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Legal Legend: Turnabout Beginnings - Part Three

by anti_guy


Date: 21st of Hunting

Time: 1:20 P.M. NST

Defendant Lobby No. 1, Neopia Central Courthouse

We exited the courtroom for the recess. Charlie and I needed to talk to our client before court reconvened and Prosecutor Enpane called the next supposedly decisive witness. We found our client panting and breathing heavily as if he had just run a marathon. I felt a strange mix of pity and fear for him.

     Kraid: "*huff* *huff*"

     Charlie: "Mr. Kraid? Are you feeling okay?"

     Kraid: "*huff* *huff* UWAAAAAAUUUGHHH!!"

     Charlie: "I take that as a no, you aren't okay?"

     Kraid: "They have evidence against me AND a witness! How could this possibly get any worse?"

     Charlie: "Trust me, it could always be worse."

     Alexander: "Don't tell that to my client!"

     Kraid: "I swear to Fyora that I didn't have anything to do with the bomb. But I still think that I might get convicted."

     Alexander: "If you really are innocent, then I will be able to prove it. I'll find any problems with the next witness and expose them so well even the Judge will be able to see them."

     Kraid: "I... I guess I just have to trust you, Mr. Starr."

     Alexander: "There are some things I need to ask you about the evidence before the trial begins."

     Kraid: "I'll do my best to answer truthfully."

     Alexander: "First, the glasses frame found at the scene of the crime. Do you know anything about them?"

     Kraid: "I only have one pair of glasses, which I wear at all times. These frames look much thicker than the frames for normal eyeglasses."

     Charlie: "He's right about that. It looks like these glasses had black lenses inside of them."

     Alexander: "They're probably sunglasses in that case. Either the guard or the witness must have dropped them when the bomb went off."

     Alexander: "That clears one thing up. Next, the picture. It is mostly covered in smoke due to the explosion, but there is a large green figure that can be seen through it. The picture was taken very shortly after the explosion happened. Do you have any explanation for that?"

     Kraid: "Hmm, the best possible explanation is that it was a picture of me escaping from the room. All I knew was that there was a lot of smoke and that the room suddenly became hot. I had no idea the bomb couldn't hurt living creatures."

     Alexander: "I guess that makes sense."

     Charlie: "Even Detective Flatfoot admitted it, this picture is unusable as evidence."

     Kraid: "Um, Mr. Starr? A pair of dice were found at the crime scene and submitted as evidence, correct?"

     Alexander: (I had nearly forgotten about those dice. What purpose do they serve here other than to incriminate him?)Yes, what about them?"

     Kraid: "I work for the Hidden Treasures casino, but I don't keep the dice from the games. My boss is very strict about losing supplies. In fact, our boss is such a cheapskate that he'll even let customers bring in their own dice."

     Charlie: "If that's the case, then why were these found at the crime scene?"

     Kraid: "May I see the dice for a second? There's something suspicious."

     I gave him the dice. I don't really play games of chance. Maybe having someone who makes their living using these could help shed some new light on the evidence.

     Kraid: "!!!"

     Alexander: "What? Did you find something wrong with this evidence?"

     Kraid: "Yes. Very wrong. These dice are fixed."

     Charlie: "Were they broken before?"

     Alexander: "(Sometimes, I do not get her sense of humor) What do you mean they were 'fixed'?"

     Kraid: "It might be hard to see with the untrained eye, but I'm a professional. I've been trained to see this. One of the faces of the dice is slightly warped. Whoever dropped these dice rigged them so that it would usually land on a certain side. Rigged dice are against the rules at our casino, even for the house."

     Charlie: "Sounds like someone broke them instead of fixed them."

     Alexander: "(Please stop with the bad jokes. I'm begging you.)So, what does this mean, Mr. Kraid?"

     Kraid: "It means that I didn't drop the dice and that whoever did is a cheater."

     I was going to ask him more questions, but the bailiff announced that the recess was over and that the court was going to reconvene soon. I can only hope that the information I learned from our client would actually be useful in proving him innocent and hopefully finding out who the real bomber was.

Date: 21st of Hunting

Time: 1:30 P.M. NST

Courtroom No. 1, Neopia Central Courthouse

     We entered the courtroom again in a hurry. There were still murmurs among the gallery. I got the same feeling that everyone was supporting the prosecution during this case. It was going to take a lot of work to prove them wrong. The judge hit the bench with his gavel to silence the courtroom.

     Judge: "This court will now reconvene for the trial of Mr. Riley Kraid. Before the recess, the detective presented some previously unseen evidence and revealed that the prosecution has a decisive witness."

     Enpane: "There is a decisive witness. The prosecution wishes to call the witness to the crime; one who actually saw the defendant planting the bomb."

