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A Small World: Winning World Challenges

by daenerys__equestrian


The World Challenges have been around for quite some time, lurking at the edge of every flash game page. For older Neopians the World Challenges might represent a long forgotten blast from the past, something that they may have stopped partaking in ages ago. For many newer Neopians the challenges lies dormant, an undiscovered and exciting pastime hiding in plain sight every time they play a flash game. Yet for a select few, those who take full advantage of these hourly contests, the World Challenges are not simply a pastime, but instead a massive profit engine, continuously chugging along, depositing piles of Neopoints into their bank accounts. With rare Paintbrushes, Codestones, and Petpets as prizes, who could say no to at least trying the challenges out?

Some of you may be racing to play in these contests already, the thought of potential riches drawing you in; however, some of you may still be a bit apprehensive. I know I was at first. There may be some out there who are thinking, "These are WORLD challenges, how can I compete against millions of other Neopians? There is most definitely someone better than me out there! I don't even have any trophies!" Ignoring your pessimism, you may be pleased to know that these challenges aren't actually that large. In fact, they're actually smaller than you would ever think! Way smaller...

A Breakdown of the World Challenges

Within the World Challenge, there are competitions from twelve locations representative of Neopia: Faerieland, Haunted Woods, Krawk Island, Kreludor, Neopia Central, Lost Desert, Maraqua, Terror Mountain, Tyrannia, and Virtupets Space Station. Within these worlds there may be two to five hourly competitions, or challenges. These competitions are based off of popular flash games from a particular location in Neopia. Individuals who feel that they are particularly good at these games may enter the completion for the low price of 100 NP! Despite these being "World Challenges" I've never seen more than nine competitors enter one challenge at a time. This makes for an easy win for you! In order to win a competition, competitors must either submit the highest score out of all the competitors in the hour, have had the highest score the longest, or have submitted the highest total score. That means that if you're terrible at a particular game, you could just submit a great deal of mediocre scores and come out with the highest total score (I know from experience)! All scores submitted will still be converted over to neopoints, assuming you haven't gone over the maximum number of daily submissions for that game.

After winning a challenge, you will be presented with a sum of neopoints based off of the total number of competitors in that particular competition and where you placed in that competition. You will also be presented with a World Challenge Picture Piece based on the location of the competition you placed in. These pieces a unique to the location. Within each location there is a set of three pictures that your piece will become a part of. Each picture has twenty pieces. Don't worry, you won't have to collect sixty pieces to get a single prize, you will only be awarded pieces for the first picture in the set until you have completed it. Then you can begin work on the second picture, and then the third. Upon completing each picture you will be awarded 2,000 NP and a random prize.

The Prizes

One of the most attractive aspects of the World Challenges is the chance of winning a rare paintbrush. I shouldn't really refer to it as a chance, though, as you are more likely to win a paintbrush than any other prize! Not all paintbrushes are worth the same as others, and there is a chance you're efforts could be rewarded with a paintbrush that is only worth a few thousand neopoints. However, I am here to tell you that this small risk is well worth the reward should you hit it big!

Known prizes include petpets, red codestones, paintbrushes, and petpet paintbrushes. The petpet are not worth much in your shops, so it's better to keep them and show them a loving home! Users report only ever receiving either a Sho or Zed Codestone, which could mean a 6,000 or 32,000 NP gain for you, respectively. Petpet paintbrushes could net you anywhere 60k to 2mill! However, the real excitement is in the regular paintbrushes. If you were to win a rare Lost Desert Paintbrush, all of your time and effort could quickly be converted over to 3,200,000 NP! In fact, the World Challenges are a great way to score some of the more elusive paintbrushes such as the Fire, White, or Halloween Paintbrushes!

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Know which games you are good at! The first set to winning in the World Challenges is to concentrate on the games that you are already scoring high in!

2. You may only receive three picture pieces a day. Assuming you won three unique pieces everyday, that would mean that you would have to play for at least seven days straight before you could redeem a rare prize. That's a small price to pay for potential millions!

3. Picture pieces are awarded randomly; you may receive duplicates! This could mean that it might actually take you longer than seven days to complete your picture. However, you may sell these pieces for a sizable profit or even trade them for the pieces you need!

4. Don't get deterred by a few losses. You can't win all the challenges!

5. Watch out for review scores! These are hourly competitions. That means that if you score high enough for TNT to review your score, they might not pass it with enough time for your scores to be counted to that challenge.


Now, let's say that collecting isn't your thing and you're anxious for some quick neopoints. No problem! Each World Challenge Picture Piece will net you around 15,000-30,000NP in your shop! Which means that after just a few quick transactions, you'll be on the fast track to making millions!


Whether you wish to hit it big and take home a wheelbarrow full of neopoints, beat your friends at a few flash games, or simply revive your interest in some of Neopia's greatest games, the World Challenges are a fast track to your goals. Keep your eyes sharp for opportunities to win, and start collecting the Picture Pieces! Good luck!

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