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Desert Diplomacy - Fun Facts!

by machinexcaatxhead


So, lately the neopets team have brought us a new event called 'Desert Diplomacy' where Princess Amira invited her fellow rulers to her palace to discuss trade routes. Sadly, whilst discussing these matters thieves crept into the palace and robbed the visitors... yes, what a scandal indeed! How dare they!

I, for one, have never had anything stolen from me, but I can feel great sorrow for these rulers as obviously what they have must be very expensive and valuable and the obvious, how hurtful would it be to have something stolen from yourself, valuable or not!

So, whilst going through the first few days of the event I got round to thinking about a few pointers with the rulers and maybe the palace in Sakhmet itself. You might think, oh there's no point even thinking about this, but I think it's a mind warm up so that you could think into other possibilities set aside from the clues that have already been provided during the event.

Have a look at what I have been thinking about and see if you agree!

1: Does the palace not have guards?

From looking at the picture taken inside the Sakhmet palace, you can see that there is one guard standing next to the Princesses throne. One guard... one guard?! EN-GARDE I SAY! (Just messing just wanted to see if I could enter a little joke during this article... I hope you giggled.)

Obviously the palace must be huge, but surely there must be more than one guard looking after the Princess's safety whilst sitting on the throne. I, for one, would want at least six around me to feel safe... but that's just me.

We only have the one picture to look at, but one picture could prove it all.

You could also think that the guards are out questioning suspects... but then what have we been hired for?

2: How could a Princess have so many spies?

As the days have gone past in the event that the neopets team have provided us, I have noticed that the Princess seems to have many spies working for her. I can understand that you can have one or two spies here and there to help seek out any problems... but Princess Amira seems to have many! Whilst thinking about this point it got me thinking... could Princess Amira be a part of the whole scandal? Could she have been a spy herself due to knowing so many?

It is mentioned on the event page that Princess Amira does not want her fellow rulers to know about the network's existence..

Does this not seem strange to you? Why can she not be fully open about this? Is she ashamed of this or is she most definitely hiding something?

I guess we will have to find out!

3: Neopets can send neomails?!

It's sad to say I barely use the neomail feature as I just like to browse the site, talk in my guild and play many of the fun games. But I did not know that Neopets could send Neomails!

Oh, how much fun it could be to get a random neomail off your neopet? I mean, we get the random events to say that our neopets say 'Hi' or 'Can we play this game?!' That's great that we get the events and that our Neopets could talk to us, but how great would it be to be able to get random e-mails with small conversations saying how they're feeling, what games they enjoy playing the most or maybe a little conversation about what they've been up to during my snoring hours?

Many neopets have been created over the years and I know that this would be a lot to add, but just think how great it would be... or maybe not... maybe you could be laughing at me for this idea but I, for one, think it's a great idea. *praises self*

4: Trading between rulers?

I am not entirely sure about trading between the different worlds in Neopets, there might not be one... but if there is and someone could explain, then that would be fabulous.

Carrying on!

From the picture I can see that only a few rulers were invited to this discussion at the Sakhmet palace; could there be a small problem between some rules or are they the only rulers that have arranged a decent trading policy between the different worlds?

Where is Lord Darigan and where on Earth is Queen Fyora? Surely if a trading system was set up between the worlds, then both of the above must be involved?

This point, in my own opinion, could lead to many different facts. Take for example, has there been a dispute between some of the rulers? Where some just not invited due to trading standards? Or maybe the remaining rulers could not attend.

I could delve into this point much further, but I will leave you readers to think about this due to the many points listed and more.

Hopefully, as the event continues we can delve into them even more and think of more interesting facts about the rulers and what they know and mainly who they know!

So far, we have spoken to many different store owners & famous Neopians where each character has given us a clue of some sort, which will eventually help us to solve the mystery.

I for one, enjoy little mystery events like this, as you can (hopefully) make out from this article, you can see that I like to look past the clues and maybe try to figure out any other outcomes that could maybe come to light towards the end of the event.

I might have a crazy imagination, or I might just be wasting my time... but I do hope that from this article I receive many signs to say that other Neopets detectives that are thinking exactly the same as me.

I do hope that we receive further clues and stories that can open up my imagination more to think of more fun facts!

I also hope that you enjoy the rest of the event like I do!

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