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Top 12 Items to Show Your Love for Skeiths

by annaisme2006


Thanks to Jellyneo's item database -- saved me a lot of work ;)

With Skeith Day just past, you might be asking yourself, 'How could I make this occasion even more special than it already is?' Well, in honor of Skeith Day, I have compiled this list of the top 12 Skeith-related products you might use to show your love for Skeiths and to celebrate Skeith Day the Skeith way!

While there are many such products out there, I have tried to narrow down the list for your convenience. Nevertheless, should you want to make any Skeith-type purchases, feel free to venture past the limits of this guide to acquire any Skeith-related item you please. Although I would steer clear of the Gruesome Skeith Lunch Box...

Now, without further ado...

1. Baby Skeith Plushie

Of the various Skeith plushies available in Neopia, this one may just be the cutest. Just look at that adorable face, the wee little wings and those delightful pair of pyjamas! This plushie is perfect for those who are a fan of Skeiths or babies, or both. If you want to have a cuddle the Skeith way, this plushie is for you.

2. Blue Skeith Furniture

The various pieces of furniture dedicated to the blue Skeith are just right for any Skeith fanatic wanting to take his interior decoration to the next level. Included is a bed, dresser, sofa and bean bag, all of which match beautifully. The pieces are sold individually, so all of them need not be bought, but whether you buy one or all, you can be sure that your home will now indicate your love of Skeiths.

3. Orange Skeith Stamp

For any collectors out there, this Orange Skeith stamp is for you! If you haven't already acquired this beauty for your collection, why not spend Skeith Day hunting it down? It may just complete your set.

Note: On the other hand, if you already have this stamp, try the Robot Skeith Stamp, or the Skeith Defender Stamp. If you have those as well, then... show off your wonderful Skeith tribute to your friends!

4. Skeith Guard Inaction Figure

"Oof, my back," you can almost hear this inaction figure grumble. If you're not much of a running (or walking) around type, this inaction figure is perfect for you. Spend this Skeith Day playing (or sitting around) with this little guy, and he will never complain at your inactivity. In fact, he will probably accompany you on your celebratory nap. Get yours at a store near you! Or, you know, ask someone else to get it for you so you don't have to get up.

5. Skeith Keyring

This handy-dandy keyring is perfect for those who have a lot of keys and want to celebrate Skeith Day with style. Not only is it waterproof, but it also comes in four bold colors: blue, green, red and yellow. Grab all of them and you can easily express your mood through your keyring. Feeling blue? Let your keyring speak for you!

6. Skeith Notebook

Oh no, you have homework on Skeith Day? Drat... Well, at least you can complete your assignments on time and in the spirit of Skeith Day with this Skeith Notebook. As long as you don't mind that a corner has been bitten off... (For even more fun Skeith-related stationary, see number 8.)

7. Skeith Sock Puppet

The bright colors of this toy are bound to cheer you up. Entertain your friends and family with a sock puppet show in honour of Skeith Day; just make sure you don't use the sock puppet too much, or your hands might start to smell like feet...

8. Red Skeith Pen

Do you like writing? Are you feeling the sting of writer's block? Does inspiration elude you every time you sit down with pen in hand? Well, never fear: the red Skeith pen is here! The cute little Skeith on this pen is sure* to inspire you with its encouraging grin. Moreover, it flaps its wings every time you write. So, get writing and let this pen cheer you to victory!

*Actual productivity through the use of this pen is not guaranteed.

9. Skeith Burger

Hungry after a day of celebration? Tired of the ordinary cheeseburger? Then try the Skeith Burger on this special occasion! Pay homage to the lovely Skeith and satisfy your hunger with the same bite. And from what I see of its very concise description ('OM NOM NOM'), this burger tastes quite good. Well, good enough to eat!

If burgers are not your thing, why not try Skeith Crisps? Much healthi— never mind...

10. Skeith Juice Cocktail

Feeling thirsty after that exquisite burger? Quench your thirst with the equally tasty Skeith Cocktail, served in that not-at-all creepy skull-shaped cup, complete with a straw. A complementary orange slice is also included for your enjoyment. Ah, how refreshing!

11. Skeith Sundae

Now for dessert! Never before has anything Skeith-related tasted so sweet. If you've got a sweet tooth, make sure to celebrate this occasion with a slurp of this delicious sundae. As its description aptly says, a Skeith sundae is perfect for a lazy Sunday. Or any day of the week, really, especially if it's Skeith Day!

If you're not a fan of sundae, you could try a Skeith Cone, a Skeith Iced Bun, or the wide assortment of other Skeith-shaped treats in Neopia. You could also try the Caramel Skeith Surprise, although I cannot guarantee what the 'surprise' might be comprised of...

12. 'The Plushie Skeith'

If reading is what you enjoy, make this day extra special by dedicating your reading time to the Skeith. 'The Plushie Skeith' is presumably about a plushie Skeith and is especially tailored for your comfort with a soft plushie cover. So, if you get tired after a while, you can always rest your head on your book! No additional pillow needed!

Alternatively, consider 'The Naughty Skeith', 'The Bad Skeith', 'Stripe, the Strange Skeith' or any other book with 'Skeith' in its title. Happy reading!

And now, go forth and have a wonderfully Skeith-y day, whether it's with a Skeith-shaped snack or a lovely Skeith plushie, or just in the company of a Skeith friend.

Thank you for reading!

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