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Friday: 196 Dubloons Left

by vanquishee


Note: This story was inspired by a certain petpet, can you figure out which one before you finish the tale?

It was another gorgeous Friday morning in Warf Wharf and the one-legged shopkeeper of Krawk Island Nippers had just turned the welcome sign on to signify that the store was opened for business.

     What is amazing about this petpet store is that it can accommodate any Neo-citizens' budget. The only thing that Neo-citizens must acknowledge when they step foot in the Krawk Island Nippers shop, or even Krawk Island in general, is the fact that the currency is Dubloons - something of an oddity since the rest of Neopia accepts Neopoints. This means that any individual who desires a Krawk-Island themed petpet can have one as the prices range from as low as 2 Dubloons to as high at 110 Dubloons

      The sun was shining through the glass window and all the little Krawk Island critters were getting anxious and excited to begin the day. The atmosphere of the shop was buzzing with an array of petpets either happily chirping nonsense to each other, nibbling on food, or oddly enough, swabbing up left over debris from the previous day. The majority of the petpets in this store were all content as they plastered huge smiles on their adorable and eager faces, readying themselves to score the love of a prospective buyer.

      In the far right hand side of the store, a Florta was polishing her distinctive yellow horn on her head with wax so as to stand out from the other non-horned petpets in the shop. In the right hand corner, a Swabby was gleefully mopping the wooden floor so as to display her handiness and practicality to prospective buyers who own a Neohome. Up in the ceiling, there was a Pawkeet happily squawking about and jumping from furniture to furniture. There are exactly 25 petpets that Neo-citizens can purchase, and far away in the left corner of the shop was a petpet that never gets a second glance.

     A particular Neo-citizen was browsing around the successful petpet business and just as he was about to buy a Krawkadon, a highly sought after petpet that costs 110 Dubloons to purchase, when he noticed the gloomy petpet sulking in the shop. When the dejected petpet glanced at him, he smiled, yet the doleful petpet didn't reciprocate the sentiment. Wondering why the petpet was so melancholy, especially compared to everyone else who was happy in the store, the Neo-citizen strolled up to him and asked, "Why don't you smile a bit? Prospective buyers like seeing petpets that are happy!"

      Unfortunately, the petpet shook his head in refusal and stated, "I cannot smile. I *must * not smile. Ever."

      The Neo-citizen tilted his head in confusion, and wondered why did the little critter refuse his advice.

     "Why can't you smile? Even for a bit?"

      The Krawk Island themed petpet released a heavy sigh and replied, "Listen to my explanation and you'll see why..."


      I admit that I am self-conscious about my appearance. I have a rather large noise in the middle of my face, my complexion is an odd indigo color, I can move myself around by hopping on two hind legs, and I have a red mane on top of my head. Compared to everyone else, whether it is the cheery Piraket, the popular Quadrapus that all avatar fans like to purchase, or even the famous Weewoo, the mascot of Neopian Times, I don't stand a chance. Even though I only cost 4 Dubloons, how could I compete with everyone else when they look fancier and prettier than me?

      Initially I tried to compete for the attention of buyers so I started to plaster a smile on my face, and after garnering a few looks from customers someone decided to buy me on my third week! I had finally found a home and for two months I enjoyed every bit of it.

     My master brought me to her Neohome in Neopia Central and she fed me, read to me every night, and even allowed me to sleep beside her. However, one day as we were walking towards the Toy Shop, we happened to stroll into the Pet Shop in Neopia Central. Oddly enough, there was a Kadoatie on sale and in a heartbeat my master purchased it. Initially I was happy because I had a new companion to play with, but then the single action of buying that Kadoatie offset something else – the attention I no longer had. My master was attuned so the Kadoatie's needs that I was replaced! In fact, since that Kadoatie hated being left in the dark, my master took her to bed instead of me!

      After a week, my master started to get low on funds because of the Kadoatie's ravenous nature - did you know they have to be fed every hour? Finally, my master had to make a decision – keep me, the petpet that does not ask for much and just wants to be loved or the nagging and overbearing Kadoatie? Unfortunately, my master chose the latter and here I am, back at the Krawk Island Nippers shop.

      From that day on, I concluded that being true to myself is way better than being fake. Neo-citizens have always said to never judge a book by its cover and I truly believe in that mentality. In a way, my dreary facade is my way of testing a Neo-citizens character - do they want me for my appearance or something much more than that? Because at the end of the day, I don't want to be replaced again.

      In fact, I've seen countless Neo-citizen after Neo-citizen come in and out of this place, perusing and purchasing petpets based on our appearances, and I refuse to abide to those guidelines.

      I admit that I wouldn't call myself the most adorable petpet out in Neopia, or even in Krawk Island Nippers. I am not cute like a Kadoatie or Candychan, my complexion is a color that is not attractive, but it's me. I am reliable, easy to take care of, attuned to Neo-citizen's needs, and most importantly, I am loyal. For some it takes a while to warm up to me, but I offer equally, if not more affection than the other petpets in this shop.

      However, no one has ever stepped up to the plate and bought me. Finally I realized that maybe I'm not meant to be with anyone at all... maybe I'm meant to be alone, and strangely enough, that's okay.


      The Neo-citizen stared at the petpet with considerable thought. He was shocked and amazed at the little critter's explanation regarding his personality and miserable demeanor. After making a quick glance at the petpet he was planning on purchasing earlier, a gorgeous and friendly Krawkadon that costs 110 Dubloons, he walked to the one-legged shopkeeper. He retrieved a 200 Dubloon Coin from his wallet and from afar, the Neo-citizen said to the petpet, "I'm not arguing with you. Every petpet *should* be with someone... and that starts today."

      Congratulations!! The Neo-citizen bought a Bilguss!

     Be sure & feed it every day.

     The Neo-citizen has 196 dubloons left to spend.

     Bilguss Trivia: Bilguss are always unhappy and they never smile. I wonder what made them that way?

The End

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