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Can You Make A Million In A Month?

by swimmingstar01


You know all those "30k A Day Guides!", "Make A Million In A Month!", "50k For Fifty Days" guides that litter petpages and offsite fansites? I decided to try them. One, all, I wanted to see if the premise was flawed, or whether it actually was possible to make a million neopoints in one month.

As the last days of the month drew close, I decided to plan. I sent all of my neopoints over to a side account, where it sat, lonely, as I did not dare log in, for fear of a negative Random Event. I perused various dailies sites and NP making guides, and found one of each that worked for me. I have never been able to restock, I'm just not fast enough, so my earnings have always been a slow slog upwards.

Then, I set myself some rules. I need rules, I'm an impulsive sort of spender, and I got to work! I hope you enjoy reading my diary of a month of hard work!


  1. Start from nothing. (Already done!)
  2. I will note all my earnings for 30 days
  3. If I want to buy something, it has to be from that day's earnings only, no withdrawing from the bank
  4. The experiment will last the full 30 days
  5. I will do my best and not slack at this.

My aim is to make one million neopoints in thirty days. To do this, I will need to bank at least 33,334 neopoints a day. Because I like round numbers, I am aiming to bank at least 35k a day. I like to play the stock market, so that means I need to earn at least 50k a day, to make sure I can still buy my daily 15k of stocks. 50k a day. Alright then! Let's see what happens!

Day 1:

Earned: 109,596

Total Earned So Far: 109,596

Okay, this is a good start! Did all the dailies that I usually ignore, looked through my SDB and decided to sell some stuff, and levelled up in Habitarium.

Daily Interest: 28 NP

Day 2:

Earned: 307,528

Total Earned So Far: 417,128

This is going really well! Got lucky in the Battledome today, three nerkmids which netted me 165k in my shop. Feeling energised! I can do this! I am going to make a million in a month! Go me!

New Daily Interest: 109 NP

Day 3:

Earned: 34,532

Total Earned So Far: 451,656

Okay, not so good today. But at least I still managed to buy my daily stocks and bank, alright, slightly under, my aim. There's a positive.

New Daily Interest: 118 NP

Day 4:

Earned: 206,482

Total Earned So Far: 658,138

There we go, that's more like it! Sold some stocks and levelled up in Habi again, so that helped bump up the games and dailies.

New Daily Interest: 181 NP

Day 5:

Earned: 255,055

Total Earned So Far: 913,193

Wow, in five days I am nearly there! Feeling really positive about this! Maybe I can make a million in a week!

New Daily Interest: 251 NP

Day 6:

Earned: 322,439

Total Earned So Far: 1,235,632

Used a Features Game Ticket and a Games Fortune Cookie to double (and quadruple one game) my gaming earnings today, as a day-off meant I could spend more time playing. I think it's clear to see it worked! I made it! A million in just six days! Wow!

New Daily Interest: 356 NP

Day 7:

Earned: 77,559

Total Earned So Far: 1,313,191

Alright, while I may not have earned as much as the last few days, I still got my daily stocks, and made more than double the daily aim. There's no need to feel so negative

New Daily Interest: 378 NP

Day 8:

Earned: 179,436

Total Earned So Far: 1,492,627

Nearly one point five million in eight days, I didn't know this was possible! The motivation is burning through me like adrenaline now.

New Daily Interest: 430 NP

Day 9:

Earned: 223,843

Total Earned So Far: 1,716,470

Did really well at the Faerieland Employment Agency today, made over 40k from those jobs, just by checking my SDB and SSW before applying for them. Proud of myself for that!

New Daily Interest: 494 NP

Day 10:

Earned: 12,330

Total Earned So Far: 1,728,800

I don't know what happened today. I didn't even buy my stocks today. Today was a bad day.

New Daily Interest: 498 NP

Day 11:

Earned: 328,577

Total Earned So Far: 2,057,377

That's more like it! I don't know what happened yesterday, but we're back on track now! Two million in less than two weeks, I never knew I could do this.

New Daily Interest: 621 NP

Day 12:

Earned: 33,921

Total Earned So Far: 2,091,298

Couldn't spend as long online today, real life is insisting I check it with it. But nearly made the aim, and made more than the minimum necessary, so I guess it's alright.

