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by chemoi

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Hotshots: Part Three
"He used to be Guild?" Paselle asked dubiously. "Can we trust someone who used to be Guild?"

by saphira_27


Shadow Gulch
It is early July when the relentless glow of summer falls upon this contemptible place.

by xxskyisfallingxx


Janet and Jane: The Case of the Rattled Witnesses - Part Four
"Try not to destroy each other," Jane agreed. "At least wait until after we get out of here."

"And what if we don't get out of here?" I asked.

by chasing_stars44


Friday: The Problem with Bandages
As he was perusing through Lost Desert's infamous Osiri's Pottery shop, known for selling the finest pottery and Earthenware in the land, he heard an awful ruckus...

by vanquishee

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