Invisible Paint Brushes rock Circulation: 192,769,819 Issue: 661 | 5th day of Gathering, Y16
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by reayla

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Pucker Up!
Many Mortogs were asploded in the making of this comic.

by msjanny


Attic Attack
Neopians learn that all good things must come to an end.

Idea by kbbob

by l_like_animals


Deception, Suspicion, Alliance and Missions: Part Two
In their cheap tuxedos and suffocating ties, Lunor and Blint looked quite the part as they sat down to play Cheat.

by absdafabs


Children of the Lonely Stars: Part Three
"I've got arti-grav – artificial gravity – once we're in flight. You'll want to stay strapped in until I say, though."

by saphira_27

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