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Tricks are Treats: Setting the Scene

by neuroticat42


One of the most important parts of a customization is the background. When selecting a background for a Halloween scene one must first decide whether the Neopet is trick-or-treating or posing in costume in an appropriate setting. For costumes like a Sleuth or Little Red Riding Hood, it's generally better to choose a trick-or-treating background to show the customization is truly a costume and not a characterization. Some spooky customizations may have just as strong a Halloween feel without a trick-or-treating background. Witches and vampires are common costumes around Halloween and there are plenty of lovely backgrounds for these costumes that make it clear the Neopet wearing it is dressed up for Halloween.

Trick-or-Treat Doorstep Background

This lovely background from the NC Mall is highly sought after for trick-or-treating Neopets. The decorated porch is the perfect backdrop for a Trick-or-Treating Neopet in any costume. Just looking at it you can almost hear a *dingdong* of a doorbell as your Neopet wait to yell "Trick-or-Treat!" Of course, a Neopet could always reach their paw into the pumpkin overflowing with treats and help themselves, too. This background is great paired with Spooky String Lights or Halloween Candy Shower.

Jack-O-Lantern House Background

Another background from the NC Mall, this background is somewhat more common than the Trick-or-Treat Doorstep. This background features a lovely house decorated with what seems to be a million Jack-O-Lanterns. The spooky faces on many of the Jack-O-Lanterns as well as the dusk-like lighting make this a lovely choice for Neopets with a preference for creepy rather than cute. A Jack-O-Lantern Pail would be a great Trick-Or-Treating accessory to bring the background together with costume.

Inside a Jack-O-Lantern Background

This is a quite fun Neopoint Background! What could be more Halloween-ish than hiding inside a Jack-o-Lantern and looking out at the passing Neopets? This background is great for more shy Neopets who don't want to show off their costumes quite yet, Neopets who just love Jack-o-Lanterns or baby Neopets that are a little too young to venture out Trick-or-Treating. A fruit Chia may also enjoy joining the festivities from this background as well. An Orange Melted Candle can be worn by older Neopets to give the Jack-o-Lantern a warm glow but should be kept away from any curious Baby Neopets so they stay safe.

Entrance to Haunted Woods Background

This eerie background was obtained by redeeming virtual prize code from Burger King. This is a wonderful background year round for all Neopets who like spooky things (especially Halloween Neopets). This slightly sinister setting includes a gate, malevolent tree and a peeking full moon.

Haunted Trees Background

This background was also obtained by redeeming virtual prize code from Burger King Canada but is retired and not tradable. If one is available to you it's a lovely last minute background to give a Neopet getting ready for Halloween. Pair either this or the Entrance to the Haunted Woods background with a Haunted Woods Foreground and enjoy well-matched layers. Any Neopet would look eerie coming out of the fog at the edge of the Haunted Woods! A Halloween Uni may even find a Jack-O-Lantern mask and dress as the Headless Uni.

Sophie's Hut Background

This Neopoint background is a stunning addition to any witch outfit. Awarded by the Daily Dare earlier this year it is reasonably easy to obtain and makes the perfect backdrop for any Neopet wishing to dress as a witch. A friendly cauldron in the background and a string of ingredients make any Neopet look like a professional spell chief. A Sneaky Meowclops Foreground and Sophie's Stew String Lights may confuse other Neopets into thinking you're the famous witch herself!

Apple Adventure Orchard Background

No one said Halloween has to be scary! The most important part of Halloween is to have fun and this NeoCash Apple Adventure Orchard Background is packed full of fun activities. It's clear there's going to be apple bobbing, but there must be a hay ride just around the corner. Apples swing as decorations in trees giving this background a lot of playful energy. Apple Bobbing Bart Hat would make a great accessory for a Neopet trying to dress as the spooky Gelert to scare friends while bobbing for apples with a lot less scary of prizes. A Shiny Apple is also a wearable apple item that would find a home here. This background is suitable for scaredy Kads and Baby Neopets. It's also a stunning choice for an Apple Chia.

Autumn Country Road Background

This lovely Neopoint background is a great place for a Neopet to go on a stroll to relax. Paired with a Jack-O-Lantern Pail or any other trick-or-treating friendly bag this background could be a snapshot of a Neopet headed off in search of treats in the country. If a Neopet is dressed up in costume, perhaps they're headed to a Halloween Party at an orchard, or if they're wearing casual clothes, they may be out of a stroll in the cool autumn air. This is another background suitable for Baby Neopets. A Dilapidated Fence Foreground resembles the fence stretched out along the road and is easy to obtain and layer. A Changing Leaf Shower with gently falling leaves would also complement this background.

This list of backgrounds is in no way exhaustive. There are at least four more backgrounds that would be suitable for a witch costume and countless more for the variety of costumes available on Neopets. This list is simply a compilation of options to begin the search for the perfect Halloween setting. Even backgrounds that don't seem spooky or very autumnal can become the perfect backdrop for a Halloween costume with a little creativity and the right accessories. A Spooky Moon or a Candy Corn and Pumpkin Garland may take Ye Olde Petpets Stall Background from Meridell to a Halloween party in Meridell.

Have a safe night and remember - trick-or-treat! (And always say "Thank you!")

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