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Happy Neopets: Pteri Edition

by pixiegirl667


Sometimes, neopets get bored. Well, I am creating a series featuring a different neopet every time, and how to entertain them. This week, we'll be talking about the Pteri.

*music* Fun time with Pixie! Yeah! *music*

Some Pteris are very competitive and love playing board games with their friends. A great game for them is the World Domination Board Game, at a cheap price of only 25 neopoints. There is also a cool Neocheckers Board Game, which requires intelligence and foresight at only 230 neopoints!

If your Pteri would rather read, there is a great book called Pteri Games that goes over a lot of fun games that are best suited to Pteris. It also gives picnic ideas for birthdays, Christmas, and more! At a cost of approximately 2,200 neopoints, that's a great deal! There are also game guides for difficult games that he/she can read. For example, my Pteri Gearrin's favorite game guide is the Ice Cream Machine Game Guide which is very thorough and gives helpful hints and tricks at a price of only 1,150 neopoints.

Suppose your Pteri is a cuddly type! There are many plushies that your Pteri can play with! If your Pteri loves to have tea parties, get the Tea Time Pteri Plushie! There are 18 different Pteri plushies and they range in price from 150 neopoints to 9000 neopoints. You could encourage your Pteri to start a collection! There is also a book for that, How to Make a Pteri Plush Doll. You don't have to get Pteri plushies for your Pteri. There are other enjoyable and huggable plushies, like the Kreludan Defender Plushie. Your 'pet can defend Kreludor with his/her loyal sidekick! They might also like a plushie of a famous king, a Coltzan Plushie. There are so many plushies you can choose for them.

What else can your Pteri collect besides plushies? Why, keyrings, of course! There are four Pteri keyrings, and there are one hundred thirty other keyrings besides! If they like petpets, you could get them an Abominable Snowman Keyring. The possibilities are endless!

Continuing on with petpets, there are some petpets that are very enjoyable to Pteris, and some that are not. It would be best to get a very agile petpet, or one that can fly, so it can travel alongside your Pteri. For example, my Pteri has a Biyako for a petpet and it is very agile, leaping from place to place, and it is sometimes faster than him! Another good choice for a petpet is a Mallard. A Mallard can fly, and it can swim, making it a great choice despite its loud wail when it is scared. You can paint it eight different colors, so you can match! So if your 'pet is a Robot Pteri, you can get a Robot Mallard! And if your Pteri is a Pirate, you can have the Pirate Mallard to be his/her deckhand.

Dress-up! This is an activity that keeps most young girl Pteris entertained. If your Pteri loves to read, get them a Pteri Librarian Wig, Pteri Librarian Shoes, Pteri Librarian Glasses, a Pteri Librarian Shirt, and a Piles of Books Foreground. They will look like a stern librarian! Does your Pteri want to stay as comfy as possible by wearing his pj's? There's a lovely pair of Pteri Cloud Pyjamas, and a matching Pteri Cloud Pyjama Hat! Then, you can get a Cloudy Sky Background, and your Pteri will seemingly be sleeping in the sky! Or, if your Pteri would like to be the belle of the ball, why not get a Fancy Pink Gown, the matching Pink Sun Hat, a Pink Knit Purse, and a Faerie Painted Background. Everyone will rave about her fashion sense! What if your neopet wants to dress up as a Polarchuck? You can get a Deluxe Polarchuck Costume and a Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Head and your Pteri will look like one of Neopia's much-beloved petpets!

Now, if those don't keep your Pteri entertained, you could always buy some food. Yum... Let's not stick to the boring omelettes or the sugary sweet jellies for your very special Pteri! Although you may think that it is hard to get cheap grub besides omelettes, that's not true! Do you live in Altador? Then it should be quite easy for you to obtain a Hero Gyro, a gyro plated on a beautiful marble slab. Your neopet is hankering for something exotic? Take a trip to Shenkuu and get some homemade Exotic Fried Noodles. No, no, says your pet, I want something spicy! Well then, cook up some Chilli Stir Fry! And for a Pteri themed party, order some Pteri Wraps and Pteri Spaghetti to satisfy your guests. A side note is that Pteris love worms and eating food such as Worm Nuggets is a folk remedy. And if all else fails, get a nice piece of Pepperoni Power! Pizza from Pizzaroo. As for dessert, a White Chocolate Pteri might do. If you want to go gourmet, get some Orange Jelly Ice Cream. Although that is a bit more expensive than the other things on this list, the lovely taste of the ice cream is altogether worth it. Alternative ice cream choices include Lavender Ice Cream, which is topped with a lovely Altadorian laurel, Toffee Ice Cream, which tastes just like a lovely Toffee Apple, but is less than half the price, and of course, the original Vanilla Ice Cream Cream Puff. As for drinks, most Pteris love milkshakes. Gearrin's recommendations are the Raspberry Milkshake, Vanilla Milkshake, and Kiwi Milkshake. If your neopet would rather have a soft drink, there is a cool Rocket Fizzy Drink. And for juice, you might have a Carton of Orange Juice, or Cherry Juice. By now, your Pteri should be stuffed! If you don't want to feed your 'pet, send her/him to the Neolodge, where they will be fed incredible gourmet delicacies and be bloated.

Now your Pteri should be bloated and incredibly happy. We've covered many enjoyable things, from toys to clothing. Hopefully you follow my advice and keep your Pteri happy. After all, you wouldn't want your Pteri to turn blue, would you? This is Pixie, setting down her pen. See you later!

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