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Welcome to Neopets: A Guide to Success!

by hideri


Also by choquis

Welcome to Choquis and Hideri's guide to making your spiffy neoaccount even spiffier! You have been sucked into the black hole that is Neopets, and from here you can never escape! It's okay, though, because neither can we. We have our goals, just like any other Neopian, and we like to show everyone how hard we have worked to achieve or goals! A great way to do this is by "account improving," which is improving the parts of your account that users see when they look at your account, as a whole. Users improve their accounts to show their activity on Neopets, and show other users what they have accomplished. Many Neopians drool over accounts with tons of trophies or elusive stamp collecting avatars. In this guide, we will show you how to start transforming your account into an active and successful account.

Your First Impression: The User Lookup

Your user lookup is the first thing people see when they click on your username. This will make you stand out, and will show others a little about your personality. If you want people to check out your page, you need a nice, symmetric and colorful (yet not blinding) lookup! It can be simple or it can be elaborate. It needs to make people think, "Wow, this is great! I can't believe this user thought of something this cool!" On your lookup you can write anything you want. Write about you or your pets. Whatever you write about, remember to be friendly!

There are tons of Neopets users who have their own graphic sites, hosted right here on Neopets. They will provide you with HTML layouts for your user lookup, as well as your shop, gallery, petpages and pet lookups.

Stay Fashionable with Customization!

We know you are an expert on your pet's character, and don't need advice from us, but we promise to keep this brief. Customizing your pets is a true art! Your pets are featured on your lookup, and they are what most people are interested in seeing when they visit. Pets that are sitting around looking basic are not nearly as attention grabbing as beautifully dressed pets. People like to see variety, and customization is a great place to let your creativity and uniqueness, come alive.

If you get lost while trying to find a good outfit for your pet, you should check out the wonderful fan site, Dress to Impress. At this site, you can pull up a picture of your pet, and let it try on as many neopets wearable items, as you want. Once your pets are looking sharp, users will visit your user lookup and think: "Gee, what fashionable Neopets! I wish that I was this person's Neopet so I could be just as fashionable." True story.

Your Home away from Home: Neohomes

Since you are a rich and awesome Neopian, you can't possibly be homeless. In Neopia, you can build yourself a lovely and unique home, wherever you want! Do you love warm and exotic places? Mystery Island is the place for you. Is winter more your thing? Terror Mountain is your new home! Want to show off your cool and edgy side? Haunted Woods is the way to go. Where ever you choose, you wont be able to change it, so make sure it is really where you want.

After you choose your place, and your new home is built, you can fill it with anything you would like. There are tons of different pieces of furniture and decorations that can be found all over the site. You can find a style that you love, weather it be modern, rustic or dung. ;)

Now that your account is looking great, aesthetically, we will review different things you can collect to improve your account!

Collections: Neoboard Avatars

Avatars are a wonderful way to make your account stand out. The higher your avatar count, the more obvious it is that you have put a lot of effort into your account. Also, a wide variety of avatars will give you a ton to choose from, to use while chatting on the boards. Top avatar collectors also get a sweet trophy for their accounts!

There are a ton of avatars that you can get by simply visiting pages, and even more that require minimal effort to get. A Neopet's recommended site, Jellyneo, has a handy checklist that tells you which avatars you need to get. Find it here: http://www.jellyneo.net/avatars/

After you generate your checklist, you can see which avatars you need to finish off your collection, and what you need to do to get them. This is a quick and easy way to get all the avatars you want or need. Since a lot of avatars require a certain score in a game, or require you to do something on the site, avatar collecting is a great way to experience Neopets in a new way. There are avatars for all kinds things, so as you collect them, you can find new things about the site that you didn't know about!

Collections: Site Themes

Tired of your boring Neopets Yellow site theme? Well, good news! You can change your site theme, and collect different ones all around the site. Your amount of site themes is recorded on your lookup. You get them by completing events around the site, so the more you have, the more things you have done around Neopia.

Some of them can be obtained at any time, but some are given as prizes for site events. Neopets fan sites, like Jellyneo, have great guides on obtaining site themes.

Collections: Trophies

Accounts with rows and rows of trophies are by far the most impressive! Like avatars (and even site themes), trophies are given for all kinds of things, from the site's writing contests to getting high scores in flash games.

Some fairly simple ones to get are from quests, like Illusen's Glade, Jhudora's Cloud and Brain Tree Quest. These require you to complete the quests one or two times a day. All you have to do is fetch an item for the character giving the quest. At the end of the month, you will find yourself on the high score board, and with a pretty new trophy.

Neopian card games like Cheat, Go! Go! Go! and Pyramids, usually have simple rules as to when they award a trophy. You will need to check the specifics on the games, but if you win a few card games, you are usually in!

Other games (flash games, mainly) require you to get a score that is higher than other Neopians. For this, you will just have to pay attention to the high score table and see what score you need to get. An easy (well easier) way to get a high score is to play when the high scores reset on the first day of every month.

Collections: Stamps

Where you come from, stamp collecting may seem like a dull hobby for old people, but here in Neopia, stamps are absolutely in. Each user has their own stamp album that can be filled with stamps from all the lands in Neopia. Completing certain pages will give you special avatars, too!

Don't hesitate to ask for help, the boards are your friends! There are a lot of guides made specifically for stamp collectors, which will help you work on your collection. So if you find that stamp collecting is your thing, just know that you are not alone!

Your Favorite Collection, Your Gallery!

You already have an amazing lookup and pets, avatars, trophies and stamps, what more do you need? Your gallery of course!

Your gallery is a collection of whatever you want. Weather it be plushies, petpets, plants, random things you find around the site or your priceless treasures! There is no limit to the ideas you can come up with, and the more original, the better!

The gallery feature of Neopets works like the shop, except you can't sell things. You can create a gallery by going to your shop's page. Then fill it with everything you can find. Jellyneo's item database is helpful for this.

We hope that this guide has given you some ideas as to how to make your account the way you would like it! Good luck, fellow Neopian!

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