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Above Neopia: A Grundo Independence Day Tribute

by clairemac10000


It's a nice, cool night in Neopia. You gaze up in awe at the beautiful stars and your eyes brush over the soft, red glow of a large space shuttle. It's the Virtupets Space Station, of course. You remember visiting a few times, taking in all of the many different Grundos you saw. Another bright light catches your eye. It must be Kreludor! You smile at the fond memories of being on the moon and chatting with the nice folk, when you remember the date. It's August 23rd! In just a few hours, a very special holiday known as Grundo Independence Day will start.

A Brief History of the Grundo:

You've probably grown to know the Grundo as a regular species of Neopia. They sure are, but their background shows a very detailed journey of how they got there. You see, Grundos actually originated from a distant planet known as Doran. A large population of them were kidnapped by the evil mastermind, Dr. Sloth. He brought them to work for him on his ship, which is known as the Virtupets Space Station. Eventually, Dr. Sloth was forced to retreat and the enslaved Grundos were freed from his wrath. They spread out to live on Kreludor and some stayed on the Space Station. In Year 10, however, Dr. Sloth made a comeback to try to take back the Grundos and his Space station. Due to the heroic efforts of some famous Grundos (most notably Gorix) they were safe yet again.

A Few Famous Grundos:

If you've ever visited the Space Station or Kreludor, you've probably heard tales or seen the faces of these guys around. It's important to recognize these well-known figures for this day.


This Grundo is one of the most famous Grundos out there. He was a massive help for the the Virtupets resistance against Dr. Sloth in Year 10. He was actually captured by Dr. Sloth at the beginning of the war, but his eventual escape helped save the Grundos of Neopia again.

Gargarox Isafuhlarg:

Gargarox is a well-known cook that resides in the Space Station for most of his time. He owns a nice shop called "Grundos Cafe", which sells all of his chef creations. Also, it is notable to mention his skill at Gormball. In Year 11, he substituted for Dr. Sloth and won the championship after playing a very nice game.

Your Trip to Virtupets Space Station and Kreludor:

On Grundo Independence Day, you should definitely visit the two places where Grundo populations currently reside. There are many sites to see and things to do (tourists flock to these places to celebrate this day,) so free up your calendar and check out what's in store for you!

Kreludor Books, Cafe, and Home goods:

Want to learn even more about Grundos, chow down some yummy orange food, or fill your home with moon furniture? Be sure to stop by at these fantastic shops during your visit. The Booktastic Book shop is in its own separate category of books (they are not related to normal Neopian books.) So, if your pet reads a large amount of these books, they could get a trophy for it and be in the Booktastic Book Club! It's the only shop of its kind that sells these books, so be sure to pick up a few and increase your pets space knowledge. In the Cafe Kreludor, you will probably be greeted by a large amount of orange goods. Don't freak out! Grundos have a fondness for orange items, and a big population of orange Grundos reside on Kreludor. Be sure to pick up these treats before you go, they're quite good! Your last stop will be the Kreludan Homes store. The cool-looking orange decor is sure to blow you away, and they would be a great addition to your neohome. The hover furniture is also a top seller, who doesn't want a floating chair?

Other Kreludan Sites:

After your shopping spree, you'll want to relax and view the sites that this moon has to offer. You can sit and grab a few colouring pages pages while you watch Neopia in the distance, or explore near the Meteor crash site. Also, the Neocola machine can give you some cool prizes. Buy a token from Space Weaponry store in the Space Station, put your token in the machine, and see what you get! When you're on a moon, there's no shortage of exploring to be done. You may even meet a friendly purple or orange Grundo that can show you around.

Virtupets Recreation Deck:

Now you're off to the Space Station! The Recreation deck is home to the famous Grundos Cafe, as well as a large assortment of games. Gargarox (the shopkeeper and cook) has many interesting space foods to try in his shop, so give 'em a try! Who knows, maybe those Deep-Fried Space Rocks really are good! As for the games, Gormball is a very popular game to try out. Splat-a-Sloth is also a good way to let off some steam (and anger towards Dr. Sloth.) After your game fix, be sure to take in the unique architecture and glowing colours (mainly blues and greens) that give the Space Station its cool look.

The Supply Deck:

Your last stop of your trip will be the Supply Deck, which houses three shops. Two are battledome related, and they have Space Armour and Weapons. Definitely stock up on some cool space gear if your 'pet's a battler. Is your 'pet looking for a new pet? Look no further and stop by at the Space Petpets shop! Who knew robot petpets could be so cute? Finally, if you've grown to admire or want a Grundo as your very own, the Adopt A Grundo Agency will give you your very own Grundo! This is the only place where you can adopt one, as you can't make one in the 'pet creation zone.

Whew! You've had a long day exploring the skies above Neopia. Who knew that Grundos were so full of good food and rich history? I hope you enjoyed all the shops and locations I brought you to! On this Grundo independence day, be sure to celebrate and enjoy the rich culture of the 'pet that is a Grundo.

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