defenders. Their excellent paint brush options have helped their popularity enormously. From robot to camouflage, Ogrins know how to show off style. What new colors will we see this year? Stealthy? Jelly? Or some new surprise!

Neomall Goodie Bags?

TNT has always felt especially generous during the month of celebrating. Over the years they've given Neopians discounts on Premium Memberships, Neopoint giveaways, Neocash Giveaways and once even a chance to win a real-life scooter. One of their frequent giveaways are the Neomall Goodie Bags. These exclusive bags contain exclusive prizes and the bags themselves have become more sought after by collectors than the items themselves. From Peppermint to Snowman, these bags are decorated for the season and contain wearables to help display every pets' holiday style. Will they appear? How many? When?! Keep watching the mall for future developments.

If your excitement is mounting, it means you are properly in the holiday spirit. But don't just wait for TNT to begin handing out items. You can get into the spirit in so many ways. Dress your pets, draw a holiday picture, start a snowball fight and, of course, wish one and all a very happy Starlight Celebration.

Happy Holidays!

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