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A Petpet's Wish

by mew__the_first1


I am an Angelpuss. Don't drop this story just because this is coming from the perspective of a petpet. Petpets, contrary to popular belief are competent, just like humans and neopets. We just can't speak Neopian like the rest of Neopia's population. Unfortunately, the only way we can get our points across is with a variety of shrieks, growls, grunts, etc.

     When I visited Meridell, I walked past a petpet being eaten by the Turmaculus. Believe it or not the poor thing actually had last words, which anyone else would have heard in the form of a bark, while the owner ran away with a shiny new avatar. Well I'm not going to turn into the PPL over here, so let's just get to the point.

     I am completely loyal to my owner, a red Ogrin that his owner called 'Speedy.' Life was good for a long time, but then Speedy's owner dropped him off at the pound. I believe it went something like this:

      "Speedy, we've had some fun times together, but I think it's time for me to move on to bigger and better things, no offence."

     To my ultimate surprise, Speedy didn't say a word during the whole scenario. As soon as his owner dropped him off and was out of his sight, he escaped the pound and just kept running. Naturally, I flew behind him the entire time, very intrigued. He ran for a while and finally stopped when we reached the Marketplace in Neopia Central.

     Even though Speedy wasn't making a sound, I could smell the saltiness of his tears as he curled up in a ball next to a bush. I sat there with him all night and waited for him to do something, but he just sat there like a lump, staring at nothing. What a waste of valuable time. I finally decided just to fall asleep.

     The next morning the Marketplace was buzzing with activity. This place was perfect! I could find someone, guide them in Speedy's general direction, and maybe they would adopt him! I flew around for a long time and finally found someone who looked promising. It was a shopkeeper who also had an Ogrin-themed gallery. I flew in and put on my best Angelpuss face.

     "Mew, mew mew?"

     The shopkeeper turned around and looked at me in disgust. "If Amy is still trying to make me buy her petpets, then tell her for the last time I said NO!"

     The shopkeeper promptly booted me out of the shop, with a broom of all things. How embarrassing.

     Regrettably I made many more failed attempts similar to this. It bothered me severely that nobody was going to listen to me. I flew back to Speedy, and sure enough he was still in the same place, staring out into space. I had to get him to eat something. I patted him on the back to signify that I would return. He was still stoic as ever.

     From my experience with shopkeepers, I didn't think I would be getting any free food handouts. I flew around until I stopped in front of the Soup Kitchen. There was a long line full of hungry pets with their owners. No matter. I flew over them until I was in front of the Soup Faerie. She looked extremely tired making and giving out all these bowls of soup. I didn't think she would mind sparing another bowl — after all; — it was for a good cause. I tugged at her pant leg and she looked down at me.

      "Aw, what a sweet little angelpuss. Are you here for some soup?"

     I nodded.

      "Of course little one, let me get you a smaller bowl and spoon."

     I shook my head, and scrunched up my face to let her know that I was displeased. I flew up to her stack of bowls and grabbed one.

      "Is this for your owner then?"

     I nodded.

      "Where is your owner?"

     I gave a gesture towards the door.

      "Oh, I get the hint; he or she isn't here right now."

     She served up a bowl of soup. "What a faithful little petpet, coming all this way just for a bowl of soup, if you ever need more, you just come right back here."

     A Neopet swatted me out of the way. "Hey little guy, get out of the way! We're hungry, and we were here first, no cutting in line!"

     The soup faerie hastily gave me my soup and looked at me apologetically. I took the soup and licked her on the cheek gratefully.

     The flight back was risky, since it was a possibility that the soup could spill. It was worth it though when I got back to Speedy and saw the look on his face. He took the spoon and lapped it up hungrily. He still wasn't saying anything though, which was a real shame. Because this was definitely the Speedy that I knew and loved, before his owner ditched him. He made me laugh and I would make him laugh. He was outgoing too, willing to try anything if it meant that he might get in trouble. It's amazing how a broken heart can change you.

     Speedy finished his soup, licked his lips and started to get up. I thought he was feeling better and was going to do something about our situation. It turns out he was just stretching, because he plopped down on the ground again in the same position, a useless lump. I poked, nudged and brushed him in every way possible, but he just swatted me away like a pesky petpetpet.