New Daily Interest: 631 NP

Day 13:

Earned: 1,486

Total Earned So Far: 2,092,784

Didn't play any games today, just did the dailies. Real Life definitely got in the way today!

New Daily Interest: 631 NP

Day 14:

Earned: 25,655

Total Earned So Far: 2,118,439

Spent 200k on a Pink Peophin Morphing Potion today, Lorelai is currently speckled to show her support for Team Maraqua. I actually made over 240k today, but only banked the remaining 25k. Feeling lots of, what's the word, ennui, at the moment. Must kick this mood!

New Daily Interest: 639 NP

Day 15:

Earned: 158,534

Total Earned So Far: 2,276,973

Here we go! Back on over-achieving track!

New Daily Interest: 687 NP

Day 16:

Earned: 148,022

Total Earned So Far: 2,424,995

Selling Nerkmids and codestones is really helping me bump up my daily totals! Should start playing Key Quest again, if I can get my laptop to comply.

New Daily Interest: 631 NP

Day 17:

Earned: 204,611

Total Earned So Far: 2,629,606

I can't believe in seventeen days I've made this much! But I'm not going to stop now,

New Daily Interest: 793 NP

Day 18:

Earned: 100,375

Total Earned So Far: 2,729,981

I wonder when I'll reach 1,000 NP a day interest?

New Daily Interest: 823 NP

Day 19:

Earned: 99,004

Total Earned So Far: 2,828,985

Getting really close to three million! Will I make three times what I sent out to? Wow!

New Daily Interest: 853 NP

Day 20:

Earned: 171,118

Total Earned So Far: 3,000,103

I MADE THREE MILLION! *dances in a circle* This is unbelievable! New goal: 4 Million Neopoints in a month, can I do it?

New Daily Interest: 905 NP

Day 21:

Earned: 135,589

Total Earned So Far: 3,135,692

The motivation is back at full force! I'm amazed at these numbers!

New Daily Interest: 946 NP

Day 22:

Earned: 157,240

Total Earned So Far: 3,292,932

I can see the finishing line, I'm mentally tucking my head down and charging for it!

New Daily Interest: 993 NP

Day 23:

Earned: 155,682

Total Earned So Far: 3,448,614

Yay, I broke 1,000 NP interest! Seven days to go, surely I can make four million by day 30.

New Daily Interest: 1,040 NP

Day 24:

Earned: 85,795

Total Earned So Far: 3,534,409

Aww, I can't slow down now! I'm so close! Maybe tomorrow I'll sell some stocks, I'm finally in a green with some of them.

New Daily Interest: 1,040 NP

Day 25:

Earned: 169,154

Total Earned So Far: 3,703,563

Forgot to bank it yesterday! Whoops! Lost 1,066 NP there. That's a shame, but oh well! Four more days to make another 300k, I can do it!

New Daily Interest: 1,117 NP

Day 26:

Earned: 123,033

Total Earned So Far: 3,826,596

Eyes are narrowed as I sprint towards the finishing line.

New Daily Interest: 1,154 NP

Day 27:

Earned: 49,696

Total Earned So Far: 3,876,292

Three more days to go, I'm so nearly there! Although, technically I have made my target already. But still, I'd like to make four times it. That'd be nice.

New Daily Interest: 1,169 NP

Day 28:

Earned: 74,956

Total Earned So Far: 3,951,248

*gasps* I'm only fifty thousand neopoints away from making four million neopoints!

New Daily Interest: 1,191 NP

Day 29:

Earned: 128,096

Total Earned So Far: 4,079,344

*bursts through the finishing line and collapses with hands on knees* I never knew this was possible for someone who cannot restock. This is so amazing! One more day to go!

New Daily Interest: 1,230 NP

Day 30:

Earned: 161,610

Total Earned So Far: 4,240,954

*lies on her back panting*

New Daily Interest: 1,279 NP

So. I've made 4.2mil in 30 days. I did that by doing every single daily, playing my usual games, carefully selling some old items in my SDB, selling all the prizes I got from the Battledome and just working hard.

For the past month, I have worked at earning neopoints, rather than just faffing around. I focused my energy on what I knew I could do, and avoided things that cost neopoints and time.

I have never earned this much in such a short period of time, and clearly, if I can, you can to! Find guides that work for you, and keep track of what you've banked each day, seeing those numbers go up really do wonders for the motivation. Best of luck, and I'll see you in the Games Room!

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