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Heroes - Dressing the Part

by dianacat777


Have you ever longed to be one of your idols? To blaze through Neopia Central as Lightning Lenny? To uphold justice as Judge Hog, or rule by example and radiate benevolence as Queen Fyora? To do recon against Sloth and battle giant robots as Cylara and Gorix? To fight monsters as Jeran, to protect the kingdom as Lisha?

Well, you can't, so don't get your hopes up. But what you can be is yourself – and if you're properly equipped, you can be a hero in your own right! (Or you can bounce around the house in a cape and bring justice down upon your siblings. I won't judge.)

Without further ado, here are a few suggestions for artifacts that will rouse your questing spirit, carry you onto adventure, and help you smite evil!

The cornerstone of any knight's arsenal. Good, sturdy steel has time and time again proved that a solid offense is the best defense, and Jeran Collectors Sword certainly fits the bill. This trusty sword is a replica of the blade Jeran himself wields. Don't let the name fool you – a collectors' item it may be, but it's certainly not just for show. Forged by expert metalworkers from Brightvale, this sword is well-balanced for both striking and parrying.

There are many different kinds of swords, if your Neopet wants a different sort of flair to their look. A Krawk Island Adventure Sword is a more difficult blade to wield, and focuses more on attack than defense – but for a pet that wants to find adventure on the high seas, this kind of scimitar is the perfect thing to complete the look. Just make sure you're the good kind of pirate, or else you might find yourself accosted by somebody else who read this guide. More difficult to wield still is the Gleaming Quad-Blade Sword – as its name implies, it's a very specialized weapon, but villains will tremble to cross paths with a swordsman who's mastered it. A Tyrannian hero might opt for a Flame Sword or a Carved Bone Sword to cut across the rugged prehistoric landscape, and a Neopet going for a slightly cuter – perhaps even deceptively cute – look might opt for a Candy Cane Sword. Don't let appearances fool you – instead, let appearances fool your enemies! The blade might look like candy, but in actuality, it's metallic and incredibly sharp.

Of special note is the MME2-S5: Glorious Golden Fish Sword. A maractite blade is essential for any heroes who want to make their mark under the sea. These weapons were essential for the Maraquan army's desperate fight to drive back the invading pirates of Captain Scarblade's crew. Flotsams, Jetsams, Koi, Nimmos, Quiggles, and anyone confident enough to try adventuring in a diving suit will wreak havoc with this sword that cuts through water as easily as air, and the decorative hilt is made out of pure gold. Alas, Maraquan-painted neopets can't hold this magnificent blade in their flippers, but maybe something like it will be released for them soon.

Now, a word of caution - there are certain swords you shouldn't take out adventuring. While it's possible to make a great many things work out, you may find your newfound career in jeopardy when you attempt to swing at your arch nemesis, only to realize your sword is made out of ice cream. And when it comes to ferocious battles atop Terror Mountain's peak in a raging snowstorm, a balloon sword is better left behind at the house. Remember, just because something has the word 'sword' in doesn't mean it's actually a fierce weapon of wrathful smiting. It's a good sign, but it's best to double-check.

I'm a Cros-Sword!

Not all heroes need to be dashingly handsome/dazzlingly beautiful sword-wielding adventurers. They can also be dashingly handsome/dazzlingly beautiful sorcerers! (If you're having issues on the dashingly handsome/dazzlingly beautiful end of things, you may wish to see the NC Mall for a wide assortment of facepaints, makeup, and wigs. You might also invest in a helmet.) The Shining Ruby Staff is the perfect staff for a budding magic user. The ruby glows with a magical inner light, letting all onlookers know that it's enchanted – and that you're somebody to be taken seriously. It's a very high-grade gem, and is quite easy to cast spells through, assuming you know how to.

Other staves and wands exist, if you're allergic to shiny glowing rubies or you just don't think red is your color. Your Neopet may wish to be a spellsword – that is, a warrior who's also mastered the art of magic. Why not try the Shenkuu Warrior Princess Sword Staff? It's not the most inherently magical of staves, but it doubles as a spear in a pinch, and is essential for any dervish-like fighting style. The Snowager Ice Staff is especially useful for casting ice-type spells, if its appearance doesn't clue you in, and the Cloud Staff is similarly attuned to wind spells. A Neopet that doesn't want to carry around a hefty staff may prefer a wand. The Yew Wand is a nice place to start – it has a simple, earthy feel, but just wait until you see it in action. The MiniMME6-S1: Golden Wand of Wonder has a grander appearance, if you prefer sleek metals and jewels over vines and leaves.

As with our knights earlier, there are certain wands you'll wish to avoid if you're going to be taken seriously. The Candy Pop Staff may be a staff in name, but it's an oversized lollipop in form. The Cheerful Daffodil Staff suffers similar problems, and the Sweet Bubble Heart Wand looks more like a candy bouquet than anything else. Magical weapons often don't have the same visual oomph as their melee counterparts – while they have a lovely aesthetic, the rest of your outfit is going to need to prove your power as well, because a stick just isn't as imposing as a sword. It's best not to give yourself a further disadvantage by brandishing a wooden spoon, magical as it may be.

