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We Demand More From The NC Mall! (Please.)

by indulgences


The NC Mall is a truly magical place, brimming with gorgeous wearables and exciting Neocash games. I spend at least an hour there each week, trying the new items on my pets and having a lot of fun updating my Neocash wishlist. Right now I have 31 dream items that I'm desperately trying to trade for. Wish me luck!

It was also gratifying to be gifted many items by random strangers, people who liked my user lookup and applauded my goals. Thank you, generous Neopians!

So, being new to Neocash trading and feeling enthused about my new goals, I thought, "We all love the NC Mall so much. What if we could suggest new Neocash items to TNT? Would they listen?"

I thought it would be interesting to canvass the NC Mall Neoboard and ask the players there what they thought was still missing from the NC Mall, things that they would love for the TNT artists to create. For instance, we have a Green Neoboard Pen, adored by thousands of Neopians literally the world over... yet what about the other colors? Might a Red Neoboard Pen be created someday? What about a Gold one? What would be so special about each?

One player suggested a new Fortune Cookie, one that would generate a Random Event every day for a week. I thought this was a cute idea! If such an item existed, I'd snap up 5 of them without a single thought. I love the Random Events on this site, and all of them, even the negative ones, make me smile.

Tons of players wanted food-related backgrounds! For instance, someone suggested a pizza parlor background, while another player suggested a delicatessen with ripe Snorkle legs hanging from hooks. Others wanted variously themed restaurants, like Spooky Foods or Desert Foods, complete with mood lighting and tables crammed with patrons. I thought this was a very creative idea!

Many players bonded on my thread when they discovered that they all wanted to be able to put hats, wreaths, and crowns on top of wigs. They also wanted to be able to wear cloaks and robes on top of wigs as well. Other players claimed that they wanted more wigs without random objects on them, like ribbons or buttons. It seems that wigs are very popular, and that everyone has something to say!

Hands down, the most popular idea on my thread was the ability to buy Gift Boxes. At the moment, the only way to obtain Gift Boxes is to redeem a Neocash Gift Card or buy Gift Box Capsules from the NC Mall. The players wished that they could buy Gift Boxes for 50 NC each, claiming that they'd stockpile 20-40 Boxes in their Safety Deposit Boxes at a time. I had to agree with them! I have 155 items that I want to trade, and a grand total of 7 Gift Boxes spread out over 5 accounts. I'm stressing out, trying to figure out how to trade my items. Apparently I have to wait until someone offers a Gift Box Capsule for trade, which I'd then open for the Gift Boxes inside.

I was curious as to what kinds of Superpacks people wanted, so I asked people to post their dream Superpacks. I got many cool and imaginative replies! Some of the suggestions were: cowboy/cowgirl; Neohome construction worker; shopping in the NC Mall; shop owner (like Usuki, Food, Battle, etc.); battledome fighter; baby nursery; and more. I, for one, would love game-themed Superpacks, such as Kass Basher, Carnival of Terror, Extreme Herder, and Bouncy Supreme. I think it would be neat to recreate my favorite games on my favorite pet!

Many players complained that there weren't enough basic items, which surprised me. I'd assumed that the intricate, sparkly, and moody items in the NC Mall would be in demand the most. I never expected the players to want more basic items as well! The most popular demand was for a bigger selection of basic wigs. Let's cross our fingers that the TNT artists are working on this right now!

Other "plain" items that players wanted were plain tea cups, plain coffee mugs, plain tea pots, and even plain tea services. I think it's super that people like what they like, instead of simply cramming the most glittery or expensive items all over their pets. I for one would love a plain wine bottle and plain wine glass, each held in either hand of my pet. I think they would look classy and elegant!

And speaking of handheld items, one enthusiastic player listed all the foods she's hoping TNT will make wearable: cupcake; donut; milkshake; and box of chocolates. I thought these suggestions were fun and kind of cute! Seeing my pet wearing a donut in his hand would make me giggle every time I see him.

A specific request that one player made, caused me to gasp in delight. She suggested skeletal body paint! What a cool idea! Even me, a die-hard Faerie fan, would buy that item from the NC Mall, if it were ever available. I might even buy multiples, one to keep and others to trade for, especially when its value undoubtedly soars sky high.

Interactive backgrounds were a huge hit with the players on my thread. People cited the Enchanting Boat Ride Background and the Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background as their favorites, and wanted more backgrounds where their Neopets would be totally submerged in their surroundings. Popular suggestions were: riding in a car; riding in a plane; riding in a space ship; hide and seek (where only the smallest bit of your Neopet shows through); and many other clever and inventive suggestions.

One odd request, which I didn't anticipate, was for more tops. According to the players on my thread, TNT regularly rolls out pants and skirts and dresses and gowns, but not tops. Even the people with the biggest NC Albums I'd ever seen, people with 600 NC items to their name, still wanted more tops. I thought that was intriguing! Please create more tops, TNT! They are in much demand!

One player, a passionate musician in real life, exhorted TNT to create more wearable instruments, like the Sweet Silver Violin. I have to admit, if TNT ever rolls out with a series of instruments, I'm going to raid the NC Mall and snap up one of each! How lovely would my pet look with a gold flute in his hand!

One thing that someone noticed, which I did not because I don't have any Baby pets, is that the Baby clothes in the NC Mall were all feminine instead of being a mix of feminine and masculine items. They wanted more gender neutral colors, like turquoise and brown, instead of the ubiquitous pink.

And wow, did the people on my thread ever clamor for more Mutant clothes! Again, I don't own any Mutant pets, so I was unaware of their concerns, but sure, I agree! Why shouldn't Mutants be entitled to all the clothes they want? Must they be punished for being Mutants, while basic colored pets get to wear whatever they want? How sad!

Many players want a safe place where they could trade Neocash items with each other, linked on the NC Mall's main page. Though Neopians, for the most part, are honest and conscientious when it comes to trading Neocash items, there is always that pesky 0.001% of the Neopian population that decides to cheat. (Thanks, TNT, for warning and suspending them.) A Neocash Trading Post would be timely and welcome. Other players believe that if it were possible for TNT to create such a place, TNT would have done it already. Well, it never hurts to hope!

And finally, not to be a downer, but just for the sake of completeness, I asked the players on my thread what items they DIDN'T want any more of. The list was quite extensive! The biggest rejects were: another staff, wand, or scepter; another variation on pink wings (I have to heartily agree with this one); edible food, unless it altered your pet in some way such as increasing its stats; tiny wearables like beauty marks and freckles, which don't really show up anyway (please spend your time making more noteworthy wearables, dear TNT artists!); another variation on pink hair (I heartily agree with this one as well); and anything pink in general, a color which many people thought was overused and boring.

Thank you, NC Mall Neoboard, for replying to my humble little thread! I truly enjoyed chatting with you all. It was fun to pick your brains, especially since we all have such different likes and dislikes. I also learned a lot about the NC Mall I never would have known otherwise, especially the controversy regarding the lack of wearables for Baby, Maraquan and Mutant pets. Part of me is glad that I wrote this fun article, but my biggest hope is that TNT will read this article and be aware of our hopes, desires and concerns!

Stay tuned for more articles about the NC Mall from yours truly, and have a terrific week!

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