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A Beginner's Guide To Dailies

by hydro_thunder001


Hello! If you are reading this guide, then it means one important thing. You might never know what a "daily" is or that you could know what a freebie is, but you can only name a handful of them. But either way, I have the perfect solution on how you can start or expand your dailies list.

How this article will work is that I will list a "daily" and where they are in a land in Neopia. Since this is a "beginner's guide", we will only cover some of the "dailies" that can be found visibly in any land, all in no particular order, BUT IF AND ONLY IF they are limited to certain times in the day, could be done more than once per day, or anything else that is related to the other two things will be listed down in the "Notes" section.

So without further talk, let's go!

Daily #1: Obsidian Quarry

Where: Moltara

How to get there: Click on the pile of obsidian in the bottom-left corner when you get the Main map (not the Caves section)

Daily: It gives you a piece of Shiny Obsidian, which could be used in Tangor's Workshop to make some Moltaran Petpets that could be created by combining multiple items at Tangor's Workshop by the time Moltara was discovered during the Atlas of the Ancients plot... but unfortunately enough, we cannot spend the rest of the article explaining Atlas of the Ancients, so if you want to know what that plot was about, please go find an AotA plot guide. Thank you.

Daily #2: The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity (or otherwise known as TDMBGPOP to players)

Where: Faerieland

How to get there: In the main Faerieland map, find a bunch of trees near the Wheel of Excitement, and then in you see a blue "dot" under the trees, click on it.

Daily: Once a day, you can visit Blue Grundo plushie that looks like it had been left alone (poor guy), and you can earn items, NP, an avatar, make your pet feel hungry (making it closer to being bloated) or sad (decreases its Mood level), or you could earn nothing at all.

Notes: The items are all toy-based items (this also includes Collectable Charms) and the highest worth of an item I ever got from here was about 80K if I sold it in my shop (the item was a Pinchit Collectible Charm)

Dailies #3/4: Grumpy Old King/Wise Old King (they are both together because they are almost the same type of daily)

Where: Meridell/Brightvale (respectively)

How to get there: When you get to Meridell Castle, click on where it says "Grumpy Old King"/Click on "Brightvale Castle" when you reach the main map.

Daily: You have to come up with your own joke (a question based one)/words of wisdom to make King Skarl/King Hagan laugh hysterically/be impressed by your wisdom. If you don't succeed, he will not laugh at your joke/tell you that he has heard those words of wisdom before, or even worse, if it is bad enough for them, he will throw you out of the castle/throw you out of the castle.

Notes: Just like I had mentioned before, there are only a few differences between these dailies. Grumpy Old King can be done twice a day, but Wise Old King gives one try for the day. Also, Grumpy Old King rewards you avatars (for managing a high score or being forced to be thrown out of the castle (getting a low score)) and Wise Old King rewards one avatar for having a high score.

Daily #5: Daily Puzzle

Where: Not actually in a land, but on the Community page

How to get there: On the Community page... between Fan Sites and Editorial.

Daily: Every day, there is a new question made by TNT that tests your knowledge in book characters, items, characters, etc. Get the question wrong, and you'll be shown the correct answer. Get it right, however, and you will earn a decent amount of NP (between 200-450).

Notes: On certain event days (pet days) you can earn the usual NP, and also an item. On Neopets's birthday (November 15th) you earn an item and 1,000 NP! That is, if you answer correctly.

Daily #6: Symol Hole

Where: Meridell

How to get there: On the regular map, it is near the tree that is under the Turmaculus/that is to the left of the Ye Olde Food Shoppe.

Daily: Once a day you can try to make your Petpet go down a mysteriously placed hole that people say has been made by Symols, Petpets that sometimes burrow (dig holes) in places that they shouldn't!

Notes: You can get items, level ups for your petpet, NP, and other cool stuff, like an avatar for getting your first non-level up reward! Be warned, it will take a LOT of tries to get this, but you can do it!

Daily #7: Fruit Machine

Where: The Sakhmet section of the Lost Desert

How to get there: When on the Sakhmet map, click on where it says "Fruit Machine".

Daily: The Fruit Machine can give a chance to earn you NP and maybe some items. Every day you get a free spin (your only spin for the day) and the three panels spin and if you can land two fruits in a row, you win NP and that fruit. Land three in a row, and you will win bigger prizes!

Notes: You cannot earn a small (2 fruit) prize if the two fruits match from the second and third panel. They must match from the first and second panels.

Daily #8: Anchor Management

Where: Krawk Island

How to get there: Click on the "Governor's Mansion", and then click the button that says "I'll give it a shot...".

Daily: This one is just simple enough. Whenever you see two buttons with one on the left saying "Fire!!!" and "Flee!!!", please click "Fire!!!". Doing so will earn an item.

Notes: All the items range from pirate-themed items to dubloons to books to even rarer prizes like the Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie; that is, if you don't put it in your SDB when you go Apple Bobbing...

Daily #9: Lunar Temple

Where: Shenkuu

How to get there: Click on the building that has the banner with a moon on it.

Daily: When you enter the Shenkuu Lunar Temple, you are met by a wise old Gnorbu who can challenge you by guessing the position of Kreludor (of where it could look like in the night sky) in a random position, out of 16 possible choices. If you get it wrong or right, you will still earn items either way.

Notes: Clicking on Kreludor on the map will show Neopia orbiting the sun and Kreludor orbiting Neopia at the same time. This could help you with your answer...

Daily #10: Ye Olde Fishing Vortex

Where: The Ruins part of Maraqua

How to get there: When you enter the ruins, click on where it says "Ye Olde Fishing Vortex".

Daily: "Welcome to the underwater fishing cavern!" In here you can fish for fish, squid, and other items that you can find... fishing. Also as you keep fishing with a pet, their fishing skill goes up as well too.

Notes: You can earn an avatar here...

Daily #11: Tombola

Where: Mystery Island

How to get there: Click on where it says "Tombola".

Daily: This one is also simple. You click where it says "Play Tombola!" and here is what happens: If you get a ticket that ending with 0, 2, or 5, then you win! If you don't, you lose.

Notes: You cannot play at certain times of the day, like at 3:00 A.M. NST or at 1:00 P.M. NST.

Dailies #12/13: The Island Mystic/Haiku Generator

Where: Mystery Island

How to get there: Wherever it says "Island Mystic"/"Haiku Generator".

Dailies: Both of these dailies give you a foretelling of your fortune/a random haiku each day, waiting for another one.

Notes: You can earn avatars from both of them...

Daily #14: Giant Omelette

Where: The Plateau part of Tyrannia

How to get there: When you reach the Plateau, click on "Giant Omelette".

Daily: Every day you can pick up a piece of Omelette, which can be eaten up to 3 times as the Omelette is in pieces.

Notes: There is a similar daily in Jelly Wor... um, I mean that you cannot get any avatars from here, and please don't feed any of your pets Rotten Omelettes. Yeah, that's it.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little guide on dailies, and I hope you can find more of them scattered all out and about that is not listed on this guide, either by searching through Neopia or finding a list of them on other petpages. Until next time, see you later! ;)

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