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The Various Kinds Of Mutant Neopets

by pikachu315111


Mutants, Neopets who have gone through a twisted metamorphosis. While considered a Colour, Neopets colored Mutant change in more ways than just in color as their bodies alter into something only vaguely resembling the Species it is. Even being colored Mutant isn't done the normal way, instead of taking a Paint Brush to the Rainbow Pool a Neopet instead drinks a vile Transmogrification Potion, potions which are made by Dr. Frank Sloth himself! But despite their dark origins and appearance, a Mutant Neopet is just like any other Neopet who just have a unique view and taste from the norm. But not all Mutant Neopets think or act the same; in fact Mutant Neopets don't have a concrete pattern to their appearances. Some look sickly and deformed, others become brutish monsters, and all sorts of other transformations both between and beyond. But why stop there? Just because they don't all share a pattern doesn't mean there aren't groups who do. Let's go over the various kinds of metamorphosis a Mutant Neopet can go through and see the wide variety they have to offer:


When you hear Mutant, the first thing you probably think of is a Neopet whose body morphed out of shape, grew extra limbs, and/or looks sickly and decaying. All of these are a kind of deformation, a metamorphosis which has made the Mutant Neopet look like they're suffering in some way. There are three kinds of deformation, each looking as unnatural as the next:

Morphed Out Of Shape: These Mutant Neopets' bodies have twisted and bumped out of the species proper shape. Species that go through this kind of metamorphosis include the Aisha, Kiko, Quiggle, and Shoyru.

The Aisha's eyes have fused into one, its mouth grows razor sharp teeth, its second pair of ears change into snapping jaws, and it grows flimsy plates across its back which droops to one side. Even the Aisha's collar has mutated the "A" symbol on it so that it looks like the "A" fused with an "M".

The Kiko is a bit less drastic. Bumpy growths have appeared all over the Kiko's normally smooth body, its fingers harden into claws, and it starts drooling green slime.

The Quiggle's body shrinks and grows stout, it's back forms into a hunch, its fingers and toes grow claws, and it grows a third eye which pushes its original two eyes further apart to the sides of its "head".

The Shoyru's body doesn't change all that much but its head does. Its bottom jaw grows spiky and outward, overlapping the top of the mouth, as growths with hair sticking out of them form on the top of its head. The tip of its hands have also harden into claws.

Gains/Loses Body Parts: These Mutant Neopets have either grown extra body parts or lost/combined body parts. Examples of these species include the Elephante, Jetsam, and Hissi.

The Elephante loses its legs and now slithers on the ground like a serpent, also growing a third middle eye and spikes on its forearms. It also has blue splotches all over its gray body.

The Jetsam goes through an opposite metamorphosis. It loses its tail fin and grows eight tentacles to squirm around with.

For a less extreme case, the Hissi just grows a second head, which is actually a bit more extreme now thinking about it as the new head has its own consciousness (yet somehow shares the same memories; do they have a psychic link or are both heads displaying a different personality from the same mind?)!

Health Deterioration And Decay: Finally these Mutant Neopets look like they're truly suffering, looking more like they have a disease or starting to rot than being colored Mutant. Species that are example here include the Gnorbu, Koi, Moehog, and Xweetok.

The Gnorbu looks like it's infected and infested. It has no body hair or mane revealing an unnatural yellow and wrinkled body, releasing a stench which attracts flies and maggots. It also drools a thick yellow slime.

The Koi looks like it's been decaying for a while. Its tail and head fin have holes in them and its body turned a dead brown. At some point it also grew a third eye, all its eyes being cross-eyed.

The Moehog looks like it's melting into a wrinkled blob with an equally drooping face.

Finally, the Xweetok goes through a similar metamorphosis as the Gnorbu. It loses a lot of its hair revealing a skinny tail and a nasty overbite. It also has a bit missing from its ear and its eye iris turned an eerie bright yellow that it stares at you with a creepy wince.

