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The Elusive Usukicon Goodie Bag

by mreilynne


As the Annual Usuki Doll Convention rolls around the corner, Neopians everywhere are wondering the same thing: What will we find in this year's goodie bag? The Usukicon Goodie Bags released each year are especially popular among collectors and resellers because of their limited availability and the amazing items they give out. So, what should we expect to see when we open Year 16's bag? Let's take a look at the previous bags to find out:

Usukicon Y5 Goodie Bag – The very first goodie bag gave two gifts when opened, and contained the following items: Pass for Usukicon Y5, Squeaky Mini Usuki Doll, Usuki Pen, Usukicon Y5 Badge, Usukicon Y5 Limited Edition Poster, and Usukicon Y5 Lunch Box.

Usukicon Y6 Goodie Bag – The next goodie bag continued a trend of squeaky toys and pens, with the Usukicon Y6 Squeaky Toy and Usukicon Y6 Pen. It also included the Official Usukicon Y6 Guide Book, Usukicon Y6 Eraser, Usukicon Y6 Keyring, and Usukicon Y6 Notebook.

Usukicon Y7 Gift Bag – Year 7's goodie bag brought another guide book: the Usukicon Y7 Guide Book. It also contained Raspberry Usuki Gumballs, as well as the Regal Prince Usuki Set, Usukicon Souvenir Bow, Usukicon Y7 ball, Usukicon Y7 Hair Clip, and Usukicon Y7 Plushie.

Usukicon Y8 Gift Bag – The Usukicon Y8 Gift Bag brought back a couple of repeat items, including the Usukicon Y8 Attendee Badge, Usukicon Y8 Guide Book, and the Usukicon Y8 Poster. The new goodies included the Usukicon Y8 Colouring Book, Usukicon Y8 Costume Boa, Usukicon Y8 Magical Hair Brush, Usukicon Y8 Rainbow Drops, and Usukicon Y8 Snowglobe.

Usukicon Y9 Gift Bag – Year 9 saw some more repeat items with the Usukicon Y9 Collectable Plushie, Usukicon Y9 Keyring, and Usukicon Y9 Guide. Among the new items were the Usukicon Y9 Comic Sampler, Usukicon Y9 Hard Candy, and the wearable Usukicon Y9 Magical Hair Usuki Mask.

Usukicon Y10 Gift Bag – Repeat items in Year 10's goodie bag included the Usuki Comic Sampler, Usukicon Y10 Attendee Badge (which is now a wearable item), and Usukicon Y10 Keyring. The Collectable Vinyl Usuki Doll, Limited Edition Usuki Lip Gloss, Usuki Beanie wearable, Usukicon Y10 Gummies, and Usukicon Y10 Pencil set were new items not found in the older bags.

Usukicon Y11 Gift Bag – The Usukicon Y11 Gift Bag featured a couple of items seen in previous gift bags: the Usukicon Y11 Comic Book, Usukicon Y11 Lunch Box, and Usukicon Y11 Hair Brush. There were a few new and exciting items found in this goodie bag, including the Collectors Edition Usuki Doll, Usukicon Y11 Background (a new wearable), Usukicon Y11 Calendar, Usukicon Y11 Messenger Bag, and the Usukicon Y11 Puzzle.

Usukicon Y12 Goodie Bag – The wearable Pile of Usukis and Usukicon Y12 Garland were the only items in the Y12 goodie bag similar to prizes from previous bags. The Ilere Usuki, Mr. Krawley Usuki, Usukicon Y12 Hand Sanitizer, Usukicon Y12 Deoderant, and Usukicon Y12: A Dozen Years were all new items for the Usukicon Bags.

Usukicon Y13 Goodie Bag – Surprisingly, Year 13's Usukicon Goodie Bag contained mostly repeat items: the Garden Gal and Princess Usuki Keyrings, Usuki Dream Castle Background, Usukicon Y13 Attendee Badge, and Usukicon Y13 Event Guide. The only relatively unique item to this bag was the Usukicon Y13 Pile of Adverts (heh, clever).

Usukicon Y14 Goodie Bag – Repeat items in the Y14 Goodie Bag included the Illusen and Kari Usukis, Usuki Collection Garland, and Usukicon Y 14 Attendee Badge. The Usuki Lollypop and Usuki Mints were newer items from this bag.

Usukicon Y15 Goodie Bag – The Usukicon Y15 Attendee Badge was the only item from this bag that was seen in previous Usukicon Goodie Bags. The rest of the items were new, including the Beach Fun Usuki Cupcakes, Hula Girl Usuki Cake, and Brightvale, Meridell, and Tyrannia Collectors Usukis.

Based on the items found in previous Usukicon Goodie Bags, I've compiled a list of things we might expect to see in the Usukicon Y16 Goodie/Gift Bag:

1. Wearables – Since the Customization aspect of Neopets was introduced, the Usukicon Goodie Bags have contained some kind of wearable item, so it makes sense to anticipate a new wearable (or even two) in Year 16's bag. We've already seen a couple of backgrounds and garlands, which leads me to believe it might be time for something new! I personally hope to see a nice wig or convention T-shirt.

2. New Usuki Dolls – Year 15's goodie bag brought three Neopian Lands Collectors Usuki dolls, and I think the Y16 bag will continue that trend. There are so many Neopian Lands to choose from, that there's no way to really predict which ones will be featured. I would love to see Shenkuu, Lost Desert, and Altador Collectors Usukis this year!

3. A Badge – Prior to Customization, badges or passes of some sort were found in the Y5 and Y8 Usukicon Goodie Bags. Wearable badges were included in four of the past post-Customization bags. I'm pretty positive that a Usukicon Y16 Attendee Badge will appear on the list of Y16 prizes, but what color will it be? I really have no idea, but some yellow and blue would be refreshing!

4. Food Items – Six of the past Usukicon bags have contained some kind of food item, so it's possible that this year's bag could, as well! I would imagine that it would more than likely be some type of candy, similar to the rainbow drops seen in Year 8 or the gummies seen in Year 10. However, my gut tells me that we may see a Usuki-themed chocolate item in this year's bag!

5. Beauty/Grooming Items – Since five of the past goodie bags have contained a beauty or grooming item, we may see one in the Y16 bag. I really don't know what to expect in terms of beauty items. It could be anything ranging from eye shadow to lipstick!

There's no question why the Usukicon Goodie Bags are so popular. They contain absolutely fabulous items that anyone can enjoy! After examining the past goodie bags and making my predictions, I'm really excited for what the Usukicon Y16 Goodie Bag will bring! Make sure to get your hands on one if you can: they're fairly hard to find and prices of the items inflate quickly.

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