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Seven Heroic Petpets

by chavo_guerrero


Every hero needs a sidekick and every Neopet needs a Petpet.

If you have a Neopet that wants to be a vanquisher of evil or an upholder of justice, it stands to reason that they're going to need a very special Petpet to help them with all their adventuring and good deeds.

Here is my helpful short list of the top seven heroic Petpets in Neopia, all of which would prove to be the perfect companion for any warrior of the peace!

7: Razumi

With its golden horned head and sharp claws, this noble little Petpet can help defend its owner in any encounter. Naturally loyal and faithful, the Razumi will stick by its owners side no matter how dire the situation, and has even been known to bring the occasional item back to a beloved Neopet. The Razumi is naturally green, but can also come in Faerie or Royal colours, making it the perfect Petpet for a hero or heroine alike!

6: Alabriss

What kind of adventuring, exploring hero can afford to be without their noble steed? All right, so the Alabriss isn't exactly big enough to actually ride, but they are extremely fast and useful to their owners as they can carry messages and items at high speeds. With their pretty wings and huge, friendly eyes, the Alabriss is the perfect Petpet for any budding, young hero-in-training. They're know to be super strong, and will protect their owners from anyone who dares to threaten to disturb the harmony of Neopia. The Alabriss comes in a range of colours from Rainbow and Water, to Black and Electric - you can even get a special Birthday Alabriss, that looks like a cupcake, to call your own!

5: Quilin

With its profound nobility and elegance, the Quilin is desired less for its fighting skills, and more for its mysterious wisdom. Proudly standing beside its owner, its imposing gaze will deter villains and scoundrels from causing all sorts of trouble and mischief. It is widely believe by the people of Shenkuu - from where this Petpet originates - to have mystical, obscure powers, and so it's highly prized by wizards and witches all over Neopia. As well as its basic colour, the Quilin also comes in Maractite, and even Chocolate! Don't go trying to eat yours, though; who knows what will happen!

4: Gallion

All the best heroes will fight a dragon at some point, but who wants to fight a dragon when you can have your very own beside you all the time? A Gallion is perfect for the younger heroes out there, as they're full of energy and enjoy racing along with their owners to the next big adventure. Friendly and fun, their idea of a good time is when they're in the central spotlight. Sometimes, even the best heroes can find themselves tired of all the attention from their doting fans, so it's a lucky thing that this little Petpet is more than happy to entertain the crowds while a Neopet gets some much deserved rest. Available in various colours there is one to suit just about everybody!

3: Minitheus

With its strong and fierce look, the Minitheus is a perfect travelling companion. Bandits and cheats will think twice before crossing any Neopet with one of these Petpets by their side! The Minitheus is dignified, and steadfast in their dedication to their owner. They will never run away or retreat if they're needed. There are rumours that this Petpet has magical powers, and most villains are often afraid of them for this reason. Available in eight colours, including the fearsome Darigan and Mutant, this is a Petpet that looks a whole lot more formidable than it really is.

2: Turtum

Wearing the shield of Meridell proudly displayed on their shell, this little cutie is no stranger to heroism. The Turtum is a strong and well defended Petpet that will happily, and faithfully, follow their owners everywhere. Easily one of the most loyal Petpets in Neopia, they will devoutly stick by their owner's side even in the midst of battle, and will never show even the faintest flicker of fear in the direst of situations; after all, what's to be afraid of when your shell is as strong as iron? Turtums can be painted in a total of thirteen colours, but don't let that put you off. There's nothing at all unlucky about this Petpet!

1: Whinny

Everything about this little Petpet is heroic, from the caparison it wears covering its head and body, to the crest it has proudly emblazoned on the front. Although not quite big enough to be the sort of steed a Neopet can ride, in their heart they believe that they're truly a knights best form of transportation, just make sure nobody tells them how small they really are! In the Whinny's mind it's already a big hero, and you'll find no nobler Petpet in the whole of Neopia. With their enormous ears they can hear the approach of enemies and wrong-doers from a great distance, making them an invaluable companion for a potential globetrotter. Even if your Neopet is not a true hero, their devoted Whinny will certainly believe they are, and so this really is the perfect heroic Petpet because anyone at all can be a true hero in the eyes of one of these loving little friends!

Honourable Mention: Rock

It's a pet Rock. Many a hero has managed to get themselves out of a potentially sticky situation with the help of a handy Rock at just the right time. If all the sword waving and gallant wordplay fail your adventurous Neopet, they could always hurl this Rock at the villain and run away! Although the Rock comes in a variety of different colours, it is advisable only to throw the Plushie Rock - otherwise someone could get hurt!

Now we have arrived at the end of the list. Seven beautiful Petpets that will make your Neopets heroic adventures so much more fun and enjoyable. Should your Neopet be a hero, or even if they just have grandiose dreams of action, surely one of these Petpets would make them the perfect companion.

Without Petpets heroes wouldn't be half so heroic.

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