      "There is no way you are making me move. You heard my owner; he's moving on now and doesn't need me." Speedy sighed. "I think you should do the same, there is no point in staying with me anymore."

     One thing was certain, I was never going to leave him. I had never known any other pet, and frankly, I didn't want to. Besides, he needed me!

     Speedy got up, and started walking until we got to the Money Tree. This was great! He was finally taking action and trying to improve this dilemma. But no. Instead he picked me up, set me down beneath the money tree and ran away. I was going to go after him, but as soon as I did a mob of people started grabbing for me. I dodged them all and flew out of their reach.

     I just didn't get it. Speedy was upset that his owner had abandoned him, and he abandons me? Speedy thought that his owner didn't want him anymore, but I bet in reality he was at home crying about his stupid choice.

     I flew all the way to Speedy's former house. I expected to find a distressed owner, but instead I find a grinning thing that couldn't have been Speedy's former owner. It was the same person, but this person was holding a pirate Draik egg in his hand, and smiling while writing a neomail. He folded it up and gave it to a petpet to deliver it. The petpet flew out of the window, but I stopped it in its tracks.

      "Let me see that letter, please."

     The petpet scoffed. "I can't do that. How would you like it if someone read your neomail?"

     Really? This was his argument?

      "Oh yeah, I would be in so much distress! Seeing as how we petpets don't get neomail!"

     I snatched the letter from the petpet. This is what it read:

     Dear Joe,

     Your offer of a FFQ custom is being highly considered for my pirate Draik custom. I'm not sure what I want yet, so please respond to me soon so that we can discuss the details!

     Sincerely, a faithful trader

     I was barely able to finish reading the letter before it got snatched out of my paws by the other petpet. It turned up its nose and flew away.

     "The nerve of some petpets!"

     This was not good, I wanted to return to Speedy with good news, but that was impossible now. I flew back to the market place to see if he was still there. Sure enough he was still next to his favorite bush. I didn't want him to see me yet though. I looked at my collar: This told the whole world my name. I was going to change that. After a bit of tampering I changed my name to: helpwedonthaveahomeplshelp. It was a mouthful, but I would live with this name for eternity if it meant that Speedy would have a decent home.

     I flew down to Speedy, motioned at my collar and looked at him expectantly. I expected him to be full of joy and gratitude towards me, but this was his response:

      "I left you at the Money Tree for a reason; can't you take a hint?"

     He looked like he was going to take me back, but I wasn't going to move. I pushed his paws away and pointed at my collar, with more emphasis this time. Speedy rolled his eyes and shook his head.

      "I appreciate the gesture, but no one is going to pay any attention to me. The sooner you accept that fact, the better."

     This was the quality I liked most about Speedy, but yet hated the most about him: His stubbornness. What was it going to take to convince him to do something? Obviously I had to take things into my own paws. I took a glance around the area where we were, and I spotted a woman with expensive looking clothes and smelly perfume. The stench was almost worse than swamp gas pets. I mewed and rubbed against her ankle with affection. When she looked down at me I flew back to Speedy and pointed at my collar.

      "What a noble little thing, looking after your owner like that. Let me help you two!"

     She motioned for us to follow her, and reluctantly, Speedy followed. We walked for who knows how long in silence. Then we arrived at the pound — Dr. Death's office to be specific.

      "Excuse me, Dr. Death, I know you are very busy, but I found this poor Neopet out on the street with no owner. Could I drop him off here?"

     Dr. Death looked and Speedy and smiled. "Of course, Madam. I welcome all pets here, as you know."

     The woman looked pleased with herself, as if she had just done a great service to Neopia.

     When she was gone, Dr. Death frowned. "You ran away once, but that won't happen again!" The foul Techo then put him in a cage and slammed the door. "Filthy creature."

     How ironic, he wasn't exactly clean himself. Somebody needed to tell him this. Speedy crawled into the corner of the cage, which at least wasn't dirty. Contrary to popular belief, the pound is actually rather clean and tidy. No one would want to even go in the pound if it was as dirty as people say. I curled up with Speedy. The lady didn't adopt him into a nice warm Neohome like I was expecting, but at least we were still together. That's all I really care about.

The End

This is my first story for the Neopian Times. I hope you enjoyed it!

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