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Monstrous Mutants

by aleu1986


In honour of Mutant Day, I have written a small list of what I personally consider to be the most monstrous and awesome Mutant Neopets. Enjoy!

Mutant Ixi

The first mutated Neopet on this list is the Ixi. You only have to take a quick glance at this one to know it's not your regular, cuddly, cute Ixi. There's almost a Darigan vibe about the twisted horns and the abnormally large cloven hooves. Looking at the Mutant Ixi makes me think he'd belong in Jhudora's castle, serving as her henchman, fetching her potions and other foul ingredients for her magic spells. He certainly doesn't look like he'd be skipping about in the fields and forests of Meridell with the other Ixi.

This Mutant has a dark, mossgreen colour with some round patches and shaggy fur on his back. His half-erect pose is rather unsettling, as this species normally has all their four hooves firmly planted on the ground. The yellow fangs sticking out of his mouth just adds to the downright creepiness of this Mutant – but then again, I believe that's the idea. Completing the look are the glazed, reddish brown eyes.

His facial expression is a mixed one. He can look cruel and menacing, yet there is also a hint of mischief about him, like he's about to pull a great practical joke on someone. We all know how tricky those Ixi can be!

The TP price for an Ixi Trans potion was about 1 million at time of writing.

Mutant Lenny

This is certainly a far cry from the beautiful and graceful Faerie Lenny!

This mutated bird looks like he would feel right at home in Tyrannia, where other Neopets would safely keep their distance when he came to have his share of the Giant Omelette...

What I personally like about the Mutant Lenny is the fact that even though it looks quite different from the normal Lennies, it's still completely recognizable.

The shades of brown makes sense for a dry, dusty environment such as the Lost Desert or Tyrannia, and the large wings make me think this bird is able to both cover considerable distances and swoop down on unsuspecting Neopets! The oversized talons, the spikes on the tips of his wings and finally the long, sharp beak makes this one Lenny you don't want to mess with!

The TP price for a Lenny Trans potion was 1 million at the time of writing.

Mutant Flotsam

You know how Flotsams are always so cute and happy? That's not the case with this guy! Well, okay, he may very well be happy, but cute is not a word I'd use to describe him...

Of all the Mutants on this list, the Flotsam is definitely the one with the most eyes, six in total! Those bright, glowing yellow eyes probably makes it easier for him to navigate the dark caves of Maraqua. Whereas the regular Flotsam has a smooth, sleek skin, the Mutant is all spikes and sharp corners. He's got a longer, pointier horn than the other Flotsams, not to mention the spikes on his back and the sharp-looking jaws (with green slime trickling from the side of his mouth. Quite charming).

The Mutant Flotsam also has a long, forked tongue! Eww!

The TP price for a Flotsam Trans potion was between 300k and 450k at the time of writing.

Mutant Lutari

The natives of Lutari Island are an aquatic species, but similar to other water-loving Neopets such as the Acara and Peophin, they are shown to enjoy the dry land and lush jungle just as much as the big blue.

The Mutant Lutari is easily one of my top favourite Mutants. Of all the Mutants on this list, I'm so fond of the top three it was hard to determine how to rank them.

The Mutant Lutari is very interesting. As some other Mutants, it is big and powerful. It appears to be scarily strong, and after taking one glance at those claws, you'd definitely reconsider challenging this Neopet in anything, even a staring contest.

This Lutari's colour scheme is wonderful; it makes perfect sense for its wet habitat, and I like the different shades of blue as opposed to many different colours intended to contrast and clash. In the mutated shape the Lutari has not just one, but two thick, fluffy tails. A very clever touch!

The bushy yellow eyebrows add a splash of contrast to the blue fur and drag your attention to the Lutaris face. The red eyes may be a bit scary looking, but there is something unique and special about this Mutant's facial expression. Sure, he looks mean and vicious, like he could attack at any moment, but isn't there also a hint of a smile? A touch of warmth between the sharp teeth and glowing eyes? It takes a bit of the edge off this Mutant, makes him look like he could be tamed and befriended. Care to give it a try?

Note: Lutaris can NOT be transferred between accounts, and they will run away if you try to put them in the Pound.

I was unable to find any price on the TP for the Lutari Trans potion.

Mutant Peophin

Ah, Peophins. So beautiful and elegant...