No matter what form the deformation takes, it's one of the most hideous metamorphosis a Mutant Neopet can get. However not all Mutant Neopets look like they were given an affliction, for some species becoming a Mutant might have brought out another side to them.


Becoming a Mutant doesn't mean you need to look completely different from your species, in fact sometimes a Mutant Neopet looks like their species except more... evil. Mutant Neopets who go through a corruption metamorphosis take the basic concept of their species and twist it into something monstrous. Species such as the Buzz, Chia, Cybunny, Gelert, Korbat, Kougra, Lenny, Lupe, Scorchio, and Zafara show that though they don't look deformed or ill they're still no doubt Mutants.

The Buzz's wings become more tattered, each foot turned its three toes into two talons, and its bottom jaw grows two fangs.

The Chia looks like a grotesque vegetable or fruit, having spiky appendages now grow from the top of its head and its face covered by a cluster of fur.

The Cybunny loses almost all its fur except for its mane and tip of its tail, becomes bulkier, its front teeth have grown out and sharpened, its toes hardened into claws, and its tail is longer. Its mane also has a skull pattern on it and its eyes are now a deep black except for piercing red pupils.

A Gelert's long ear and tail has turned into tentacles as additional spikes grow all over its back and top of its head.

The Korbat emphasizes its main three traits (its ears, wings, and tail) to almost ridiculous proportions and size.

The Kougra's ears have also grown larger and sharper, its claws become more apparent, and the stripes all over its body bulge out instead of blending into its fur.

The Lenny slouches over, its neck stretches and bends, its talons and beak sharpen, and its feathers become thick and ruffled. A sharp claw also comes out of the joint in each of its wings.

The Lupe's face is surrounded by a skull-like helmet, it grows rib-like armor around its back and front legs, and its claws become more apparent.

The Scorchio's wings become segmented and spiny, its head becomes more angular, and its claws and spikes have hardened and sharpened.

Finally, the Zafara becomes more reptilian, replacing skin and fur with scales except for the top of its head and tip of its tail.

As I said, corruption takes the basics of a species and turns it on its head. They are recognizable as members of their species, yet now have an aura of maliciousness to them. Though none of us will probably ever be able to truly comprehend what Dr. Sloth thinks, the corruption mutation seems like what he thinks a Neopet should look like, that or the next metamorphosis.


Deformation changes a Mutant Neopet's shape yet makes them look sickly and corruption keeps their basic shape yet turns it into something nightmarish. But what if there was a metamorphosis which changes a Mutant Neopet's shape like deformation yet turns them into something beastly similar to corruption? That's where brutification comes in, the metamorphoses where a Mutant Neopet increases in size and bulk, gaining immense strength in the process. Clear examples of this metamorphosis include species like the Bori, Bruce, Chomby, Grundo, Kyrii, Lutari, and Mynci.

The Bori becomes sort of a hunchback due to its shell having grown so large that it now covers its shoulder and the top of his head. The Bori itself has also grown considerably under the shell, especially its front legs which are now more like arms.

The Bruce becomes an actual hunchback, its body and head grows stouter, spikes start growing out of its back, and the tips of its flippers have hardened into claws.

The Chomby goes from a peaceful, chubby herbivore to a muscle bound, wart covered, bruiser who has grown an extra pair of limbs to beat you senseless with. It also has a goatee for that extra bit of evilness.

The Grundo is probably the most well known Mutant Neopet and it goes through brutification. If anything it's the perfect example as the only difference between a Green Grundo and Mutant Grundo is that the Mutant Grundo is just larger and more muscular.

The Kyrii doesn't only grow larger and muscular, but also more hairy with thick hair going from the top of its head down to its tail. Its hands and feet also grow sharp claws.

The Lutari just becomes a beast; its bulky body is covered with ruffled thick fur, the claws on its hands and feet increase in size and sharpness, and grows an extra tail.

Finishing on the Mynci, it goes from being a cheeky simian to a hulking demonic ape with horns, triangle-tipped long tail, and claws on its feet. On its back it also has red splotches on its dark green hair.