You'll also want to stay away from some of the spookier staves – the Scary Eye Staff, the Skull Staff, and the Dark Minion Staff, to name a few. While these items are undeniably magical, and they can certainly be used for good if you put your mind to it, they're not going to help your hero aesthetic. Deeds are important, but for a budding hero, crafting your image is nearly everything.

Now that you've got your weapon, it's time to look to the next part of a hero's outfit; a cape. The Woodland Archer Cape And Quiver is everything you'll need out of this – it's bright, it's flappy, it's red, and it'll fan out majestically behind you if you take a flying leap. It also comes with quite a lovely quiver, as the name suggests, but you're going to need a bow if you want to make much use of that. This is a perfect accessory for both a woodsy ranger-type hero and anyone who simply wants to flounce around in a red cape. (Come on. I know you want to flounce around in a red cape.)

If you prefer a more roguish kind of look, the Fur Lined Cape of Thievery may be right up your alley... your dark, lamplit back alley. While this isn't the kind of thing most outside a certain circle would be caught wearing, perhaps you'd like to add to add the 'anti' to your 'hero' when you define yourself. If nothing else, this cloak is very warm, and you won't regret taking it with you on a trip to Terror Mountain. (A trip to visit a certain group of friends? No, of course not. There's certainly no secret Guild there.)

While some heroes smite evil and bask in their accolades' attention in broad daylight, others perform their work in the shadows. Give yourself a thick veil of mystery and danger with the Mysterious Cape and Cowl. With this cloak and mask on, you'll feel right at home lurking atop the moonlit skyscrapers of Neopia Central's nights! Now if only Neopia Central had skyscrapers...

The first rule of being a superhero – never reveal your secret identity! The Hero of Neopia Mask will keep the line between your heroic duties and your day-to-day life well concealed. The strap that ties this mask to your face is made out of deceptively tough string that won't fray under wear and tear, no matter how many buildings you leap over. (Velcro strap add-ons are optional.) How, you ask, does covering merely the area around your eyes and nose make you completely unrecognizable to even close friends and family? It is a mystery~

While the Thieves Hood is another item associated with the Thieves Guild, it's actually fairly easy to incorporate this into a part of your outfit without actually looking like a thief. A hood is another essential part of a 'darker' hero's outfit. Leap about in the rain, deliver a monologue, and dramatically look up just as lightning flashes – there's no better delivery.

Another sword of note is the Brilliant Sword in Stone. While it's rather hefty and difficult to wield, this item is surrounded by a great sense of mystery and majesty. Just look at it – isn't this just the sort of artifact you'd embark on a quest to retrieve? It's said that only Neopets of royal lineage are able to free its blade from the stone. In actuality, the slot the sword resides in is very wide and spacious, so even weaker pets won't feel left out. But you can still pretend your lineage travels back to the ancient kings of Meridell and Darigan as you draw this sacred sword from its perch!

If you're going to run around fighting baddies, you'll need some form of protection. The kind of armor you choose should depend largely on the kind of aesthetic you're going for. Do you want to be a Virtupets resistance fighter, or a daring spaceship captain? The Space Trooper Armour is just what you're looking for. This black and red set gives you a sleek, futuristic look, and offers full-body coverage from head to tail. (Assuming, of course, that you have a tail.) If you're going for a more conventional look, though, you may wish to opt for something more traditional, such as the Elegant Knight Armour. This silver suit just screams righteous heroism. Unfortunately, it's a bit too silver; the suit contains so much of the decorative metal that it's not actually that functional. Battlefield Legends Armour has a slightly darker, more menacing look, but if the word 'legend' didn't tip you off – well, it'll take a lot of punishment before it so much as chips. Ice and snow pets will look fantastic in a suit of Icy Armour, which is very sturdy and enchanted to never melt. Other pets might find it a touch chilly, though, and you won't want to test that enchantment against a Magma pet.

Again with the swords – this time, the Surrounded by Swords Foreground. This item is a little different in that it doesn't directly help you in your quest – instead, it puts you in a dangerous situation! (At least, you can imagine it does.) With these swords around you, you're poised for either a truly epic battle, or a daring escape. The possibilities are as varied as the types of swords this foreground contains – perhaps Sloth has hired a cadre of mercenaries to hunt you down, or you're wading through a horde of ferocious Battledomers to reach the Oracle of the Obelisk. However you spin it, it's bound to be exciting!

There are, of course, many other options out there to kickstart your budding hero career. And if you're not comfortable trying to carve out your own name, the Collectables shop at the NC Mall has released many more items that'll help you dress up as your favorite hero. Hopefully, though, this guide sparked your adventurous spirit, or at least your creative one.

Happy questing! And watch where you swing that thing!

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