But not all colours make them look graceful and magical. The Mutant Peophin looks like a Maraquan pet that spent too much time in the crazy Lab Scientist's aquarium and was victim of an experiment gone horribly wrong. It's a sea monster risen from the depths of nightmares, you better pray to Fyora you'll never run into this scary creature when exploring the ruins of the once proud city of Maraqua. Staying far way from that Bubbling Pit would be my advice.

I know the Peophin is second highest on this list, because there is only one Mutant I can in good conscience put in front of it. That said, I think this Mutant is the most well done of all. The colour scheme is nice, the blue and purple shades make sense for this underwater creature, whereas the bright yellow belly adds to the twisted and odd feel of this mutant pet.

The gem on the Peophin's headdress is in this form replaced by a big, green eye. When the Mutant Peophin gets angry, his eyes turn red, whereas the third eye in his forehead retains its sickly green colour.

This Peophin doesn't have a soft, lush mane of flowing hair, but light blue anemone-like tentacles that really doesn't tempt you to run your hand through them. Also the Flotsam-like tail which is the Peophins trademark has in this mutated shape been transformed into gross-looking tentacles. (It's not possible to see if they have suction cups like the Mutant Jetsam's tentacles do). Completing the Peophins natural aquatic look are the huge claws that look like they could pack quite the pinch. Ouch!

The TP price for a Peophin Trans potion was between 700k and 800k at the time of writing.

Mutant Eyrie

As difficult as it was, my top pick of Mutants is the Eyrie. At first glance this mutant, similarly to the Lenny, may appear to be a Tyrannian pet, due to their spikes giving them a prehistoric look. But it's interesting to note the reptilian inspiration of the tail and hind legs – makes you think of a Hissi or a Krawk, doesn't it?

The hoofed feet in place of the regular paws are a nice touch, and I personally appreciate how the Eyrie's usual soft mane has not been given a bizarre colour pattern, but simply been replaced by a more shaggy and tangled mess of fur.

The large, sharp beak, jagged (almost fang-looking) in this mutant shape gives the Eyrie an intimidating look. The hole in his Korbat-like ear proves he's been through more than one tough fight in the Battledome. Another great feature of the Mutant Eyrie are the eyes. Not just two, but four! It can be a bit hard to spot when viewing the pet lookup thumbnail, but this Eyrie can justly be nicknamed four-eyes. Lastly, it's worth mentioning that when this mutant gets sick, his (bright green) tongue hangs out of his beak, and when he's angry, an eerie green glow can be seen coming from inside his mouth. Kind of makes you worry if he's going to cough up a huge, disgusting green ball of slime or something. You never know with Mutants; they can be unpredictable, so a word to the wise: Don't make them angry! You wouldn't like them when they're angry!

The TP price for an Eyrie Trans potion was between 600k and 650k at the time of writing.

How do I get a Mutant Neopet?

There is no such thing as a Mutant Paint Brush, you have to feed your pet a transmogrification potion. If you for example want a Mutant Bori, you need to get a Bori Trans potion, etc. You can buy all trans potions from the Trading Post on Mystery Island.

Don't bother trying to restock one at Kauvara's Magic Shop, they're all r101 (Special) which means they don't stock in any shop.

Lab Ray

If you have access to the Secret Laboratory, you can try and zap your pet, hoping it will turn into a Mutant. The Lab Ray is however both dangerous and unpredictable; you may end up zapping your pet for months and have it end up every species and colour besides the exact one you want!

Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ)

If you're very lucky, Naia may pay you a visit and let one of your pets swim in her magical fountain in exchange for you finding an item for her. FFQs are given out randomly (and rarely) throughout the site, just like other Faerie Quests. You can increase your chances of getting one by using the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie. They do however cost NC, and Naia doesn't show herself very often...

Random ways

Dr. Sloth hands out trans potion through a random event. This is however rare, and the potion you get is random.

If you have some Neocola tokens to spend, you might get very, very lucky and win a trans potion! Again, this is really rare and the potion you get is random.

I don't recommend spending hundreds of Neocola tokens or hoping for that one RE. Buy a trans potion, it's a safe and guaranteed way to get yourself a Mutant pet. Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading, please Neomail me with any comments and questions. Happy Mutant Day!

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