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Protect the Snowmen!: A Snow Wars II Guide

by typlohisioh


If I had to make a list of the top ten games that intimidated me, or that I thought I would never master, then Snow Wars II definitely would be at the top of that list. After recently achieving the avatar, I would like to provide some tips that will hopefully melt away all your fears about Snow Wars II. Let's get started!

The basic goal of Snow Wars II is to protect five snowmen from the Snow Beasts and Lupes. Luckily, the catapult operating Grundos will help you. :) Snow Wars II has three stages that repeat throughout the game. The first stage is building, or surrounding your snowmen with blocks of snow. The second stage is placing catapults in the fortress that you built for your snowmen in the stage I. In the third and last stage, it's time to attack the Snow Beasts (who have their own catapults that will attack your fortress) and Lupes. I'll go into all three stages more in depth as we go on. Whatever size you play the game in, I would suggest low quality. As the game goes on, there is a quite a bit of lag because of the amount of action happening. I prefer large, because it's easier to see. Experiment and see what works for you!

Stage I: In my opinion, Stage I is the hardest part of the game, and probably is what makes Snow Wars II so intimidating. When you start the game, you will have thirty seconds to build surround a snowman. While you can proceed in the game by only surrounding one snowman, the goal is to build a fortress that will surround all of them. Before even thinking about building, look at where the snowmen are positioned. You'll notice an icy river on the left side and some ice near the top of the screen. If your snowmen are near either of these, restart the game. Sometimes, one of the snowmen may even be on the other side of the river! In that case, definitely restart. These barriers in the game will make it difficult to build later on, so it's best to have as much room as possible. Restart until you have a game where the snowmen are a good distance away from both, and are relatively close together.

In order to surround all the snowmen, you will be building a rectangular shape that encloses all of them. Building is done by clicking the left mouse button. The shape that will be built is shown as you hover. To rotate the shape, click the spacebar. Since you only have thirty seconds, there is no time to carefully rotate every single piece. I tried to be fast, but also accurate when building the fortress. If you leave lots of holes in the fortress, they will become very troublesome later on! I start in the upper right and go clockwise. Make sure that you don't build too close to a snowman, or filling in missing chunks will be difficult! When I first started, I couldn't even get past this first stage because I wasn't fast enough! To practice, I clicked as fast as possible but followed the contour of the rectangle I was trying to make, so there weren't many jagged edges. As I got better, I added in more of the rotating and adjusting. After a bit of practice, you will be at the point where you have time remaining. Use this time to reinforce the fortress even more. If there are missing squares, then fill them in! The next time stage I happens, you will only have 15 seconds to fill in missing blocks.

Stage II: In this stage, you will put Grundo operated catapults in your fortress. You have 15 seconds to do this. Try not to put them too close to the edge of the fortress, or they will get in the way as well in your next building stage. I like to put them in the middle of the fortress, so they are out of the way. The first time stage II happens, you can place six catapults. Each time after that, you will have five, assuming all five are surrounded. If only two are surrounded, then you will only get two catapults. Surprisingly, more catapults isn't necessary once you're at a certain point. Once you have 20-25, having more won't make getting rid of the enemies faster, and will only make the game lag more. At this point, the number of enemies will also be the same every level.

Stage III: This is the stage where you attack! You have 15 seconds to try and get rid of the Lupes and Snow Beasts. Try to clear all of them if you can, especially in the later levels, otherwise they will keep accumulating. If the Lupes advance close enough to the fortress or even inside, the space that they occupy is a space that you cannot build on. I start at the top of the screen and go down, focusing on the Snow Beasts first. Then, I proceed back up to get the Lupes. In this stage, I'm clicking pretty frantically. Since the game lags, it may take a few seconds for an enemy you defeated to disappear, so don't waste time and wait! The Snow Beasts move less than the Lupes, and if you're getting rid of them within the first few seconds, you don't have to worry about them moving. Clicking right now will usually do the trick. The Lupes, annoyingly, can move, which will make you miss. Don't get thrown off by this! Most of the time, they tend to move forward. I usually aim right in front of them, so by the time the snowball lands, the Lupes will have essentially walked right into it.


If I lost in Snow Wars II, it was usually during one of the building stages. Right before the attacking stage (Stage III) ends, take a quick screenie! I usually do this with one second left, and by that time, all the enemies are gone. Then, I figure out where I need to build so I'm not fumbling in the building stage. When the Z and plus sign shapes appear, you'll really need to know where the holes are, otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time getting rid of those blocks and figuring out where the fortress has gaps.

Speaking of the Z and plus signs, or any shapes that you don't need, for that matter... I get rid of them by building them on the other side of the river, where the Lupes and Snow Beasts will appear. You don't have to make a mess in your fortress by placing them there.

If there are some lingering Lupes after Stage III, you can also get rid of them by building around them. Fantastically, they will disappear!

I hope that this guide has been helpful for you! Like me, if you were one of those previously intimidated by Snow Wars II, go give it a chance! Once you master the first stage, it's only a matter of time and practice before you get the avatar, or even trophy, for that matter!

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