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Unwearable Clothes and How to Deal with Them

by correctoraline


Greetings, Neopians! How are you doing? I'm doing really fine, thanks for asking! Wait, you didn't ask? Uh, never mind.

Um, where were we now? Oh, now I remember.

Now, with the new coat hanger icon, it's much easier to see which items in Neopia are wearable and which ones aren't. Yet, dear Neopian, we see plenty of amazing items (articles of clothing, accessories, makeup, among some other things) that still aren't wearable. If you're thinking the same as I am, let's go to the main question: what does one even do with them? How can we make these items useful or at the very least not as frustrating to look at? Then, I decided to cook up a few ideas for things and activities you can do while you wait for that coveted wearability. I personally do some of these right now, and others might be something to take in consideration in the future. If you want to, you can follow these tips to see which ones could fit your goals better.

1. Be patient, young Ruki. Good things come to those who wait.

This tip is the most obvious. Some items may become wearable over time, like Black Eye Shadow, or Faerie Lenny Feather Fan. Of course, I'm not going to assure you that, let's say, Round Sunglasses will become wearable right next Tuesday (even though it would be really spiffy if it did), but that sometimes, an artist might get a bit inspired and an item may just happen to become wearable. Poof, there we go, a wearable, plain Top Hat for all species! (That is just hypothetical, by the way. Top Hat is still not wearable, I'm sorry.) Hopefully, you'll have said item sitting in your SDB!

2. Gotta catch 'em all!

When you have way too many unwearables to just wait for all of them to be wearable, you do the wise thing and collect some more, to then make a really neat gallery. People can gaze at the fruits of your heart-shattering frustration and share the same feeling when they see all these amazing items that could very well be worn by their Draiks and Aishas and Cybunnies or whichever other pets kids nowadays may consider to be cool. But they can't, and they'll be internally screaming just like a Meekins would scream, much like we both are doing right now. Or at least like I am. I mean, why can't Taelia Style Coat be wearable? One of my pets' customizations would look PERFECT with it! WHY, TNT, WHYYYYY-- *Ahem* I mean, uh. Yeah. Go ahead. Make a gallery. Alright. Good luck. *Thumbs up while crying on a corner*

3. Lists are fun!

You could try making a checklist, or just a random list out of boredom. Really. Make it with the items you'd like to see as wearables, or with all the items that could be, I dunno. Try organizing them by alphanumeric order, or by color, or from coolest to least cool. Be free to do what you want. Don't let society tell you what to do. Be a rebel. (But not too much, or you may end up in trouble. Trust me on that one.)

4. That pretty item didn't become wearable? Make good art.

The best way to get rid of frustration is to make art. You wanted these snuggly Tyrannian Pyjamas to be wearable, didn't you? So, draw them over a pet, or draw your pet wearing them, let your imagination be free! Of course, just don't try to pass your "fake wearable" drawing as an actual wearable (no matter how proud of your artwork you may be), or you might get frozen *shudder*. Nobody wants to get frozen. Play cool, but not ice cold, okay?

5. Charity is the best policy.

Did that Fire Faerie just request that Green Ogrin Shirt your pet can't wear? ... Sure, why not? +2 Strength are always welcome, right? And how about that newbie who really wants items for their avatar? I'm sure they wouldn't mind a cheap gift or another, right? And look, the collector from #2 really needs an item you already have! Instead of letting it sit in your SDB, why not give it to them? That way, you'll make them happy. Or even more frustrated. I don't know. ... Either way, the gift of giving is one that keeps... Giving? Yeah, let's go with it. Yup.

6. Money is what makes the world go 'round.

Well, you love neopoints, don't you? I know, I know. Everyone does. So, well, the obvious course of action here is to sell these items to the aforementioned collectors or questers. Because, you know, not everyone will have this Flotsam Sweater sitting around, right? So, it's time to make some sweet profit! Sell them! Sell them all!

7. Keep calm and carry on.

I know this is kind of silly, and maybe a terrible tip altogether, but sometimes, you just need to not care, or at least play pretend. Things aren't always going to go your way, and sometimes you may lose your cool. But if you really don't want to lose your cool or see things not going your way, you can simply pretend none of it affects you and live your life as always. I mean, the sun is bright, the birds are chirping, the flowers are going to bloom really soon, so, why bother with any of it? Live your life, go outside, be a good Neopian, help the elderly cross the street. It'll do plenty of good to yourself.

Are you still there? Because, well, that's about it for now. I know I could have said many more things, like "complain at TNT" or "make a bonfire with all these clothes", but these are nowhere near as productive AND could actually be annoying or harmful. Please don't set the unwearables on fire and, for the love of dear Queen Fyora, don't pester the Staff. Really. I don't want you to be injured or yelled at. That wouldn't be cool.

Thanks for your attention and see you next time! Bye bye!

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