A Mutant Neopet who undergoes brutification exchanges resemblance to its species for size and muscle, becoming the perfect warriors who can both intimidate and overpower. It doesn't come without a cost; the loss of looking like members of its species make them outcasts and the increase bulk hampers mobility. But great physical strength isn't the only kind of advantage some Mutant Neopets get, sometimes they may get a power that's otherworldly and/or incomprehensible.


How does one describe this kind of mutation? Can it even be called a mutation? It's certainly a metamorphosis of some kind but looking at the Mutant Neopets who fall under this category I wouldn't exactly call them Mutants even in the broadest sense. Simply put, they're abominations; they shouldn't exist as their very existence goes against the natural order of things. However they disrupt the natural balance in their own ways, be it part of a group of individually, and we're taking a look at each:

Dimensional Horror: I'm split trying to describe the members of this subcategory. On one hand they look like they've come from beyond the stars and are so alien that you'll go mad trying to describe them. On the other hand, they look like demon spawns crawling up from the underworld that the only way to describe them is with apocalyptic scripture. No matter how you describe it, they look like they've come from another dimension. Maybe it'll just be best to talk about the species here: the Acara and Poogle.

The Acara looks like it started out as an organic creature but at some point it grew boney protrusions forming into horns, spikes, and claws while dark blue plasma spews from its face and ankles.

The Poogle on the other hand looks like it's a hollow cast made of earth and rock that shapes itself into a vague Poogle shape but with horns, spikes, and scale armor. Blue energy can be seen through its empty eyes, mouth, and ears while it releases from the top of its head and tip of its tail.

Organic Nightmare: What better way to disrupt the natural balance of things than by having an abomination being purely natural? Sure it's now like any other organic creature with flesh and muscle, but maybe that's what makes them worse as that flesh and muscle has been molded into a form that'll haunt your memory and nightmares! You can barely tell their species are supposed to be a Kau, Peophin, and Pteri.

The Kau's lower half turns that of a scaly serpent yet the front stays the same except gets more hairy. The real change comes with its head whose horns grown longer and demonic, another set of bug-like eyes open between its original set of eyes, and its snout split opens sideways to reveal a mass of tentacles.

The Peophin is almost made of tentacles, replacing its lower half and hair with mass of tentacles. What aren't tentacles has become segmented and its hooves are replaced with claws.

The Pteri is without tentacles but it's no less nightmarish. Its body grew long like a serpent's and replacing feathers with scales, its wings changing into elongated claws, and its face grew a third middle eye along with a comb and wattle.

What Is This I Don't Even: The title says it all, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DESCRIBE THIS THING? Of course, I talk about the Mutant Ogrin and let's attempt to describe what we're looking at here. Starting with its head it loses all its hair, its ears have turned into tentacles, its grown a third middle eye, and has bony horns and spikes. Its mane is zigzagged pattern, its front feet are suction cups, its back feet are claws, and its tail is a snapping plant. Finally its colors are all over the place; their bright and vibrant but each part of its body are different colors and they all clash with one another. I mean, I don't, what am I looking, how am I suppose to... WHAT ARE YOU?!

If that's not enough proof that these things should not exist on this or any plane of existence, I don't know what is. They aren't any form of mutation I've ever heard of, yet here they are. Maybe it's not that Mutant Neopets who are abominations are Mutants but rather there was no other way to categorize them so they were lumped in with the other mutants (and being a result of a Transmogrification Potion helped too).

Be they deformed, corrupted, brutified, or abominations, Mutant Neopets come in a wide variety of appearances that cannot be described in one way. If you don't like a certain kind of Mutant Neopet that doesn't mean you won't like another Mutant Neopet who's part of a different kind. To even further complicate things, a Mutant Neopet can fit into multiple categories and subcategories; when it comes to a Mutant Neopet you don't really know what to expect! Why, who knows if the next Mutant Neopet won't create its own new category and/or subcategory! We'll just have to wait and see what these unknown horrors have for us.

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