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Friday: 1 minute and 27 seconds

by vanquishee


Note: This story was inspired by a certain petpet, can you figure out which one before you finish the tale?

"Hello, fellow Neopian, it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. My master is currently away on business - perhaps she is out exacting revenge on a certain someone in Meridell - but allow me to formally introduce myself; my name is Bart," said a purple petpet who was perched on top of a purple cloud.

     The nervous Neo-citizen gazed at the petpet and anxiously said, "Hi Bart, my name is ----"

     "No, no... do not bother telling me your name. I have met multiple people over my age and rarely have I given them a second glance. I see you want to speak to my master?" asked Bart as he raised his eyebrow in judgment.

     "Yes. I have a Friday appointment with her - can I please see her?" replied the anxious Neo-citizen. From where the Neo-citizen stood, she regarded the petpet's unique characteristics: sharp green talons, dark purple complexion, and critical red and green eyes almost zeroing in on her soul, and in response she swallowed apprehensively.

     The grumpy petpet rolled his eyes and looked at the clock on the wall ticking away and thought to him, "1 hour and 27 minutes, and 19 seconds before I get to see my master again."

     Sighing in exasperation, the petpet viewed his master's schedule and firmly stated, "You had a scheduled appointment with my master approximately 11 hours and 27 minutes ago - you are too early for your next visit. Come back in 33 minutes."

     "Yes, but I thought I could visit early and ---"

     "ENOUGH! My master has a strict schedule and so she refuses to accept unwelcomed visitors earlier than expected. Go away before I make you leave," bellowed the angry petpet. To make matters even worse, the petpet gazed at the defiant Neo-citizen with a stern stare and glistening pearl white fangs - he was preparing to fight and defend his master with all his might. Thankfully, the Neo-citizen chose the latter and ran away with his tail in between his legs.

     The petpet grinned in satisfaction as he saw the Neo-citizen's silhouette fade away. He sighed in exasperation as he regarded the ticking clock once more. "Good riddance. At least there is only 57 minutes and 48 seconds until I get to see master once more."

     To say that Bart is a frightening petpet would be an understatement because he is considered to be one of the scariest petpet species in all of Neopia. This certain petpet has a predisposition to be awfully frightening, especially with his dark purple wings that can fly as fast as the speed of light, two pointy ears that use sound waves to help him navigate through the dark night sky, shiny and razor sharp fangs that could easily sever a limb, and judgmental eyes that could make anyone cower in fight.

     At the same time, Bart is a revered petpet not only due to his adept abilities and skills to fight and fiercely defend himself and his master, but because he is under certain terms. You see, unlike other petpets where you can easily shop around and purchase, Bart cannot be bought. He is only given out in special circumstances whereby Neo-citizens are able to prove themselves worthy of him. However, after countless excuses and failures, it is difficult for him to trust people. Due to his obligations and numerous let downs, he has developed a stone wall facade as a barricade to prevent his heart from disappointment again. For that reason, this petpet has one particular attribute that outshines all other species: complete and unwavering loyalty.

     You see, Bart was never like this. In actuality, he enjoys meeting people and he desperately wishes to be released from his agreement, but no one has proven themselves worthy enough for him. So for the time being, his only trusted companion is his dark and sinister master.

     From the corner of Bart's eyes he could see someone approaching his master's workplace. His green and red eyes narrowed in on the person and he remembered it was another Neo-citizen attempting to prove his self-worth.

     Racing to Bart with sweat dripping across his forehead, this individual said, "I have the item your master requested: Maraquan Krawk Morphing Potion!" he gasped in between breaths.

     Bart rolled his eyes and looked at the time. "My master requested these items to be delivered to her within 12 minutes and 39 seconds. It is now 12 minutes and 51 seconds. You are 12 seconds late."

     "I know the time limit she placed on me, but I didn't have the requested item on hand! I raced across every shop I could find until I found it, and once I did I ran straight to you- if you can please give it to ---"

     "ENOUGH WITH YOUR PATHETIC EXCUSES! You have failed my master and she has given me strict instructions with failures like yourself!" Bart roared. Cowering in fear and fright, the petrified Neo-citizen fled so as to avoid facing this petpet's wrath

     Annoyed with another failure, Bart quietly mumbled, "8 minutes and 3 seconds before I see my master ag---"

     All of a sudden, he heard someone squeak out, "E- Excuse me sir, I have an appointment with your master."

     Bart, who was interrupted from his train of thought, seethed out, "Another citizen wishing to fulfill my master's wish." Bart perused through his master's schedule and smirked. "Oh, I see she wanted a Sasha Stamp from you."

     "I-I have the item your master requested," replied the citizen.

     Already foreshadowing the Neo-citizen's upcoming failure because of the scarcity and price of that particular item, Bart said in contempt, "You say you have the item, but did you do it within the time limit my master gave to you?"

     With no words the Neo-citizen only nodded, hesitantly reached into her pocket to retrieve the requested object, and then she pointed to her digital stopwatch that clearly displayed the date and time left over.

     Friday: 1 minute and 27 seconds




     Bart was at a standstill. The room was so silent that you could hear a pin drop on the floor. He could not move. He could not breathe for this was the first time the stone wall surrounding his heart began to crumble away - it was as if a cannon ball shot through his heart and exploded on impact - and it was a glorious feeling. For once in his life, Bart began to laugh in pure and unadulterated joy and relief - someone has finally done it, someone has finally proven their self-worth!

     A few seconds later, he heard his (ex)master, Jhudora the Dark Faerie, poof out of thin purple air a couple of steps in front of him and examine the requested item. Bart's eyes began to well up with tears, and then like a waterfall it heavily streamed down his cheeks as Jhudora echoed the words he has always longed to hear...

     You have completed Dark Faerie Quest 41 - Congratulations!

     Come back tomorrow and I will see if I have another quest for you!

     Oh... and before I forget... here's a little something for you...

     Bart the Bartamus was finally free.

     Bartamus Trivia: This grumpy looking fellow can be a fierce companion if he takes a liking to you.

The End

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