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Blumaroo Bibliography: The Top Ten Must-Haves

by shoobydala


Bouncing its way into the book scene, Blumaroo literature is at its most popular this time of year. Whether it's to celebrate Blumaroo Day, or simply look for an alternative to a fiftieth game of Bouncy Supreme, nothing beats picking up a good book about Neopia's bounciest species. There are many works by many authors featuring the springy species, not all of whom are listed here, but below is a list of the whichs and whys for Blumaroo literature's top ten.

10. The Happy Blumaroo

The Happy Blumaroo details a classic story of Bipple, an optimistic and affirmative protagonist, who bounces and sings about the forest like an earth faerie. What puts this novel in the top ten is its exceptional plot twist; this is no mere child's book, but can be enjoyed by all. From the loveable hero to the emotional rollercoaster of change, the plot and characters are well worth the read. However, at times the novel can be a tad cheesy, albeit unpredictable, placing The Happy Blumaroo below some competitors.

9. The Unlucky Blumaroo

In relative contrast to the aforementioned novel, The Unlucky Blumaroo is quite predictable. Narrating the story of Ufra, an incredibly unlucky Blumaroo, the book is filled with unfortunate scenarios and little success from the protagonist. The novel is, however, versatile, and could be read as a dark comedy or a mild tragedy, and does a spectacular job connecting its readers to little Ufra and his struggle to succeed at just about anything. It's an emotional but lovely experience to read.

8. Blumaroo Comedy

Blumaroo Comedy is exactly what it sounds like: a series of comedic sketches with Blumaroos as the stars. Despite not particularly tugging at any heartstrings, this collection is capable of filling readers up with elation and laughter unlike any other. Besides, what good is a book if it doesn't exude happiness and energy? Life flows out of these pages and only for its lack of any real plot is it below the top five.

7. Bouncing Blumaroos

Similar to the comedy collection, Bouncing Blumaroos is a plotless conglomeration of enjoyable material. Instead of sketches, however, this book is chock full of facts and essentially everything and anything one could possibly want to know about the bounciest species in Neopia. Bouncing Blumaroos is one of those books that's almost necessary to have around a household, either for entertaining random and potentially unwanted dinner guests or for personal procrastination from more important tasks. The highest bounce? Furthest bounce? Most creative bounce? This book has it all and much more.

6. Baby Blumaroos

To be honest, it's astonishing to see this book so high on this list, if at all, but here it is. Baby Blumaroos is just too impossibly cute. The prose, commentary, imagery and diction will effortlessly sweep readers into a giggly daydream of cuddly pillows and bouncing smiley faces. Although not qualified as a storybook, Baby Blumaroos contains all there is to know about a squishy, bouncy, itty bitty baby Blumaroo. There's not really much more to be said about it other than it has a phenomenally adorable quality. It's just plain cute.

5. The Mighty Blumaroo

The Mighty Blumaroo! Unlike any other classic hero's tale, The Mighty Blumaroo possesses incredible confidence in its storytelling and wastes no time in detailing battle skill, valiance, and charisma in the form of a bouncy and energetic protagonist. If the Defenders of Neopia seemed spectacular, the Mighty Blumaroo will rapidly steal the spotlight with a wink of his eye and spring of his tail. Blumaroos are also typically portrayed as happy-go-lucky, and this book adds danger to the mix, giving depth to Blumaroos and superheroes everywhere.

4. Blumaroo Love Stories

Blumaroo Love Stories is a classic collection of some of the finest, most touching tales of affection that has ever been written. Featuring the most romantic of loves and most tender of friendships, this book of stories warms the hearts of readers and gives them an internal fuzzy feeling. It's also something that can be read multiple times, thus earning itself a higher place on the list; the friendships are as lasting as the impression of their stories, and even a thousand rereads later they never become dull.

3. Blumaroo Guide to Dancing

Blumaroo Guide to Dancing is an essential for all neopets, whether or not Blumaroos are a favorite species. Although it is relatively difficult to learn dance through a paper medium, this book does an excellent job instructing the hottest and most lasting dance moves. Blumaroos are, by far, the best dancers and are naturally accustomed to spectacular movements, but this book does a phenomenal job of sharing the technique and artistry of dance. Readers who pick up this book will no longer be the one at holiday parties standing awkwardly by the bowl of Faerie Punch while the dance floor is crowded. This book instills confidence and skill to be a dancing superstar. Get grooving!

2. Blumaroo Fashion

Although Blumaroo Fashion is a tad more species-specific, it can easily apply to other neopets. Filled with the best tips and tricks for style, Blumaroo Fashion offers advice for every fashion scenario. No longer is there a wardrobe malfunction, uncomfortably formal occasion, or unexpectedly prestigious fashion emergency that cannot be handled at the flip of a few pages. It's a necessity, particularly for Blumaroos, not only due to the helpful content but the clarity of the writing. It's organized, precise, and super stylish.

1. Le Blu

The novel that takes the cake is none other than Le Blu! Groundbreaking, inspired, and unavoidably charming, Le Blu tells the story of a shy and mysterious Blumaroo and leads the reader down a deep character discovery. Le Blu captivates readers and delivers, adeptly presenting contrast between typical Blumaroo life and characterization and an adventurous new perspective on what it means to be an individual. Mesmerizing and beautifully written, Le Blu is the quintessential Blumaroo book and has a high place amongst all of Neopian literature.

From ten to one, those are the top Blumaroo reads for any and all summer reading desires. It's no secret that Blumaroos are bouncy, but their bibliography bounces beyond bookworm basics. Try saying that three times fast, then pick up a volume and get reading!

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