     Sure enough, the bailiff brought over the witness to the stand. The large green Grarrl in a leather jacket and some gold chains around his neck looked greatly out of place. I wouldn't have expected someone looking like this to ever come to a courthouse without an attorney representing him.

     Enpane: "Witness, please state your name and occupation for the court record."

     ???: "Why I gotta do that? I ain't the one on trial here."

     Enpane: "It's standard protocol. We need to know the court record."

     ???: "And what if I don't feel like saying it? What then?"

     Judge: "Then I'll have to hold you in contempt of court."

     ???: "What's that, something you made up?"

     Alexander: "This is going to be one difficult witness to deal with."

     Charlie: "I've got this one covered. Witness, please state your name occupation for the court record... and for me?"

     ???: "Heh, I'm a sap for a pretty face. Name's Dyno Myte. As for my job, I'm what you might call, a really lucky guy."

     Judge: "What does that mean, a 'really lucky guy' as an occupation?"

     Dyno: "Luck with the cards and with the dice."

     Alexander: "I think he's trying to say that he's a professional dice and card player, a professional gambler, as it were."

     Alexander: "How did you get him to talk so easily?"

     Charlie: "Tough guys always fall for that. Turn on the cute charm and they can be molded like Negg Goo. I don't think it'll work for you though, Alex."

     Judge: "Now that we have that out of the way, you were in the Safety Deposit Box room at the National Neopian Bank during the bombing yesterday, were you not?"

     Dyno: "Yeah, I was. That's why I'm here today, ain't it?"

     Enpane: "Witness, please testify to the court about what you saw in that room."

     Witness Testimony: What I witnessed


     "Yeah, I was in the Safety Deposit Box room at the bank. What of it?

     I was there to move some stuff in my inventory.

     I saw a Green Skeith in there too.

     He was setting up something on the wall, apparently it was a bomb."

     Judge: "So you say you saw a Green Skeith there while you were there."

     Dyno: "Yeah, I did. I saw that there. Pretty sure it's that guy in the criminal chair over there."

     Judge: "I see. Mr. Starr, please begin your cross examination."

     Charlie: "Well, Alex? What are you going to do now?"

     Alexander: "This is just a hunch, but I think he's lying through his sharp teeth."

     Charlie: "He probably is. Let's see if you can catch him red-handed."

     Cross examination: What I witnessed


     "Yeah, I was in the Safety Deposit Box room at the bank. What of it?

     I was there to take of some stuff in my inventory."

     Alexander: "HOLD IT!"

     Alexander: "What exactly were you putting in or taking out?"

     Enpane: "OBJECTION! What he was doing in the room is unrelated to the case."

     Judge: "Objection sustained."

     Alexander: "Ugh. (I've got to find something meaningful in this testimony now.)"

     Dyno: "Heh. Bad day to be you, Kyrii."


     "I saw a Green Skeith in there too.

     He was setting up something on the wall, apparently it was a bomb."

     Alexander: "HOLD IT!"

     Alexander: "You saw the green Skeith setting up something on the wall, which turned out to be a bomb?"

     Dyno: "Didn't I just say that?"

     Alexander: "Yes, but I have to wonder why you didn't say anything to anyone before?"

     Dyno: "What you talkin' 'bout, Kyrii?"

     Alexander: "You saw a green Skeith setting something in a bank. This seems like some very suspicious activity. Why didn't you alert anyone?"

     Dyno: "W-well, there was no one around to alert, fool. Can't tell something to no one."

     Charlie: "Alex, take a good look at the witness. Notice any odd behavior?"

     Alexander: "(You mean weirder than when we first got him on the witness stand?) Now that you mention it, he is playing with his necklace a lot. And his eyes seem to be twitching."

     Charlie: "Exactly. Usually witnesses will react in fashions similar to this when they're lying."

     Alexander: "Well, what do I do in a case like this?"

     Charlie: "For now, get what he was lying about included in his testimony and point out any and all contradictions with it. Expose the lies."

     Judge: "Mr. Starr, was that last bit of testimony important?"

     Alexander: "Yes it was, Your Honor. The defense asks that the testimony be revised."

     Judge: "Very well. Witness, please add that last piece to your testimony."


     "It was suspicious behavior, but there wasn't anyone around to let know."

     Alexander: "OBJECTION!"

     Alexander: "Mr. Myte, are you sure there was no one to alert the suspicious behavior to?"

     Dyno: "Yeah, I'm sure. What are you getting at, Kyrii?"

     Alexander: "Your Honor, please recall the testimony of Detective Flatfoot regarding who was in the room at the time of the bombing."

