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The Top 5 Chocolate Treats

by emilyralphy


With the annual Chocolate Ball just around the corner, many Neopians are finding themselves increasingly consumed by cravings for chocolatey treats. It is literally impossible for chocolate to be anything but delicious, but, believe it or not, this can actually be a huge problem. No matter how much chocolate owners buy to satisfy their pets, they rarely ever manage to find the ideal cure for a persistent sweet tooth. In the end, the owner typically either runs out of NP or the pet is left bloated to the point of bursting without ever finding the ideal chocolatey treat. Each pet has their own personal favorite, but I have found that there are some chocolates that never fail to please even the most finicky chocolate connoisseur.

5. Chocolate Apple

This goody's looks can be deceiving at first. Many pets expect it to be a chocolate covered apple meant to trick them into getting their daily dose of fruit. However, I can assure you that this particular apple is nothing but solid chocolate although it does taste slightly like an apple due to the apple juice used in making it. Even the worms they contain are solid chocolate since this is meant to have your pets licking their lips afterwards rather than making a frantic run for the nearest mouthwash. There isn't a single trick to this treat except that instead of keeping doctors away, it has been known to attract the occasional dentist.

4. Chocolate Balthazar

Balthazar is widely known for being incredibly nasty, especially to faeries, but this chocolate is especially delicious. This chocolate allows you to have some sweet revenge for all of those beatings in the Battledome while chowing down on the likeness of one of the most notorious Lupes in history. What else makes this chocolate so delicious? Nobody knows for sure, but many suspect that a pinch of faerie magic does the trick. I don't know whether this is true or not, but this could explain why pets who devour large quantities of this delicacy have been reported to begin to float up to three feet off of the ground or to experience a sensation of walking on clouds. In some rare cases, pets have also been known to develop a compulsion to find as many bottled faeries as they possibly can and to release them from their glass prisons.

3. Chocolate Chest of Coins

This delectable treat is extremely simple, yet it is much beloved by young Neopians everywhere. Although chocolate coins themselves are far from revolutionary, they are seldom contained within an edible container. This is one example of a time when it is perfectly acceptable to play with your food. After your pets have eaten their vegetables, their is nothing they would enjoy more than to have not just an excellent dessert but a dessert which doubles as the inspiration for many pirate themed adventures at the table. I would strongly suggest burying this little treasure in some vanilla ice cream so that your pets will be able to discover the tastiest treasure in existence. The location where this is buried could be deliciously marked with a traditional X made of caramel or chocolate sauce or, if you would prefer to add a healthy touch, a cherry would also be an excellent finish to this pirate lover's delight.

2. Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Zafara

Chocolate goes well with a variety of other sweets, but the combination of chocolate and a fluffy marshmallow is easily the best. The two distinct flavors don't clash in the least. Rather, they complement each other and evoke fond memories of nights spend roasting marshmallows by a cozy campfire on a summer evening. To fully experience this amazing combo at its finest, I would suggest warming it up before eating it. After more or less a dozen seconds spent in a microwave, this scrumptious dessert will be warm and gooey while still keeping the marshmallow from getting the least bit burnt. If you prefer your marshmallows to be a bit brown around the edges, five additional seconds should do the trick. This dish is almost irresistible; however, this can get a bit messy, so napkins are an absolute must. These treats are incredibly light, so your pets can devour dozens of them before they even begin to worry about possible weight gain. This makes the cleanup more than worth it.

1. Dark Chocolate Hearts

Many owners believe that these particular chocolates are only appropriate gifts during February because of their shape, but that is exactly what makes these chocolates so special. Pets are used to only receiving heart shaped desserts once a year, so they are always pleasantly surprised when they are given them outside of the usual season. This thoughtful gift is a delicious reminder to your pets that they are loved all year round instead of just one day a year. This otherwise ordinary chocolate needs nothing but its shape to bring a smile to the face of any Neopian. This alone makes these chocolates far more amazing than any of the other chocolates I have seen over the years because they prove that even one simple gesture can have an enormous impact. If that isn't enough to win you over, their ability to be easily integrated into any dessert will. Although these chocolates do perfectly well on their own, they can also add a bit of the single most important ingredient, love, to any other dessert. It is a small, simple touch, yet it always manages to turn even the tiniest of treats into a masterpiece.

This year, make sure to spoil your pets on the night of the famous Chocolate Ball with one of these amazing delicacies. Although they are all quite simple, they are an excellent way to cater to the needs of any pet with a sweet tooth, especially if they are unable to attend the Chocolate Ball themselves. In fact, your pets will be the envy of those who attended the Chocolate Ball and were forced to settle for less exquisite chocolates. Just don't forget to have your pets brush their teeth after they devour all of these addicting treats!

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