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Dean's Good Deed

by scathachs


There comes a time where all great things come to their end. It may be a day of sorrow or rejoice, but no matter what, or who you are, your day will thunder down leaving greatness or ruin in its wake.

     There's a boy who lives on the outskirts of Neopia Central, I suppose some would even call him a man. In his nineteenth year this vivid young Kyrii happens to be. He is unlike most Neopets, he is independent and wild. You can see it in his deep, hazel coloured eyes. It's like they burn through you; it's always hard to keep eye contact with him.

     His name, should you care to know it, is Dean. If you really want to pull his chain, you may even like to call him 'Deany' or 'Deany Pie', like his mother often does. It won't be greeted with a warm smile, however.

     Dean is a golden Kyrii with the shaggiest hair. It is pretty scruffy, like he just hopped out of a shower and roughed it up with a towel, except it seems to sit like that all day every day. It sort of flows across his face, framing it, in blissful jaggers. It would probably look dapper if his hair were well-kept.

     Dean stands on the tallish side, just above average in height, and his customisation is casual, deep blue jeans and a black shirt, nothing fancy at all. No contact lenses or accessories, just a good pair of white runners, because Fyora knows he'll be legging it out of trouble sooner than later!

     He lives in a modest neohome, not too sizable, but big enough for a family. Most neopets out of town have large houses, so some in Central may consider it bigger than their neohomes. His family share the neohome. Living with Dean is his older brother, Jacoby, their mother Jullian, and their father Isaac.

     Jacoby is a brown Kyrii that makes friends easily, he likes to tinker with things and is usually working on something. Jacoby is rather stealthy though and will slip out of any room unnoticed, without any trouble. Dean often says he should be painted stealth, but Jacoby isn't the type to save his NP. In a way, Jacoby keeps to himself, despite his large neofriend list.

     Jullian is a typical Kyrii, she has two boys and a neohome to keep clean, along with the neogarden to tend to, that it may thrive and grow into something wonderful. She loves all sorts of flowers and fruits, but for some reason cannot seem to get them to grow in the way she pictures it in her head.

     Isaac, Dean and Jacoby's dad, is a gruff old Kyrii. He does a lot of field work out on Meriacre Farm. He is getting on in years, but always puts in a solid amount of effort into everything he does. He'll always be there for his boys, even if they take amusement in trying his patience sometimes!

     Back to our rebel, Dean. This troublesome Kyrii is well known for his mischief, having made King Skarl mad more times than anyone else, and he also holds the reputation for classically filling the Rainbow Pool with soap bubbles. Mostly harmless things, done for personal amusement, yet at the dismay of those around him.

     And yet everyone adores Dean, because he makes them laugh. He has a childish grin that gets him anywhere. King Roo adores him; Dean will never say no to one of King Roo's games, he is eager to take up and conquer every challenge, and laugh off any losses. King Roo sometimes feels a bit less jolly after losing to Dean multiple times in a row, but he'll always invite him back into his game room, because Dean is such a great sport.

     This is how everyone becomes so conflicted over Dean; he is a loveable rebel, unwilling to reason. Happy to say and do as he pleases, because he knows no one will deny him. They may get mad or upset or whatever, but they'll be back. They always come back for something...

     "I'm just that good! I am a legend!" Dean told himself aloud, after winning another World Challenge victory. He'd maxed out his wins for the past four days now.

     "Dean! Why don't you leave the games room and give someone else a fair go? Jacoby could use your help putting up a wardrobe, and I could use your help out in the neogarden. Remember that fountain you said you'd help build in the garden.... Two months ago?" Jullian sang out.

     "You guys are fine.. You can do it yourselves, I believe in you!" and with that Dean had jumped out of his window and onto the dusty ground outside.

     The air was cool; it always did get cold in Neopia Central around this time of the year. A bellow of wind picked up and sent debris from loose dirt skittering along with it. Dean shivered. It was very cold out today.