     Judge: "Yes, I remember it quite clearly. He said that the defendant was there."

     Enpane: "The witness was also there."

     Alexander: "And let's not forget the third person."

     Dyno: "Hold up, there was a third person in that room?"

     Alexander: "Yes. A security guard for the bank."

     Judge: "OH! Yes, there was a guard in there."

     Dyno: "Nngh..."

     Alexander: "Why didn't you alert that guard to the suspicious activity?"

     Dyno: "Grrr..."

     Enpane: "Isn't it possible that the witness simply didn't know there was a guard in the room?"

     Alexander: "No, it isn't. The guard was stationed at the entrance to the room. Anyone who enters the room has to pass by him."

     Enpane: "AAGH!"

     Judge: "Witness, why didn't you report the activity to the guard?"

     Dyno: "Be-be-because... I didn't think anyone was in danger."

     Alexander: "WHAT!? What do you mean you didn't think anyone was in danger?"

     Judge: "Witness! Please testify on this matter at once!"

     Dyno: "Whatever."

     Witness Testimony: No Danger?


     "I admit, the guy's behavior was suspicious.

     I probably should have reported it to a guard immediately.

     But I didn't think anyone was going to get hurt.

     The bomb was made to not damage living things."

     Judge: "I don't know what to make of this. Mr. Starr, please begin the cross examination."

     Cross Examination: No Danger?


     "I admit, the guy's behavior was suspicious.

     I probably should have reported it to a guard immediately.

     But I didn't think anyone was going to get hurt.

     The bomb was made to not damage living things."

     Alexander: "OBJECTION!"

     Alexander: "You knew that he was planting a bomb, but still didn't tell anyone?"

     Dyno: "I had my thoughts, but it pays to think things through before acting. You ever try it, Kyrii?"

     Alexander: "How did you know that the bomb wouldn't cause damage to living things?"

     Dyno: "I've seen it before. Seriously, have you ever tried thinking something through?"

     Alexander: "I highly doubt you've seen this bomb before. What you said about it is true, the bomb won't cause any damage to living organisms. But this is also a brand new type of explosive made for mining on Kreludor. Where on Neopia could you have seen this before?"

     Dyno: "Urgh..."

     Enpane: "Why couldn't he have seen it before? They might be new, but that doesn't mean he would be in the dark completely."

     Dyno: "Y-yeah. I'm with this guy."

     Charlie: "Alex, you're on the right track. I can feel it."

     Alexander: "But what can I do from here? I don't have much else to go on."

     Charlie: "He knew what type of bomb it was before it went off. How would he know that?"

     Alexander: "He couldn't. Unless..."

     It was at that moment that the realization hit me like a Rock Negg. I knew my client was innocent. There was only one way the witness could know what he did.

     Alexander: "I might be able to offer an explanation."

     Enpane: "Well then, let's hear why the defense thinks the defendant knows so much about the explosive."

     Alexander: "Mr. Myte--"

     Dyno: "HEY! That's Dyno Myte to you, Kyrii. Learn it."

     Alexander: "Dyno Myte, you seem to know a lot about the bomb. Far more than anyone who just witnessed it should."

     Dyno: "You got 5 seconds to explain before I rip that fur out of your head."

     Alexander: "(Sheesh, could this guy get more intense?) Knowing that much about the weapon used can only mean one thing. Dyno Myte, the defense moves to indict you for the crime of bombing and robbing the National Neopian Bank!"

     Needless to say, the gallery was in an uproar. Seeing someone other than who they thought get accused came as a huge shock. The witness looked quite surprised, tugging at his neck chain. Even Enpane was noticeably nervous. The only one who was looking calm was Charlie.

     Charlie: "Surprised it took you this long to figure it out, Alex."

     The judge had to hit his bench multiple times to quiet everyone down.

     Judge: "Order! Order! Mr. Starr, do you really move to indict the witness of the crime?"

     Alexander: "Yes, Your Honor. He knows too much about the crime to simply be a witness."

     Enpane: "This is madness! It-it's a blatant mockery of the court!"

     Dyno: "HOLD IT! Other than me knowing about the bomb, why do you think I did it? Do you have proof?"

     Enpane: "He's right. Without proof, you can claim anything you want, but it doesn't mean anything."

     Alexander: "(NO! I know I'm on the right track! I know Mr. Myte is the real criminal!) "W-well--"

     Charlie: "Actually, we can prove it."

     Judge: "Really?"

     Enpane: "You can?"

     Alexander: "We can?"

     Charlie: "Yes. It's all in the evidence. Alex, this last roll is up to you. Give them the right evidence and prove this Grarrl guilty."

