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The Kadoatery: New Time System Explanation

by vitorplemes


The Kadoatery has been a place for feeders of all kinds: the ones looking for a new avatar in their collection:

Or just because they enjoy it, also known as overfeeders.

Do not forget about the shiny new trophy you can get in your lookup for feeding them!
For feeding 1 kadoatie For feeding 10 kadoaties For feeding 25 kadoaties

ps.: Remember that there is no limit for feeding!

There are already a lot of guides around there explaining how to feed, with lists of foods to buy and tips that will facilitate your neolife. But I am here today to explain to you the new time system. Yes! There is a new time system for the kadoaties now, unless TNT changes it again. The old one you will find in many guides around Neopia, but in a quick explanation: they have the chance to ask for food at every 7 minutes at exact 20 seconds past the minute. And when they do, add 28 minutes until they start asking for food again.

Okay, that was easy. But it has changed around October, 2013. The new time system is now a little more complicated but it is still easy. So hold on your seatbelts!

After the change, the timekeepers (kind people who post the current times in a topic made in the Games boards) were advising the feeders to "refresh the kadoaties for 90 seconds past the minute posted". That way the feeders would not miss them. But it is very exhaustive to refresh the kadoaties every 7 minutes for about 90 seconds.

Important Note!!!

>>> The minutes in the new system is still like the old one. Just the seconds are now different!

So I have decided to track the seconds every time they ask for food, and I noticed that there is a pattern!

As I said, the minutes are still working in the same way as before. Every 7 minutes there is a chance of kadoaties ask for food, and add 28 minutes when they do until they can start asking again. But the seconds now changes every 7 minutes! Yes! It looks a little like the Almost Abandoned Attic. Every 7 minutes the second will increase about 1 second.

To be honest, after making notes of times, the bigger the pend, the bigger the average is. For example, after 7 pends (which means after 49 minutes pending) the average can go up to 1,5~2 seconds per 7 minutes. And for 1-3 pends (7-21 minutes) the average is 1~1,5 seconds. I know, in the beginning it is a little weird, but you get used to it, trust me!

But I said first that the average is about 1 second. That is because it can change depending on how many pends there are going to be. So, to be safe and have a more accurate estimate, in my humble opinion the better thing to do is increase 1 second per 7 minutes. That is the shortest average I have seen and it is the safest way to have a more accurate time.

Don't you think that is way better than refreshing for 90 seconds for every pend? Now you can refresh for about only 20 seconds past the minute posted.

Tracking the second

To track the seconds is not hard. After you feed a kadoatie, just go back and click in a random place in the page with the right button of the mouse, click in "View page source". With the "Ctrl + F" search for "NST". Now you are looking at the time they asked for the food. See the second? Do not forget it and just add 1 second for every 7 minutes from now.

To make things clear, I will give you an example:

Let's say the kadoaties asked for food at 8:10:05 NST (I just picked a random time!)

Now you add 28 minutes for the new main: new main will be at 8h38min (kadoaties never ask for food at the new main time!) Now it will start pending at 8:45:10+. Now you are wondering, where that "10+" second came from?

Calm down! It is easy: if you add 1 second for every 7 minute after they asked for food, you will have:

8:10:05 NST (when they asked for food)

8:17:06 NST

8:24:07 NST

8:31:08 NST

8:38:09 (time of the new main)

8:45:10 NST (first pend and chance of asking for food)

I just put a "plus" after the second because, as I told you before, the average is not exactly 1 second. But that is an average to be more safe. So the next pend will be at 8:52:11+ NST (which means they can ask for food at second 11 or a little after that!). Important observation: you have to add 1 second even when it is not pending, so it is literally every 7 minutes! See? It is not that hard.

But there is a little problem here. Yes, unfortunately not everything is a bed of roses. Timekeepers have had problems for tracking the second. That is because not every browser allow you to go back to see the seconds of the refresh, because it will show the current one. But with this explanation I'm giving you here, you can just keep adding 1 second per 7 minutes, because even if it is not an accurate second (as they can have a 1+ second average), it will be as close as possible of the current second.

Now that you know how the new time system is working, go feed them all! Kadoaties are waiting for you in the Kadoatery in Neopia. Also, please remember that if you can track the seconds and the timekeeper cannot, do not mind posting it on the boards! That nice action will help every feeder and also you that will always have a more accurate time. And do not forget to refresh for about 20 seconds past the second posted (if they have it!) just to be safe you will not miss them.

Have fun feeding! :)

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