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Moon Rock Rampage - The Guide!

by megamak



Hello! If you are here, that's because you want to learn how to score high on the Moon Rock Rampage game. Well, I'm sure that won't be a problem for you after you read this walkthrough. Don't think it will be easy, because it won't. You'll have to dedicate some time to this game. However, it will totally be worth it when you see that gold trophy on your cabinet.

Since I know most of you don't like to read game instructions, I'll spend a little time teaching you the basic about Moon Rock Rampage: You play with Gorix or Cylara (Cylara is my favorite one, by the way) and you have to collect all the parts of your escape ship so that your character can go back home. The pieces' values vary between 1 and 250.


1) Use the arrow keys to move your character.

2) Press the space bar every time you want to fire your laser gun or to push the moon blocks. Shooting or Pushing Rock into enemies will destroy them.

3) Push a block into the lava and you will be able to walk over it.

4) There are three enemies: the Rock monsters, the Droids and the Rock Worms. Be careful because the Rock Worms can pop out at a random spot. The Rock monsters only pop up near to what I call their bases (The smaller rock with a red spot in the center). And the Droids only pop up near the yellow boxes (BE CAREFUL: They can push rocks on you)

5) Shooting into rock monster and rock worms will turn them into blocks. Shooting into Droids will destroy them.

6) Every time you push rocks into your enemies, be sure to try to hit more than one because the points you receive will increase. For example: If you hit one monster, you'll get 1 point. If you hit 2 monsters, you will get 6 points ( 1 + 5 ). If you hit 3 monster, you will get 16 points (1 + 5 + 10). If you hit 6 monsters, you'll get ( 1 + 5 + 10 + 25 + 50 + 100) = 191 points.

7) Type "Rampage" to get one extra life.

8) Type novisitors to get 30 extra seconds

9) Droids that pop up from red boxes DO NOT SHOOT YOU and will regenerate if you push rocks into them. Droid from yellow boxes do shoot you.


Level 1 → The easiest! Just walk up and push any of the rocks and it'll go into the lava. Finally, Collect the 2 parts of the ship to go to level 2. If you do it faster, you won't even notice the enemies that will appear. You should finish this level with at least 30 points.

Level 2 → It might look hard, but relax. Just shoot the blocks into the lava in order to make a path so that you can collect the objects. I recommend you to get the 2 items in the places where there are no bases (Check consideration 4) and after that, collect the items in the places with bases. Just shoot into the monsters that show up and they'll become blocks. Making things a lot easier for you. You should finish this level with at least 71 points.

Level 3 → In this level, the rock worms will start popping up. Just be fast and collect the items and you will have no problem with them. You should finish this level with at least 87 points.

Level 4 → In my opinion, one of the hardest levels in game. Shoot the block and get the first item and immediately run to the other one. In this level, you have probably noticed that the enemies take a bit to show up. So be careful and finish this level as fast as you can. You should finish this level with at least 98 points.

Level 5 → As easy as level 4. Push the block into the lava so that you can get to the pieces. If you do it faster you will see no enemies this round! You should finish this level with at least 129 points.

Level 6 → One of my favourite levels. What you need to do? Block the enemies. How you do this? Simple: First of all: as soon as you start the level , wait to a monster stay in the south exit of the square and shoot it. It'll become a rock and you will block the south exit. After that, block the east and the west exits by doing the same thing. Collect the items and congratulations. You're on level 7! You should finish this level with at least 170 points.

Level 7 → Just push the block into the lava and grab the item. You should finish this level with at least 220 points.

Level 8 → That's the first level with Droids. As I said, be careful because they will push rocks into you. Just shoot them and grab the items. And notice that you must be really careful to get the 25 points item in the left. You can't miss the 2 blocks. They are the only way to make a path to go there. You should finish this level with at least 255 points.

Level 9 → Not as difficult as it seems to be. Just lets concentrate: First the one in the bottom-left. After, go to the one in the right (Push the rocks into the lava to make a path). Then be fast to get the last 2 pieces in the top of the screen. If necessary, shoot at the monsters to turn them into Rock. You should finish this level with at least 224 points.

Level 10 → Easy and with a piece that will give you 250 points! Just push a to the right , make a path and collect the 2 items. You should finish this level with at least 524 points.

Level 11 → Push the rocks in the orange and yellow machine direction. It will let you collect the 25 points item. To collect the last items, you will have to turn an enemy into a block and push this block into the orange and yellow machine direction that is on the top right corner of the screen. Hurry up and collect the 2 items. You should finish this level with at least 604 points.

Level 12 → The funniest level! Just push any of the 2 rocks to make a path. Then, push the rock in the left or the rock in the right. After that, Just wait.. After a moment, one of them will disappear, after that just push the other one into the machine direction and it'll disappear too. Collect the items. You should finish this level with at least 694 points.

Level 13 → Just push the blocks so that they don't disturb you and collect the items. You'll need to push the block in the left to be able to get the 5 points item. You should finish this level with at least 700 points.

Level 14 → You will need to make blocks. How to? Wait for the monster to come and shoot at them, turning them into rocks. Push the rocks to the left and make a path. Collect the items. You should finish this level with at least 741 points.

Level 15 → Just be quick. Push the rocks up to make a path, then push the rock to the right and collect the items. Be careful in the top-right corner. You should finish this level with at least 792 points.

Level 16 → No secret! This one will need you to think faster and be smart. Don't stay in the same line as a droid. NEVER. They will push rocks into your direction. You should finish this level with at least 858 points.

Level 17 → Easy!!! Just push the rocks and get the items. You should finish this level with at least 874 points.

Level 18 → Use the rocks to make a path. Just be careful with the rock monsters! You should finish this level with at least 882 points.

Level 19 → This is what I call "Brother of level 16". Just the same thing. Be careful with the droids and remember that the droids from red boxes DO NOT push rocks into you. You should finish this level with at least 1048 points.

Level 20 → Last level! "IT WILL BE VERY HARD!" No!! It won't. Just relax and use the blocks to make your path. The enemies won't be a big problem. You should finish this level with at least 1473 points. CONGRATULATIONS!! It was not the hard, right?


If you hit the last level, you will be able to get at least a bronze trophy in the reset. But to go for a higher score, I recommend you don't pass the levels quickly. Stay a little more, pushing rock into the robots so that you can increase your score. Don't forget that if you push a rock into 2, 3, 4, 5 monsters at the same time, you'll get a lot of points for it.

Good luck! I really hope you get the Gold trophy.

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