     Alexander:" (So the last roll is on me. I cannot crack under the pressure. I've come too far. Wait. Last roll?) !!! I'VE GOT IT!"

     Charlie: "Looks like you've got it under control."

     Judge: "So Mr. Starr? Can you prove that it was indeed Mr. Dyno Myte who planted the bomb?"

     Alexander: "Yes I can, Your Honor."

     Dyno: "WHAT!?"

     Enpane: "H-how? Show this court the evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the witness is the criminal."

     Alexander: "Mr. Myte, when you first came to the witness you described your occupation as a professional dice and card player. Is that correct?"

     Dyno: "You said it, not me. But yeah, that's right. What's my job got to do with anything?"

     Alexander: "A pair of dice was found at the scene of the crime."

     Dyno: "So? Skeithy-boy in the defendant chair works at a casino. He coulda dropped 'em."

     Alexander: "Mr. Kraid is a trained professional. He wouldn't be using these dice."

     Dyno: "Why not?"

     Alexander: "These dice are fixed."

     Judge: "How did they break?"

     Alexander: "Not that type of fixed, Your Honor. These dice are rigged so that they are more likely to land on a certain side."

     Enpane: "What does that have to do... AAAH!"

     Alexander: "I see Prosecutor Enpane gets it."

     Judge: "I'm afraid I don't see it yet."

     Alexander: "These dice are made for cheating. Quite useful, if you don't get caught."

     Dyno: "So?"

     Alexander: "So, a real pro, like the defendant, wouldn't even have these. However, someone who cheats to claim they're a pro would have them and could risk losing or dropping them."

     Judge: "So, what you're saying is...?"

     Alexander: "These dice belong to Mr. Dyno Myte, who dropped them at the crime scene after he set off the bomb and robbed the bank! And I'm sure if we checked for fingerprints, his claw marks would be all over them."

     Dyno: "R-r-r..."


     The gallery was abuzz with commotion now. Dyno Myte was panicking and wound up ripping his neck chain in half and hitting his head against the witness stand. It took him a good five minutes before he calmed down enough to speak with some sanity.

     Dyno: "Nice job, Kyrii. You found me out but good. Yeah, I did it. I blew up the bank and robbed it."

     Judge: "Why? What was your motive?"

     Dyno: "I'm not a professional gambler, just a gambling addict. I was found out for cheating. I'm buried in debt to the wrong people. A heist was the only way I could get out of it with my hide in one piece. And now I've been found out for that too. I'm ready to face the music."

     Judge: "Very well. Bailiff, please have Mr. Myte place under arrest."

     The bailiff escorted the Grarrl out of the courtroom. Before he left, he took one last look at me and Mr. Kraid. It was a look of both sorrow and thankfulness. I can only hope whatever punishment he receives is just and fair.

     Judge: "Prosecutor Enpane, what is the state of the witness?"

     Enpane: "He is currently being processed by the Defenders of Neopia."

     Judge: "I see. Mr. Starr."

     Alexander: "Yes, Your Honor?"

     Judge: "I must say, I am quite impressed. It's not everyday that a rookie lawyer handles and wins a case of this magnitude. Now, this is just a formality at this point, but I hereby declare the defendant, Mr. Riley Kraid..."

     Not Guilty

     Judge: "Court is now adjourned."

     He hit the bench one final time with the gavel. It was over. My first case was over, and with a Not Guilty verdict. I felt I couldn't be more relieved.

     Date: 21st of Hunting

     Time: 3:30 P.M. NST

     Defendant Lobby No. 1, Neopia Central Courthouse

     Charlie: "See? I told you that you could do it!"

     Alexander: "I admit, I didn't think I was going to make it."

     Charlie: "Why not? I taught you everything I know. Of course you would be able to handle it."

     Kraid: "Thank you so much, Mr. Starr. You have no idea what this means to me."

     Alexander: "No problem, and congratulations on the verdict again."

     Charlie: "There's just one thing I don't understand."

     Alexander: "What's that?"

     Charlie: "There was one piece of evidence that was never brought up. The glasses frame."

     Kraid: "I believe I can explain those. They belonged to the witness."

     Alexander: "Why did he have the glasses?"

     Kraid: "I don't know if you could see it, but when he lied, his eyes twitched. A lot. It's a rather common giveaway as to when someone is lying. He would most likely wear the glasses when he played cards to avoid anyone seeing his tell and calling a bluff or something."

     Charlie: "I guess that makes sense. I certainly hope all the money he stole is returned though."

     And thus, my first time in court was a success. I found out who the real criminal was and kept the innocent from being wrongly convicted. That is why I became a defense attorney; to protect the innocent. I can only hope that I can continue doing so as I continue my career.

The End


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