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Top Five Tactics to Ensure a Place at Brightvale Uni

by cotop


Whilst competing in the Altador Cup, did you ever look at the announcers and wish to be as well educated as they are? Or maybe you would like to further your studies after your time at Neoschool. Has your pet read so many books that you don't know where else to turn to for more stimulating information for them? The answer is simple; apply to Brightvale University! Luckily for you, we've put together the top five tactics you can put into place in order to increase your chances of being accepted into the most prestigious learning academy in all of Neopia.

Tactic 1: Know Your Stuff

Study the course guides in a systematic and in-depth manner to ensure you have selected the right course for you. With a wide variety of subjects and courses to choose from, this may take a while! Our advice to you for this section is to make sure you start reading up on the guides for six months to up to a year before applying. Knowing your subjects and being able to ask questions based on the individual courses will greatly enhance your profile throughout the lengthy interview stages. You didn't think it would be a simple apply and wait situation, did you? And if the thought of an interview has you shaking in your boots, perhaps another institution may be better suited to you; an interview is the least of your worries with Brightvale University!

Tactic 2: Walk the Walk

So you feel pretty good about your interview and are waiting to hear back about your application and whether you were successful. Do you just sit around and wait to see the outcome? No, you start to walk the walk! To succeed throughout the semesters at Brightvale University, it is important to be ahead of your work. Have you seen the amount of reading they expect you to do each week? It rivals the reading abilities of the best book readers of Neopia! A great idea to help keep your mind off the incoming acceptance or rejection letter is to get a head start on your reading. Check the course guides from the previous years and borrow or buy a copy of prescribed texts. Grab your highlighters and start reading the text. It's alright if you don't understand all of the concepts, but familiarising yourself with the ideas and language used in the Brightvale University textbooks will make upcoming lectures and seminars easier to understand. "But," I hear you say, "I haven't even been accepted yet, and you expect me to do all of this reading? That's stupid!". On the contrary, this is actually a really smart technique to put into place. Worst case scenario, and a rejection letter turns up at your Neohome next week, what have you actually lost? You may feel that your time could have been better spent, but you were learning the whole time you were waiting. This tactic is fabulous to enhance your application for next year if you didn't get in this year, as you now have a wider knowledge base and can use this to your advantage in the interview rounds next year!

Tactic 3: Know Your Goals

Are you applying to Brightvale University to follow a career you love? Or are you just bored of sitting around your Neohome reading books that aren't interesting to you? It's important to know your motivation behind applying for Brightvale University. You can use your reasons to help talk yourself up in your paper application. When writing your personal letter, don't just say that you are bored and think that Brightvale University would be a fun experience. That's likely to get your a big red F on your file before you even begin! Instead explain to the board how you strive to be a part of a grand institution that has shaped the lives of many of Neopia's greatest scholars. Show them how you thrive off learning new information and aspire to become a master in your field of education. You could also explain in your personal letter how you feel you need to be challenged by more than just reading books from the Travelling Library; you need to be pushed to excel in ways that only Brightvale University can provide to you. Not only does this show your desire to learn and expand your knowledge, but it also indicates why Brightvale University is your first choice over the other Universities in Neopia.

Tactic 4: Make Sure You Read the Important Information

Often when it comes to the paper applications, Neopians forget to thoroughly read what is expected in their applications. Whilst this may sound blindingly obvious, it is of utmost importance if you want to increase your chances of success. Are there any additional documents you need to attach? Do you need personal statements from people close to you? Can your previous experience at the Faerieland Employment Agency help you? Are there selection criteria you need to address? Whilst seemingly small aspects of your complete application, they can make a big impact, especially if you forget to include them! When reading through the application process, grab a highlighter and make a list on a separate piece of paper of all the items you need in order to have a full application. Check the items off as you complete them, and then check the list once more before compiling and filing your application. You can never be too thorough with these sorts of things; it is your future in the balance, after all!

Tactic 5: Have Fun With It!

Whilst it is important to keep your application professional, don't be afraid to put a bit of personality into it also! No, I don't mean tell them you like to eat socks, or that you still sleep with your Candychan Plushie at night! I'm talking about how you are writing. When reading application after application, the board want to see something eye catching and enjoyable to read. Don't feel confined to writing the sentences they 'want to read'. Try and stay away from clich├ęs and be truthful and honest in your own way throughout the application process.

Hopefully putting these tactics into use will improve your chances of being able to study in Neopia's most prestigious university. I hope to see you there next semester, for another great learning experience!

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