     The sky looked grey like a stone, clouds sat scattered throughout the sky. There was no sun, but as Dean looked up in thought, he saw a tiny spec up there, orbiting. The Space Station, Dean identified it easily. He'd never been, but he had heard stories of strange happenings up there.

     "No use looking up at the sky," Dean sighed to himself. An empty lot of land stretched out in front of him and he began to walk away from his home and into town.

     It was a weekend, yet there was very little activity around. In town the shops would be thriving with restockers and upper-class neopets at the stock exchange. But out here, you've got nothing save the odd neighbour waving to you, and a few wild petpets popping up here and there.

     For the most part things were still. Trees were animated by the icy breeze and the path into town lay silent. As Dean trod along it alone, he wondered what he would do now.

     He figured he'd go and visit Peopatra's central petpet pen. He beamed a little, as he did adore those little petpets. His sneakers thudded along dusty road as he picked up his pace.

     When Dean finally arrived, he heard a funny noise at the petpet yards and saw a hole in the fence! What was going on?!! He hid behind a large boulder, as he saw two suspicious looking Meerca haul a big bag out of the yard, snickering. Dean could hear the petpets inside the bag, whimpering!

     What could Dean do to help his favourite petpets? If he ran to Peopatra now, he would surely get the blame for making that hole in the fence! Rebel Dean, it was always his fault, even when he tried to do good. This was different though, those petpets needed saving, and those shady Meerca needed to be stopped!

     "How can I help my Seti friends?" A thought came to Dean. Jacoby had given him a Green Sticky Hand last week to play pranks with; from this spot he may be able to use it to snatch something off those nasty Meerca and use it as evidence!

     And that is what Dean did. With all his skill and prowess, he flung that sticky hand with purpose. It struck the smallest Meerca on the side, and flung back to his hiding spot before the Meerca could turn and see what had hit him. A small notebook fall into Dean's hand, as the Meerca stopped and turned around...

     "What was that then, 'ey?" He peered about.

     "Quiet! And hurry up and get a move on!" The larger Meerca hushed his accomplice and they moved away swiftly out of view.

     What Dean had looked pointless, a notebook... But he opened it and saw their plan! Everything was written here, including the names of those two Meerca and their scheme to sell the petpets on the auction house! What nasty fellows they were, Dean scowled!

     And so our dear Dean upped on his heels and headed towards Peopatra's shop with all haste! It was a long way to the Lost Desert, but he got there in good time. He ran as fast as his little legs could take him, and was lucky enough to catch a flight on a Lenny. That was pretty cool!

     knock, knock, knock.

     "Peopatra! Peopatra! It's Dean, something is wrong with your petpets! Please help!" Dean rapped upon the door, exhausted. Peopatra heard the urgency in his voice and came to the door.

     "Whatever is a matter, Dean?" she asked.

     "They took the Seti away, they stole your Seti!" Dean thrust the notebook into Peopatra's grasp and she frowned at it.

     "What are you talking about, Dean? What trouble have you caused?" Then she looked at the notebook, and saw the names of the Meerca Brothers. She dropped it and ran straight into neomail the Security Chia, who came immediately.

     "Don't worry, Peopatra, we'll get your petpets back," said Officer Chia, as he finished up questioning Dean about what he'd saw.

      It took a few days, but finally Officer Chia kept his word. The petpets were recovered from flagged auctions and all were returned to Peopatra, all thanks to Dean and his quick thinking!

     The Meerca Henchman got away, but they'd surely make a mistake somewhere, and justice would come swiftly for them, Dean thought.

     Dean was given honours as a brave citizen, and people began to see him in a new light, now when he walked around the place, people waved a little more warmly, and he endeavoured to keep it that way. He was sure to watch his replies and he was considerate towards others in the games room, he even helped Jullian build that fountain.

     Maybe, just maybe, if things kept going well, he'd consider joining the Defenders of Neopia, but that would take a lot of training and dedication... A story for another day.

The End. :)

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