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The Meepitcalypse

by lando2251


So recently, the website welcomed you back. They welcomed you back with a Meepit, and a small bribery of a thousand neopoints and a hundred fifty neocash. But really what creatures have we unleashed into this world? Thousands of accounts have probably claimed this by now. Prices have been lowered, from a few million to about fifty thousand. People have been adding this as their pet, or maybe shoving it into their SDB or gallery. For me at least, I immediately sold this creature, to get it out of my hands. But as Halloween approaches, I believe there is one thing stopping us from celebrating with awesome costumes and candy... these Meepits...

They allow you to feed them juice. And they stop you from getting your precious Meepit vs Feepit avatar without a fight. Don't let this pink fluffy dude, deceive you. As we speak they are probably trying to get on Better Than You, Caption Contest, or even Neopian Times!

What about me, you ask? Well, I'll try to be as specific as I can. Will Meepits be after me? Of course not, I'm just here relaxing on the Forgotten Shore. Let's start! Beginning from the origin of the story, to what seems to be the outcome of this chaos.

Meepit Overlord:

This overlord makes a rough appearance in Better Than You. The important thing is really what he said. He says, "Ha! You Feepits are too puny to withstand my armies. Let's see how long you last against the Meepit Overlord! ...Assistant, make sure the Feepits all have sleeping powder in their kibbles. Wait, was I still broadcasting? Noooooooo!!" This is very interesting...

Let's put this all together, he has whole ARMIES of Meepits, and they have sleeping powder. He may be commencing action soon, but why on Halloween? There is only one obvious answer... CANDY! Meepits drink the sweetest juice, and are great lovers of candy. On Halloween everyone goes through the neighborhood to gather these tasty treats. They have researched, that every year costumes get worse and worse, they have decided that this year is perfect timing. There is nothing to be scared of, except cheap costumes.

You might be wondering, but this Better Than You competition was from 2011. What makes you think they'll attack? Meepit Overlord also made an appearance in the Secret Meepit 'Stache. An event to try to get your neocash. This event was only last year, so a Meepit takeover is still very possible.

The Meepit Quintet:

You may all know the popular game, Meepit vs Feepit. In this game you must fight five Meepits to finish the game. These five Meepits have different themes, and all live in different parts of the world. Neopia Central, Haunted Woods, Faerieland, Tyrannia, and Moltara. The word has been going around that each Meepit is a leader. Each of them have an army of skilled soldiers that they train. They do this secretly, behind everyone's back.

The Meepits in Neopia Central are the normal soldiers. The ones in the Haunted Woods are prepared to give a scare. The ones in Faerieland have the aerial advantage. The ones in Tyrannia use old fashioned Tyrannian weaponry. And the ones in Moltara are the elites, mastering the powers of fire.

Soon, they will start marching, spreading out to every place. By Halloween they will conquer everything. And Meepits will be the main species that roam the land. And our pets will be the Meepits' petpets. But of course, something like this always has some sort of crazy solution, we will need to get... the Feepits!


Everyone knows the Feepits. The petpets that fight off the Meepits. The little dude that lets you get that avatar that you really want. Plus, let's be honest, the little guy is pretty cute. It has defeated all five leaders, but obviously they have made quick recovery. The Feepits are like a secret society. They don't give out too much information. They either just plan, or they just do.

On the battlefield they may seem fluffy, but they are pretty deadly. They can curl up into a ball, they can punch, kick, and block. They also have combos that aid them in battle. There must be tons of these guys, if everyone's playing this game. But on another note, maybe Meepits are just really good at multi-tasking. A few games have secrets, and if you find them, it says Meepit was here. Wait a second... it says Weepit... what's a Weepit? What could this possibly mean?


Some say Weepits are the cousins are the Feepits. They are way more advanced and stealthy than them. They secretly spread the word by trying to add their name to any game that they can. It may be a warning that we should get ready. Get ready for war... And why are they even called the Weepits? Because if you manage to fight one of these guys, you'll leave the battledome weeping.

Weepits make an appearance in nine games. Flip the nine over, you get a six. There are six leaders of this event, the Meepit Overlord, and the five Meepits scattered around the world. Coincidence? Hmmm... Tug 'O' War is in Tyrannia... Volcano Run II most likely in Moltara... Faerie Cloud Racers... in Faerieland... The first area of Meepit vs Feepit is located in Neopia Central, and Haunted Woods is a tricky one. The Usul Suspects looks like what seems to be a nightmare, a nightmare would probably be in the Haunted Woods. So Weepits make a reference in all five places.

There is only one name for what is going to happen, this will be cleverly named by the Meepits... The Meepitcalypse...


Okay, read this part very carefully. And if the Meepitcalypse ever strikes, you'll know what to do... So first you must ----------- I'm running out of time ------------ What you need to d--------- What you --------- You must gath------ It's too lat---- Meepits have alread------ They have found ---

Weepit Meepit was here...

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