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Most Unique Christmas Neopets

by pikachu315111


If there's one Colour that's filled with holiday cheer it would be the Christmas Paint Brush. Though named after a specific holiday, the Christmas Colour has come to mean more than that and represents general holiday cheer, especially during the Month of Giving. In fact, the Christmas Colour is just more than Neopets painted to look like Santa, an Elf, a reindeer, or a candy cane and has delved into other Christmas imagery or given some Christmas Neopets unique features no other Christmas Neopet has. Here are the Christmas Neopets who decided to do something different than just putting on a red jacket, an elf hat, or a pair of antlers:

Christmas Bori: Starting with a subtle one, a quick glance at the Christmas Bori will make you think it's just a White Bori with a red-and-green scarf, green ears, and a tail of mistletoe. However upon closer inspection you'll see that the legs of the Christmas Bori are much furrier than a normal Bori, revealing that the Christmas Bori is actually meant to look Snow Beast-like! Of course being its painted Christmas it's downplayed so the Bori can retain its cheery attitude, but who says a Snow Beast doesn't deserve some holiday cheer either?

FUN FACT: Pre-Customisation, the Christmas Bori's furry legs were much more pronounced.

Christmas Grarrl: Though other Christmas Neopets have combined the elf and candy cane theme in some way, the Christmas Grarrl does it in a way that you could say is refreshing. Instead of the usual red-and-white stripes, the Christmas Grarrl is painted with green-and-light green stripes bringing to mind a spearmint candy cane instead of the peppermint kind. The Christmas Grarrl doesn't even need the additional elf clothes to stand out; if anything the elf clothing is making it blend in more (the clothes also add in a bit of red to further enforce the Christmas theme)!

Christmas Ixi: At first you probably think there's not that many differences between the Christmas Ixi and the other Christmas Neopets dressed like a reindeer. It does have additional ear and tail wreathes and a jingle harness, though other than that there's not much different (it's actually missing the giant red nose all the other's have). However there's one thing that makes the Christmas Ixi stand out amongst them: if you were to remove all their clothes, the Christmas Ixi would be the only one to still look like a reindeer. Why? Because those antlers aren't fake, they're real! The Christmas Ixi's horns turn into actual antlers. In addition the Christmas Ixi doesn't need a fake red nose as it has an actual red nose too.

Christmas Jubjub: With classic Christmas themes like Santa, elves, reindeer, and even candy canes constantly used in the Christmas Colour, it's a bit of a surprise that the Christmas Jubjub is the only one who dresses up like a Christmas Tree (though one can argue the Christmas Ogrin have some Christmas Tree traits). The Christmas Jubjub has green fur and brown feet making it sort of look like a tree (well, at least a bush), but what makes it complete is the clothes that comes with it. The Christmas Jubjub comes with a garland belt, ornament baubles, and star decoration topper to bring the look together. The star decoration topper especially helps as its cone shape alludes to the shape of a pine tree.

FUN FACT: Pre-Customisation, the eyes and eyebrows of the Christmas Jubjub were green to match with its fur color. Post-customisation the eyes were left blue like the basic Jubjub Colours as it matched the color of the ornament baubles and the eyebrows were left orange as they were now hidden behind the garland.

Christmas Pteri: The Christmas Bori may have been subtle about being Snow Beast-like, but it still had parts that made it obvious it was a Christmas Neopet. However, the Christmas Pteri is a completely different league of subtle. The Christmas Pteri are one of the few Neopets who looks like (or is colored to look like) a real world animal. In this case the Christmas Pteri looks like a European Robin, a bird that is strongly associated with Christmas. Like the European Robin, it's mainly brown with a white underbelly & inner wings and a red chest & lower face. It's a very subtle Christmas Neopet that's not so overtly Christmas that everyone can appreciate it but still has a root in Christmas imagery, a hard balancing act to do but impressively done here.

Christmas Shoyru: Like the Christmas Ixi, you're probably wondering what makes the Christmas Shoryu different from all the other Christmas Neopets dressed up like Santa? The Christmas Shoryu has something that no other Christmas Neopet has: an allusion to snow. The wings of the Christmas Shoryu are speckled with white spots, looking like it's snowing within its wings. It's actually odd how the Christmas Shoyru is the only Christmas Neopet with this snowing design considering Christmas's strong relation to snowy weather. The closest other Neopets come are being painted snow colors: white, cyan, and other pale shades that are nearly white. As far as the Santa clothes go the Christmas Shoyru looks average having just a red coat and hat with fluffy white trimmings. It's truly the snowy patterned wings that help it stand out.

Christmas Usul: I have mixed feelings about the Christmas Usul deserving a spot on this list. On one hand it's very simplistic and is different from other Christmas Neopets dressed like elves as its hat has a pair of elf ears attached. On the other hand I think it's maybe TOO simplistic as it's ONLY the hat that even hints it painted anything other than basic Yellow! Well that's not completely true, comparing the Christmas Usul without its hat and a Yellow Usul you'll see that there tail bow are different shades of yellow and the Christmas Usul isn't wearing ear headbands. However those are only very slight differences and if you were to remove all its clothes they'll look completely identical (true this can probably be said about a few other Christmas Neopets, but it's the most apparent with the Usul). If there was one Christmas Neopet I think could do with a redesign, I would say it would be the Christmas Usul (but keep the hat as those elf ears are just too funny to get rid of).

Christmas Zafara: Another classic Christmas imagery I'm surprised not one other Christmas Neopet is, the Christmas Zafara is based on an angel. It's rather a striking contrast compared with other Christmas Neopets as its white and yellow instead of red and green (it's actually the ONLY Christmas Neopet without any red or green in its design). While I wouldn't say it has the same amount of overall appeal like the Christmas Pteri, it's still a nice change of pace from the usual Christmas Neopet and it can be used in themes outside of Christmas (especially paired with a Halloween Neopet that's dressed like a devil or a Darigan Zafara who just so happens to be red so looks like a demon).

I feel at this point if I continue I'll start to stretch the premise so I'm going to stop here. That's not to say there's no more unique Christmas Neopets, but personally from here I think they start to fall into similar themes. And even for Christmas Neopets who do fall into a certain theme that doesn't make them any less good than one that are unique. Sometimes someone may just want a Santa, elf, reindeer, candy cane pattern, etc. and each Neopet tries to make that look their own. In addition, depending on the species, the Christmas Colour provides special clothes (mainly winter hats, coats, and caps) and/or base color (mainly different shades of red, green, and white) to use in customisation. The Christmas Colour has plenty to provide depending on the species, the Rainbow Pool provides a list of all the Christmas Neopets so take a look and decide for yourself.


Christmas Neopets dressed like Santa: Acara, Bruce, Buzz, Elephante, Grundo, Lupe, Nimmo, Scorchio, Shoyru, Skeith, & Yurble

Christmas Neopets dressed like Elves: Chia, Draik, Grarrl, Kiko, Koi, Kougra, Krawk, Lutari, Meerca, Moehog, Poogle, Quiggle, Tonu, Usul, & Xweetok

Christmas Neopets dressed like Reindeer: Aisha, Flotsam, Gelert, Ixi, Kau, & Mynci

Christmas Neopets (mainly) painted like a candy cane: Blumaroo, Eyrie, Grarrl, & Korbat

No Red: The Christmas Usul and Zafara are the only Christmas Neopets that don't have red in their design.

No Green: The Christmas Aisha, Bruce, Eyrie, Gelert, Kau, Korbat, Mynci, Pteri, & Zafara do not have green in their design.

No Red & Green: The Christmas Zafara is the only Christmas Neopet that doesn't have any red or green in its design.

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